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  1. Chu Liu Hsiang

    Happy Lunar New Year

  2. TWELVE GATES OF HELL - I have not seen that many Dragon Lee movies yet but this was the first where I enjoyed the overall movie experience and not just the fights. It has a lot of those, a more or less reasonable plot, weird ideas (early horror clowns who turn out to be fighter girls, guy who breathes fire, not to mention DL gets a sometimes called iron, sometimes called steel, leg). DL even gets the chance to display some emotions. In a beautiful short scene we see the silhouette of his future wife praying for his and her father's safe return. Pity that Eagle Han played henchman, not main villain.
  3. Chu Liu Hsiang

    Device used for viewing Kung Fu Fandom

    Laptop with 15.6 screen Landscape Windows10 Thanks for your efforts to optimize!
  4. Chu Liu Hsiang

    Golden Kung Fu Mustache Awards

    Is there a gweilo category?
  5. I love when someone wants to flee from a village and as soon as he enters landscape he meets the bad guy(s) he wanted to avoid.
  6. Chu Liu Hsiang

    Classic Wuxia Novels

    Yeah that's the one
  7. Chu Liu Hsiang

    Classic Wuxia Novels

    I just got a beautiful bilingual (Chinese - English) 3 volume hardcover edition of the classical novel "The Seven Heroes and Five Gallants" (translation Son Shouquan). I consider taking all of my 2020 leave right now!
  8. Chu Liu Hsiang

    Fun Poll of Fu Sheng's 1974 films.

    I never got around to appreciate GENERATION GAP. Maybe I should give it another chance some day. I like DEAD END and THE DELINQUENT most in that category. YOUNG PEOPLE is sweet but in another league.
  9. Chu Liu Hsiang

    Top 10 Shaw Brothers films *in ranking order*

    I want to contribute for this thread for years but I just cannot make up my mind I'll list the ones I watch most often because that's easier even if it does not necessarily mean I think those are the best ones. Here goes: MAGIC BLADE FIVE SHAOLIN MASTERS SHAOLIN TEMPLE BLACK TAVERN COME DRINK WITH ME AVENGING EAGLE THE DUEL KING EAGLE FOUR RIDERS DELIGHTFUL FOREST KILLER CLANS DISCIPLES OF SHAOLIN 36 CHAMBERS OF SHAOLIN BRAVE ARCHER CLANS OF INTRIGUE There, gotta stop now I got already more than 10 😇 Yet I know I omitted some dear ones. Just can't do it, it's an impossible task.
  10. Chu Liu Hsiang

    Of these which is your favourite? (With Poll)

    I went for SHAOLIN TEMPLE too (very closely followed by FIVE SHAOLIN MASTERS). Gotta rewatch COTTON MILL, only watched it once right at the beginning of my HK movie "addiction" and don't remember very much.
  11. Chu Liu Hsiang

    Fun Poll of Fu Sheng's 1974 films.

    Hehe I just did I don't regard it as an action film though, for that I would have choosen FIVE SHAOLIN MASTERS.
  12. Chu Liu Hsiang

    Kill Zone vs Flash Point

    I voted for SPL because for me it has the more memorable scenes and characters.
  13. Chu Liu Hsiang

    New Features?

    I'm late to this discussion and just wanted to add I love the hkmdb, I would not know what to do w/o it. What's kinda "funny" is, whenever there is an actor/ actress in a movie I have trouble identifying, his/ her pic is ALWAYS on the very left column of the pictures taken from the movie, that's of course the column where there are no names under pic. ALWAYS!