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  1. Chu Liu Hsiang

    Imperial Tomb Raiders found!

    A "new" Shaw movie?!! Woot woot!
  2. Chu Liu Hsiang

    The Shaw Brothers Van & Other Related Randomness

    When asked what she thinks about kung fu, Lily Ho says, she thinks it's bad for the education but does not want to say more, to avoid trouble with the boss Thanks for sharing! After watching, I found these in the yt suggestions. Parts 2, 3 and 4 are also on the channel. Part 2 is also on the channel.
  3. Chu Liu Hsiang

    The Shaw Brothers Van & Other Related Randomness

    Oh wow now that's a Collection! Browsing so fast, I'm really glad about yt's slo-mo option. Great find, @DragonClaws!!
  4. SHAOLIN VS NINJA I enjoyed especially the tournament fights in front of the beautiful temple. When out for revenge, monks act like anyone else: Kill first, ask questions later. Thank Buddha, the abbot keeps calm, and prevents a Chinese monks vs Japanese monks massacre, and thus forces the real culprits to come forth.
  5. Chu Liu Hsiang

    Sherlock Holmes (2009/2010)

    Here is a (German language) article on Bartitsu and some nice historic pics showcasing the "Gentlemen's Fight Style". https://www.spiegel.de/geschichte/bartitsu-warum-eine-englische-kampfsportart-um-1900-boomte-a-1293850.html https://www.spiegel.de/fotostrecke/englische-kampfsportart-bartitsu-boomte-um-1900-fotostrecke-171253.html
  6. Ni Kuang - the face behind hundreds of novels and film scripts. Promo pic for the 2012 Hong Kong Film Awards when he received a Lifetime Achievement Award. His English language Wikipedia article says Any insights on background/ evidence? Lots of websites name Ni Kuang as creator of the Chen Zhen character but do not mention the script discrepancy. HKMDB and HKFA list Lo Wei for the script.
  7. Chu Liu Hsiang

    The Girl with Ghost Eyes, a kung fu cinema-inspired novel

    2nd volume is out now. Can't wait to read it!
  8. Thanks, they went to my list. I'm especially after KUNG FU GENIUS, as I saw this is the movie where he got his doctor's degree
  9. THE VICTIM - wow for a grand old action fest! Also a great example for Hong Kong's notorious blend of moods. I thought Beardy's unfortunate wife was The Victim until Sammo uttered that phrase. Most hateable role I've seen Chang Yi in so far. I want to see more of Wilson Tong, are there movies where he plays lead?
  10. Chu Liu Hsiang

    The Shaw Brothers Van & Other Related Randomness

    It might just be a washer token but I'd still take it
  11. I did not see SHAOLIN DEATH SQUADS myself but read a review by someone I know. She starts out on the wrong side …
  12. Cinemart Magazine Pictorial, Hong Kong, April 1979
  13. Chu Liu Hsiang

    This is all I've seen from this decade

    I really liked GALLANTS from 2010, a nod to old school.
  14. SHAOLIN DEATH SQUAD - Usurpator Carter Wong becomes a paranoid tyrant. He sends his best fighters Polly and Cliff Lok to Shaolin where rebels hid a general he is after. SHAOLIN KIDS - Yi Yuan plots against the emperor, kills a rival whose adoptive daughter is Polly. She joins forces with Chang Yi, his son Tien Peng, Carter Wong and others against Yi Yuan.