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  1. in total agreement, which is why I enjoyed it so much more than the first one while I still really enjoy the first, it is just an action film, no real depth to the story, more of an introduction to the world the series is set in the raid 2 goes a little further into this world & adds drama to the mix, pulling me into this world by having me question the actions and motives of characters while also understanding them...if that makes sense admittedly it was still a little unpolished, especially in the comical character additions which stepped away from the OTT reality and more so into the fantasy side of things, but I could appreciate (as Im sure many of us here could) the efforts to take us into this territory using some unusual ideas, some of which were familiar yet modernized there is a great deal more I want to know about characters from the raid 2 than those in the raid, berandal made me care more, which has kept it way more fresh in my mind
  2. derwood

    Expendables 3 (2014)

    Willis was basically dropped over money, though Stallone says they are still friends he did take a shot at him on twitter...and also via the movie it now appears there are winks to a few of the other stars personal history in this one also so you could say the jabs a Willis were in a somewhat friendly manner, but knowing there were difficulties leading to his being dropped coupled with Harrison Ford (his replacement) delivering at least one of the quips about his character I found them all the more amusing
  3. derwood

    Yasmine (2014)

    thanks for the review link OAB, story & pacing pretty much as expected been looking forward to this film for a while and the review just confirms my hopes of enjoyment Female Islamic Karate (Silat) Kid, nice twist on the common tale
  4. derwood

    Expendables 3 (2014)

    the numerous shots at Bruce WIllis via his character (Church) were great...but unless you were somewhat in on it, these & various other one liners would be missed I quite enjoyed this one, although I would say they have declined in quality from the first The complaint of Banderas character being annoying is one Ive heard a lot, but that WAS the character, no one wanted to hire him (in the expendables world) due to his personality shame there wasnt more Dolph, Crews, Statham, or Li screen time I felt the adding of a younger team was a little tacked on, but still...it could have gone much worse
  5. I concur!! even my bad taste has limits although, OAB makes a good point, Cynthia Khan
  6. I think they couldnt work out and ending to flow with into a sequel so they went with the chewbacca defense
  7. it appeared that Donnie always had the 'key' so Simon could not have used it? & wasnt that Donnie with Simon at the end, all buddy like?
  8. I concur although a fair amount of the crap does have at least one great fight to watch which leads me to adding Mismatched Couples to the list, no one could make me suffer through that film again & to stir the pot I'll also chuck in the monkey king with Donnies excruciating overacting only overshadowed by its hacked up story & amazingly overpriced CGI
  9. unfortunately region locked (or in my opinion fortunately) for those outside region B THE MONKEY KING BLU-RAY - Australian release
  10. I felt it held a very 80's style of humor which, although giving me an occasional smile, felt pretty cheap and hammy overall I found it a decent lazy sunday flick BUT can anyone explain WTF happened at the end? maybe my version was edited or something but the end made absolutely no sense at all Im referring to the end of the fight onwards, its like a whole chunk of story is missing or maybe I just missed what the hell was going on throughout the whole film?
  11. I read a review basically saying you need to watch it as a comedy a'la Kung Fu Hustle, with that in mind I might enjoy it all previous trailers were really putting me off, but after rewatching with that advice I think it could be fun
  12. derwood

    In the Blood (2013)

    Haywire was great popcorn fun this is boring and a poor dtv film which I would not recommend to anyone
  13. couldnt make it 30mins terrible movie in all aspects seen better effects in toilet cleaning commercials & Donnie was cringeworthy the only people I personally know who enjoyed it were my friends young children
  14. I dont care how entertaining this film might be, the turtles look terrible, megan fox is terrible, & the shredder is now just another crappy evil businessman what is with michael bay and ruining long lasting franchises
  15. derwood

    Metal Hurlant

    thanks fellas the comments aren't too enticing webwide, hopefully its on syfy here in australia too