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  1. ok i ll try to do it for tonite (chinese time)
  2. if u wanna just know what they say, jackie tells the girl not to be angry, the girl says that she s angry coz he seems so close to the other girl, but jackie assures her that everything is fine
  3. fiol

    Little Heroes

    oh didnt know
  4. fiol

    Little Heroes

    i ve the mainland vhs (china) but i dont know if its subbed (most likely it isnt). didnt know it-s been released in hk with subs
  5. fiol

    The Wrath of Vajra (2013)

    this doesnt need to be uploaded anymore right? if so i just delete my file
  6. Hi guys, my bro and I decided to sell our collection of dvds. Ok not everything but only Special Editions and Limited Editions. Everything we are selling is original. I do not have any price but you can make me some offers. The shipment will be from Italy by registered letter. Here`s the list: Asian movies Holy Daddy LE KOR Digipack Shinobi SE CHI (mainland) 2 Dvds Shaolin Soccer UE KOR 3 Dvds April Snow KOR Digipack Lust & Caution KOR Digipack Oh My god! KOR Digipack Dragon Squad JAP Premium (no eng subtitles) Shinya Tsukamoto ITA Boxset Digipack (Raro Video)(with eng subs) Black House KOR SE Female Prisoner 701 USA Boxset (3 movies) Long and Winding Road KOR Digipack Isabella HK SE (signed by the director and composer) The warlords HK SE Running boy aka Marathon HK SE with towel, digipack First Press The unforgiven KOR Digi Audition UK CE Digipack (Tartan Extreme) Windstruck KOR SE Vengeance Trilogy KOR (boxset, extremely rare) Once in a summer KOR LE Shim Eun Ha Collection KOR (boxset, 6 movies) Daisy Director's Cut KOR LE The president barber KOR LE NingHao Film Collection CHI (mainland) (boxset) Heart is... KOR A snake of june KOR Acacia KOR LE Numbered Eko Eko Azarak USA (Boxset signed by the director of EEA 1) Il mare KOR Deluxe Art of fighting KOR First Press with korean coin Hideshi Hino's Theater of horror USA (boxset) The red shoes KOR LE The heroic trio series HK (digi) Une adolescente KOR Spring,Summer,Fall,winter and KOR A smile KOR Charlie and the chocolate factory (Johnny Depp) CHI (mainland) LE Be with you HK LE Curse of the golden flower HK Chess LE Three Fellas KOR LE Sakuran TW SE Traces of love KOR LE My piano KOR LE with bag (first press) Take care of my cat KOR My mother,the mermaid KOR LE Angel Guts USA (boxset) quello con il bambino in mezzo KOR (grsoso) Secret HK LE Secret CHI (mainland) LE Secret TW LE Mr Socrates KOR LE Sad Movie KOR LE Coma KOR (boxset) Ninja Scroll KOR LE Phone Number 601 CHI (mainland) LE Nana HK SE Nana 2 HK SE One missed call JAP Premium box with doll Memento Mori KOR Ultimate Edition A chinese tall story HK (avant garde edition) Grappler Baki Season 1 and Season 2 USA (2 boxsets) Hellsing complete USA (boxset signature series) Kung fu hustle CHI LE (mainland, boxset with statue, eng subs) Twins mission HK LE Cyborg She HK SE Peony Pavilion HK SE Farewell my concubine HK (oop 3-dvds edition) Love is not all around HK SE (boxset) Silmido KOR LE I'm a cyborg but that's ok THAI SE (with eng subs) Crying Out Love, in the Center of the World HK SE (with audiotape,etc) Loner KOR 14 Blades CHI LE (mainland boxset) Bodyguards and assassins HK LE Please teach me english KOR LE Bruce Lee ultimate collection HK (boxset) La belle KOR Body 19 THAI Signed by the director (no eng subs) Bungee Jumping of Their Own CHI LE (mainland with eng subs) Phone KOR LE Mr perfect KOR LE Everybody has secrets KOR LE Forever the moment KOR first press Sex & Fury USA first press Somebdoy behind you KOR Dasepo naughty girls KOR LE The silver knife KOR The world without mum 1+ 2 KOR LE Digi Otogizoushi Vol.1 JAP Digi (no eng usb) After this our exile HK DC edition Re-cycle HK LE Who's got the tape? KOR My girl and I KOR Slow Fade GER SE Deluxe with soundtrack (eng subs) Electric Dragon 80000V USA LE with soundtrack Exiled HK LE signed by Lam Suet The chinese feast KOR SE with cards Poison KOR LE The Girl Who Leapt Through Time KOR LE Ghost house KOR LE Visible Secret HK LE with Ann Hui signature Almost Love KOR LE Jackie Chan Collection USA TINBOX Hero CHI SE(mainland) My tutor friend KOR LE BOX (numbered) Sinking of japan JAP (boxset,no eng subs) May 18 KOR LE Infernal Affairs Trilogy CHI (mainland boxset) Infernal Affairs 3 HK SE Myth JAP (premium) Myth HK LE Boxset Wedding campaign KOR SE Be with you (Tv series) HK Boxset with eng subs Eros HK SE Love letter HK SE Love letter HK LE vcd only 1000 pieces, no eng subs Eye in the sky HK SE The wonder years KOR SE Wet Dreams 2 KOR SE Friend KOR Ultimate edition TIN Battle Royale 2 UK TIN LE Quill HK SE with diary Magic Kitchen HK LE The banquet KOR LE Innocent Step KOR LE A better tomorrow UK UE TIN 3-iron KOR LE Memories of matsuko HK SE signed by the producer A battle of wits HK LE Scrap Heaven KOR SE Otakus in love KOR SE Josee, the Tiger and the Fish KOR 2nd LE APT KOR LE My boss my hero 2 KOR LE To Sir with Love aka Bloody Reunion KOR LE Now and forever KOR LE Sex and zen HK first press with book Twins THAI digipack (no eng subs) Midnight Sun TW (boxset signed by the director) Twins Effect HK LE Bronze (really damaged) Howl's Moving Castle KOR LE Casshern Ultimate Box KOR Arang KOR LE The Promise CHI RED SE(mainland) Marrying the mafia 1+2 KOR SE (boxset) Marrying the mafia 3 KOR SE City of violence KOR SE Invisible target HK LE Everlasting regret HK LE with perfume My Lovely Sam-soon HK (korean tv series boxset with eng subs) Collective Memories of Leslie Cheung HK LE numbered and signed The forbiden quest KOR LE On trial HK LE Spider Lilies HK LE Bunshinsaba KOR SE Rob-b-hood HK LE Love so divine JAP premium no eng subs Oh brother KOR DC Mission sex control KOR SE Shadowless sword KOR LE Lady vengeance HK SE with book Rouge HK LE Taegukgi KOR UE My wife is a gangster 3 KOR SE Protege HK LE signed by the composer Confession of pain HK SE Unagi KOR digi Scarlet letter KOR SE Throw Down HK SE Ghost train KOR SE Bruce lee kid movies boxset HK VCD LE (3 movies) Leaving Me Loving You HK LE Epitaph KOR LE One Day Suddenly : 4 Horror Stories KOR LE signed by the director of D-Day Once a thief HK SE first press with painting New police story HK LE Always JAP Boxset with eng subs, signed by the director 2 young HK SE with bag Running out of time 2 VCD TIN Quill (tv series) HK VCD boxset digipack no eng subs Kung fu dunk CHI (mainland SE) Swordsman HK Frist press Lifting king kong KOR Bloody tie KOR Shiri KOR SE Muoi KOR SE Herb KOR SE The cut KOR SE Love undercover 2 HK SE The death curse HK SE first press Harakiri USA Digi first press Swing girls THAI digi with eng subs The last wolf KOR SE If you were me KOR LE Bangkok zombies THAI digi with eng subs A cheerfull gang turns the earth JAP Premium with eng subs Mr kim vs mr kim KOR SE Western movies: Re-animator Trilogy GER LE Boxset Hulk JAP Boxset Cabin Fever ITA Rental edition with forced italian subs on the english soundtrack The ultimate bourne collection CHI (mainland boxset) Near Dark UK OOP Digipack Ice Age JAP Ultimate Collection Digi Shrek the third CHI (mainland,gift set with 2008 calendar) The lion king USA SE (boxset) Hellboy CHI SE (mainland) Halloween 4 USA LE TIN (numbered) Evil Dead Book of the dead UK Evil Dead 2 USA LE TIN (numbered) The others JAP (premium) School killer DE LE (no eng subs) Disney Treasures USA TIN (Mickey mouse in living color 1939-today) King Kong CHI (mainland digi) Army of darkness ITA (first press digipack with eng subs-audio) Army of darkness the official bootleg USA Darkness the vampire version USA LE Sayuri (Memoirs of a geisha) JAP (Boxset) Nikos the impaler USA LE Rush Hour 3 JAP Premium Indepence day JAP UE Speed JAP UE Die hard 2 JAP UE Die hard 3 JAP SE XMen 1 JAP UE Xmen 2 JAP UE From Hell JAP SE Sample version Reservoir Dogs UK Mr white digi The sixth sense USA Vista series Edward scissorhand CHI (mainland digi) The painted veil CHI (mainland) Ice age 2 CHI (mainland gift set) Robots HK Bookedition Finding Nemo CHI (mainland boxset) Bee movie CHI (mainland) National treasure 2 CHI (mainland with game) Danny the dog HK SE digi Amelie from montmartre HK Yellow The day after tomorrow JAP Definitive edition Schindler List USA Memorial Edition (the glass is broken on the top) Photo and info just drop a line. Thank you
  7. fiol

    For Bruce Lee fans

    Hi guys, i m selling this gorgeous boxset. It's complete of everything and i think pretty rare. From HK, 3 movies. I m open for offers. I will ship from Italy. Cheers
  8. fiol

    HK Signed stuff

    My bro and I are selling all Limited Editions-Special Editions that we have. Since this is a forum about kungfu but lets say HK movies, i m gonna post here 2 really rare editions. Some years ago during 2 Asian Film Festivals in Italy I got lucky and had the chance to get 2 movies that I love (or better, used to) from 2 terrific people from HK. Here we go. The first movie: Isabella (SE) signed by the composer and the director. The second movie: Exiled signed by Lam Suet (really nice guy) I have no idea how much they are worth, but if you wanna make some offers, i m here. These editions are basically one in the whole world
  9. Hi guys, i m selling this boxset. I guess its oop. I never watched the movies. I m located in Italy (I ll be back in China in November). I dont know the price, so pls make me an offer. Photo: Shipping worldwide.
  10. im really sorry guys but i forgot my usb in china... i cant upload the other vers... sorry
  11. i ll try from home... im going back to my country in two days, i ll try from there.
  12. edit: they deleted my file.... i m sorry guys cant do...
  13. i got it uploaded...links only on request
  14. im gonna try to upload it today from my workplace
  15. ok i managed to get a better vers (the network here at work is much faster than the one at home). its 880mb , with subtitles of course. do you wanna me upload that as well? just lemme know (i guess its pretty late in the US, i m wondering if anybody is up lol)