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  1. Okay its actually top 3 Ip Man 1 and Iron Monkey are both great. People give me shit for not really liking SPL and Flashpoint but those movies are 95% generic plot and 5% (good) MA's which is why I watch MA movies in the first place. Only other Yen movies I really like is In the Line of Duty 4 and Ip Man 2 though I have not seen much of his 80's stuff or his newer stuff from the last 2 years.
  2. Love this movie, its what got me watching MA flicks again. Its a comic inspired action movie and it delivers. First or second favorite Yen movie.
  3. All these movies with MMA guys suck, so will this.
  4. CDiablo

    New Enterbay Donnie Yen Figure..Amazing!

    God damn I wish I was rich. I am currently in the process of trying to buy a new guitar and (possibly) a pinball machine, so I will miss out on this sweet figure.
  5. http://vimeo.com/12858239 IMO MMA and martial arts movies dont mix.
  6. CDiablo

    Wu Jing

    I feel that there is some shady stuff going on in HK cinema when it comes to "New guys" becoing leading men. It seems its been Chan->Li->Yen with no real stars being made in between. There was Sammo and Yuen, but they never got the time to shine that they deserved IMO. Despite what others say I think he can make a perfect good guy. He has a babyface and large eyes, I could see him being a hearthrob/action star easy. I think hes an okay actor. Great martial arts. I just think he is either being held back by politics or a bad agent.
  7. CDiablo

    Can anyone tell me about this?

    Only one of those movies I have seen is Kung FU Zombie. Its ok one of the "Spooky Encounters" ripoffs. The martial arts vary from funny to average, but I do not remember anything of note about the movie. Just a word of warning all of those Black Belt Theater films have terrible video quality. Theres usually have a english track or a chinese track with burnt in subs. I probably wouldnt spend much on that box set. Check IMDB for reviews of those movies as well, but I always feel IMDB overrates everything.
  8. THis isnt too helpful but in one of the "Death Wish" movies a guy falls like 20 stories into a pool. Absolutley insane.
  9. Im with you. I get a lot of shit for it but both those movies were boring and generic as hell save for the fight scenes. I watch Yens films for martial arts, I like martial arts movies as opposed to movies that contain martial arts(SPL/FP). I watch these movies for hand to hand/weapon, fantasy martial arts fights(wire fu) and stunts. I dont really care about story. I like Dragon Tiger Gate wayyyy better than SPL/FP because of that. IP man is a perfect balance of story and MA's for me. Back on topic. Im really glad Donnie is making a ton of movies now, and since he is making so many some arent going to appeal to all. I do look forward to anything he makes but not all of it is that great.
  10. CDiablo

    Bey Logan to return to Dragon Dynasty....

    Beys a cool dude and its good to have him back on commentary......I thought the DD line was done for though.
  11. CDiablo

    New Mortal Kombat for PS3 and Xbox 360

    Looks great to me 2d fighters are wherre its at.
  12. Im with you. LIke a lot of "reboots" today its like they took a established script and plugged in franchise characters as opposed to writing a script with the MK characters in mind. If this does happen I hope to see Donnie Yen, Wu Jing, Johnny Bosh and Dan Southworth involved.
  13. CDiablo

    Ip Man US DVD release:

    I may double dip if it has special features not on the 2 Disk HK version. It comes out the day after my B-Day so I may treat myself.
  14. CDiablo

    Heaven and Hell Gate

    I saw heaven and hell, there was some ok MA's mostly at the end, but as said before a real trip. I felt a lot of fighting was poorly paced and looked scripted. Id say its worth a rent just for the sheer outrageousness of it.
  15. CDiablo

    How Many On Here Have Blu-ray?

    I have 2 PS3's in my house. Blu Ray is a terrible disappointment every time I rent a flick. It only looks slightly better than DVD +no one I know has it so I cant lend them to friends. People on forums always say Im stupid or blind or an XBOX fanboy or that my $2000 TVisnt good enough though.