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  1. Just received this from Netflix today. Might check it out tonight.
  2. LeRolls

    Bey Logan interview from AnD...

    Very solid interview! I've always liked Logan's commentaries. Definitely need to listen to more of them.
  3. LeRolls

    Fist of the North Star Series

    Will probably have to pick up the first box set at the end of the month.
  4. Blu-Ray: Moonwalker Fire of Conscience 14 Blades Vengeance Yatterman DVD: Tiger Cage Tiger Cage 2
  5. Watched this a couple nights ago and had a blast! I still prefer the story in the second one but god were those fights brutally awesome. The Blu-Ray wasn't cheap but I'm glad to have it in my collection.
  6. Watched Dragonslayer and The Ghost and the Darkness in HD via Netflix streaming. Podcasts on the way.
  7. LeRolls

    True Legend (2009)

    Any word on a Blu-Ray release? Want to pick this one up along with 14 Blades.
  8. LeRolls

    Deadly Duo blu-ray shipping...

    Will wait for a positive review before placing my order.
  9. LeRolls

    Celestial erases SB infos and search

    That's too bad. I guess they were't as profitable as they thought they would be.
  10. So what's the overall consensus on this movie? Haven't heard too many opinions and I've been thinking about picking up the Blu-Ray.
  11. LeRolls

    korean posters

    Here's another site to check out. Also happens to be fairly expensive: http://www.koreapop.com/photo.php?page=0&mode=poster&arpha=
  12. Very helpful thread! Just placed an order at Yesasia for the following titles: Angry Ranger Fury In the Line of Duty III A Bloody Fight The Big Heat Now I just need to find the time to actually watch them.
  13. LeRolls

    The Moon That Escaped the Cloud (Korean Zatoichi)

    Ditto! This one looks pretty solid. Wonder if they'll be releasing it on Blu-Ray at the same time as the DVD. Might have to import it.
  14. LeRolls

    korean posters

    I wouldn't exactly call it a good site since the prices are hella high but it's the only one I know of that sells Korean movie posters: http://www.asiandb.com/store/list.php?part=Photo&type=Poster
  15. I still haven't gotten around to watching the DVD of Iron Angels even though it looked like a lot of violent fun. Gotta make time!