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  1. Its great to see this place back up and running. Even though I haven't been a frequent poster in a few years, I still check in once in a while to see what's new. Anyway... the name's John. Been into kung fu movies since I was a teen. The movie that got me into the genre was "The 36th Chamber of Shaolin", which also made me a HUGE Gordon Liu & Shaw Bros. fan. And then I watched a movie entitled "Legendary Weapons of China", and Lau Kar Leung became one of my heroes.
  2. Thanks, Phoenix & masterofoneinchpunch! Much appreciated.
  3. Thanks guys! Lots of useful tools here. I'll be sure to use all of them. Cold Bishop, I would really appreciate that. Thanks.
  4. Yup. I own the Heroes of the East DVD with Bey Logan's commentary and bonus feature special. Good stuff. I didn't know he had a book out, though. I'll check it out. Thanks. I might be searching for more video interviews on Pops.
  5. Nice! Thanks man. I appreciate it. I had no idea Lau had anything to do with the Shaolin Temple movies other than the 3rd movie.
  6. Hey guys. I'm a full-time student and one of the classes I'm taking this quarter is "Research Methods". For the final project we have to write a research paper, and I've decided to do a biography-type paper on the one and only Lau Kar Leung. I wanted to not only choose a topic Iam very interested in, but to also bring the actor/director into the light by honoring his life and his work, and to acknowledge his impact on the martial arts/action film genre. Can anyone direct me to some credible online sources (other than this site) where I can gather information on Lau sifu and his life? I know he kept a pretty private life outside of the film industry, so anything would be of great help. Thanks!
  7. Really? I think its cool and unique. Never bothered me at all. So, I think film #5, "Baby Cart in the Land of Demons", might be my favorite. I love how the movie opens up, and how there's a lot of swordplay in the first half. This one kept me on my toes like none of the other films in the series did. Great stuff.
  8. I agree. There's no comparison. This blu-ray set is far superior.
  9. I'm watching the first film right now, and so far so excellent. Sound and video quality are great. I'm glad I picked up this set.
  10. jalvarez82

    What are your latest DVD/Blu-ray purchases?

    Lone Wolf and Cub Complete 6-Film Blu-Ray Collection ($39.99)
  11. I watched Shaolin & Wu Tang and Shaolin vs. Lama the other day. It is my dream for these two films to be properly remastered and released in widescreen,
  12. I know this has been posted before. But one of my all-time favorite dubbed quotes is from Mystery Of Chess Boxing. Ghostfaced Killer: "I'm a killer, and killer's don't die so easy!".
  13. jalvarez82

    Where do you buy your DVDs?

    Rasputin, Fry's, Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart. I usually buy my movies from these spots. I miss Suncoast in the mall.
  14. jalvarez82

    Scott Adkins for Batman?

    Nope. Never. But I'm just saying...to make it believable that Batman has a chance at defeating Superman, he needs to look the part. Jim Lee's vision of Batman, if you will. Someone to fit that type of mold.
  15. jalvarez82

    Scott Adkins for Batman?

    Well, he won't be wearing Nolan's Batman suit. That's for sure. Whoever plays Batman in the next Superman movie needs to be bigger, bulkier and meaner-looking than Christian Bale. That's also for sure.