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  1. Glad to see the UK trailer made it's way here. Here's a link to the official UK site for Lost Bladesman: http://www.cult-labs.com/lost-bladesman/
  2. cultlabs


    Find out more about the Black Soundtrack in this week's BLOG POST
  3. cultlabs


    I can recommend the soundtrack. I create a Myspace playlist for anyone who wants a listen. Find it on the Cult Labs PROFILE
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    Genuinely eccentric French crime action movie. If you're a fan of old funk and afrobeat like me, the soundtrack's going to please you. FROM THE CESAR AND BAFTA AWARD WINNING PRODUCER OF ‘A PROPHET’. The spirit of Blaxploitation classics such as ‘Super Fly’, ‘Shaft’ and ‘Truck Turner’ is given a modern day makeover in the action-thriller, Black, the directorial debut feature from Pierre Laffargue. Produced by Marco Cherqui (A Prophet) and starring French hip-hop artist MC Jean Gab’1 (the District 13 movies), Carole Karemera (Sometimes In April), Francois Levantal (A Very Long Engagement; D’Artagnan’s Daughter) and Anton Yakovlev (The Beat That My Heart Skipped), Black is “a slick, fun, French heist flick” (Eye Weekly) with a supernatural sting in the tail that sees its eponymous protagonist and anti-hero travelling from Paris to West Africa and the Senegalese capital of Dakar in order to pull off the biggest score of his criminal career. When an armed raid on a security van in Paris goes horribly wrong, one of the gunmen, Black (MC Jean Gab’1), decides to lie low until the dust settles. That is until he receives a call from his cousin in Senegal supplying information about a stash of uncut diamonds being stored in a poorly guarded bank in Dakar. Eyeing the opportunity to make one final score that would set him up for life, Black travels to Africa and hooks up with a small group of fellow thieves who can help him pull off the heist. Unfortunately, news of the diamonds and their insecure location travels fast and Black and his crew aren’t the only ones with their eyes on the prize. Also looking to get their hands on the jewels are a crazed, mercenary Russian general (Yakovlev), a ruthless, reptilian arms dealer (Levantal) and his African voodoo sorceress mistress (Mata Gabin), and a corrupt, female Interpol agent called Pamela (Karemera). As his team rapidly begins to fall apart in the ensuing melee to claim the diamonds first, Black once again finds himself alone, running and fighting for his life against seemingly unbeatable odds. Described by Eye For Film as a “popcorn movie with oodles of French cool”, Black is a affectionate and worthy tribute to the Blaxploitation genre right down to its energetic soundtrack of funk, jazz and soul by artists such as the film’s star MC Jean Gab’1, Eumir Deodato, Fela Kuti, Brass Construction, Don Cherry and Roy Ayers. Black (cert. 15) will be released on DVD (£15.99) and Blu-ray (£19.99) by Anchor Bay Entertainment on 14th February 2011.
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    22 Bullets

    22 BULLETS is out now on UK DVD/Blu-Ray. Check out reviews for Jean Reno's latest crime epic HERE This is one for lovers of fast paced French crime films and mob movies. It's an accelerated race through all the rules of gangland cinema, with all the attendent betrayals, icings and vengeance slayings you can eat. Visit the blog post for more links to previous content on the film. Here's the packshot:
  6. cultlabs

    Circle of Pain (2010)

    CIRCLE OF PAIN IS OUT NOW. Check out clips on the CULT LABS BLOG
  7. cultlabs

    Circle of Pain (2010)

    First visit in months. I haven't had a fight flick to work with for a while. Circle of Pain comes to UK DVD courtesy of Chelsea Films on Jan 24th 2011. I've posted the press release HERE and here's some clips from our Youtube channel (spoilers!) CLIP ONE CLIP TWO CLIP THREE CLIP FOUR UK SLEEVE
  8. cultlabs

    14 Blades (2010)

    Here's a couple of good review links on the CULT LABS BLOG Drunken Monk, PM me if you want a free copy, I always pick someone to get a DVD/BR after the campaign has finished. If you already have the film, I'm sure I can find another Asian movie to post.
  9. cultlabs

    The Stranger

    All our 'The Stranger' content in one handay CULT LABS BLOG
  10. cultlabs

    Dolph Lundgren is the Killing Machine

    ALL THE DOLPH LUNDGREN TRAILERS YOU CAN EAT A little tribute to the man on the Cult Labs blog.
  11. cultlabs

    14 Blades (2010)

    Anyone picked up 14 Blades this week? I gathered some of the good reviews together for anyone who wants a look CULT LABS BLOG
  12. cultlabs

    Jaguar lives

    Damn Gigantor, you got in before me, I'm starting on Jaguar lives this week. I saw a screener a couple of months ago, just the kind of demented 70s movie I love, probably cooked up in a snowblind blizzard of Cocaine.
  13. cultlabs

    The Stranger

    Here's some cool behind-the-scenes clips for The Stranger on the CULT LABS BLOG
  14. cultlabs

    Dolph Lundgren is the Killing Machine

    It is, but companies need to promote the film. Lundgren's on the up thanks to The Expendables so it pays to highlight his name and sex up the title with the word 'killing'. The film is out now in the UK, here's a blog with a brace of behind-the-scenes videos: CULT LABS BLOG
  15. cultlabs

    The Stranger

    The Stranger is out this week. See a host of clips from the movie HERE Warning: These clips are spoilers!