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  1. Sorry to disagree with you Morgoth... Martial Monks was the first kung fu film I saw and I still regard it as a classic. The film makers were clearly having fun with it but they still ended up making an engaging and worthwhile film!
  2. Chia Ling AKA Judy Lee

    New BRUCE LEE Fanzine: Due early 2011!

    The cover looks gorgeous, nice work!
  3. Chia Ling AKA Judy Lee

    Something really strange...

    Yeah, it all needs a bit more untangling to get to the bottom of it all. I think Elton Chong's pseudonym is the best outcome of the mess... other than the films getting a much wider audience obviously!
  4. Chia Ling AKA Judy Lee

    Something really strange...

    Your theory is correct. When distributing internationally they used other / fake credits to make it look like an HK production. It wasn't always one way though, I believe some credits on the kmdb are false too due to Korean film companies of the time crediting a Korean director to make HK/Korea co-productions look more legit...
  5. Chia Ling AKA Judy Lee

    Blog on OLD & RARE Korean movies

    Nice one Monkeygift, thank you!
  6. Chia Ling AKA Judy Lee

    What happened to Jack Lam?

    He's really good in Leopard Fist Ninja, an entertaining if baffling film!
  7. Chia Ling AKA Judy Lee

    Young Hero - Hwang Jang Lee

    Very cool! The picture quality really is surprisingly good for VCD. These jobs are increasingly necessary to maintain the genre, lets keep trying to source prints to piece together great projects like these!
  8. Chia Ling AKA Judy Lee

    Young Hero - Hwang Jang Lee

    Very nice work Akuma, looks great mate!
  9. Chia Ling AKA Judy Lee

    Blog on OLD & RARE Korean movies

    Classic martial arts cinema (1972-85) is a niche interest but I think you may find there is a lot to be said about it! Koreans found exploitation cinema to be a good release from the reality of the time and action films were a very popular segment of the B-movies shown over that period. Usually the co-productions with Hong Kong were much superior to the local product but there are still some gems to be found! Thanks, I was beginning to worry I was missing something despite poring over flea markets etc! I'll remain vigilant but rely more on the internet! Look forward to hearing of future finds!
  10. Chia Ling AKA Judy Lee

    Blog on OLD & RARE Korean movies

    Nice one Monkeygift, fantastic site! Where do you find the films/ film shops? I found it tough in Seoul! Cheers! BTW, you may already know, Kim Ki-ju was big in Korean and Hong Kong martial arts films and Jang Il-sik aka Bruce Cheung was very prominent in Korean martial arts films of the day.
  11. Chia Ling AKA Judy Lee

    Opportunity opened again for South African 35mm

    With all due respect Danison, you had fewer than 10 posts before you started this project. I would think it'd require a more reputed member to handle the thousands of dollars this task would entail should it be successful. If they're being 'sold' on ebay then perhaps it would be wise to see if they surface that way first or if those waiting for shipping receive theirs. I'd like to be pleasantly surprised!
  12. Chia Ling AKA Judy Lee

    Need your help

    Really nice to see such enthusiasm! If you like this check out some of Jackie's other old school stuff like Magnificent Bodyguards, Snake & Crane Arts Of Shaolin, Shaolin Wooden Men! It's all great!
  13. Chia Ling AKA Judy Lee

    African Kung Fu movie in production!

    You knicked my link from flk! It's all good! It does look great. It's always funny to hear martial arts fans talk about production values - the pursuit of 'production values' are what killed the life of the genre, it's what's at the core that matters! Some of these films are being made in the right spirit and should be celebrated for that! I hope you have success in your search!
  14. Chia Ling AKA Judy Lee

    most amazing trick shot artist

    All Dutch people are famous for their opinions are they not?? I'm (half) Dutch myself so know all about Jan Mulder! His video seems a bit of fun, advertising for the corporate evil that is Nike is another matter!
  15. Chia Ling AKA Judy Lee

    most amazing trick shot artist

    I have a lot of respect for Jan Mulder! Is Kaka also not a famous international player? I don't think it was meant to deceive anyone in a malicious way! Look at the movement of the balls (especially just before the final kicks), it seems 100% clear it is not real to me. Apologies... I really don't mean any disrespect to you or to cause an argument!