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  1. robbie

    Has The Rock Ever Been In a Good Movie?

    No his movies are sh*t. Maybe when he stars with statham in the fast furious spin off Hobbs & Shaw movie Statham could carry him. Watched rampage it was garbage.The rundown was garbage. Fast and furious is garbage for chavs. Scorpion king was made watchable by Kelly Hu. He is very bland , No personality.
  2. If they did a brilliant job on the victim, secret rivals, pantyhose hero, enter fat dragon etc i would have been happy. But picked the easiest options and added a few hkl extras. So exciting. I don't drink Yorkshire tea . I have Marks & Spencer's tea. So i have good taste in tea as well as films. Edited.... to perfection...... as always. God bless you little monk. This eureka thread was difficult for me to find. I almost missed it. Glad I could make my intellectual & worthwhile contribution before it got too overbearing.
  3. There are plenty of films that need update like pantyhose hero, mystery of chess boxing, spooky encounters 2. Maybe do heart of dragon fully uncut. List is endless Far more interesting for me to see films that need it , get an update . After only just seeing hkr releases of police story and project a the eureka versions hold little interest as difference will be minimal. Do not care about legalities hkr did a top job & I am grateful. Plus they had better & more extras not just hkl.
  4. I have project A hkr . It depends on which version you watch . There are about 3 versions on the disc. . I watch the hong Kong version with English dub. It does not have any burnt in subs and looks excellent. It can barely be bettered.A waste of time for me . So far only slightly interested in project a part 2 and police story 2( a pity they botched up theatrical cut). Others got or not interested in. I,d prefer enter the fat dragon, crystal fist, victim, secret rivals 1&2 , hitman in hand of Buddha , invincible armour, warriors two, knockabout , above the law, in line of duty 1-5, better tomorrow1-2,tiger cage1-3. God of gamblers&return, iron angels1-3, killer. Films that genuinely need restoring. Not ones already almost done.. They can even do their own extras on some instead of just rehashing the hkl ones.
  5. robbie

    Final score 2018

    Final score aka die hard at upton park . Early reviews suggest it's descent. This stars Pierce Brosnan and David Bautista. Hopefully this is good as from trailer it actually surprised me as looks good . Maybe it turns out to be the film we wanted 'i am vengeance' to be. Here's a review https://www.flickeringmyth.com/2018/08/movie-review-final-score-2018/
  6. City Hunter, Iron monkey and Once upon a time in China set are all very bad films. These are some of the films responsible for bringing an end to the enjoyment of hong Kong action cinema for most people in West. There is a saying in the U.K ' you can't polish a turd ` which applies to these releases. The best of eureka's films were already released by the hong kong rescue label in excellent quality . Project A hkr will be difficult to improve upon. Drunken master hkr release was better as it had the classic English dub. Police story may be slightly better on eureka. Why can they not choose different films as so far their releases are pretty pointless for me.
  7. robbie

    The Meg (2018) Jason Statham VS Giant Shark

    CGI was descent in this and it's usage is fine on this. How would you make a film about a 70 ft shark? A model shark would be difficult. Comparing CGI in this to wirefu is crazy. Wirefu sucks because no martial artist past or present bounces over roof tops and spins like a tangled up spider. Nothing in the meg is as dumb as that. But you and some others like to insinuate that I am stupid , illiterate & racist basically because I have laughed at a few of your favourite films . I never do spellcheck or auto correct . You need it more than I do. I also never deleted any real digs, the guy was stirring. Where was this type of review style when buybust was up on cityonfire. I saw alot of faults on that and i only saw the trailer. Hope you get a few tins of shark fin soup free for that review. Probably when it comes out on bluray they can do an r rated blood red tomato soup version.
  8. robbie

    The Meg (2018) Jason Statham VS Giant Shark

    You should think about going back and editing your posts as well mate.
  9. robbie

    The Meg (2018) Jason Statham VS Giant Shark

    I do not mind editing posts .
  10. robbie

    The Meg (2018) Jason Statham VS Giant Shark

    i stand by my words its just some of you lot get so offended and report my like little girls if i say anything that can be deemed mildly offensive . I have to keep it pg-13 like the meg .So have to edit it. I am not bitching i just do not agree with some points of review which is fair. Not being a douche all points are spot on. I won every debate hands down. Last city on fire review i saw was 9.5 for buybust and the action looked so sloppy but what do i know.
  11. robbie

    The Meg (2018) Jason Statham VS Giant Shark

    Loved this film. . . i thought the cgi was good and doubt Eli Roth would have done a better job. Maybe it was more in the tradition of sharknado than jaws but i found it more entertaining than both. I think most people enjoyed it. That's why it's taken $300 million in 2 weeks. This was more in the action / adventure realm than horror. Hopefully they will add the r rated stuff to bluray then it will be one of best films of all time. Here are parts of your reviews i disagreed with. Nothing wrong with a person thanking him from being rescued and him replying your welcome. This is how people usually react in England where i am from ,especially if not know person too well. We do not need to turn into gangsta rappers and start swearing or crying like a little girl . . So extra mark for that. Also this is an A movie not a B movie . Budget is too high . (There is no such thing as high budget B movie). Comparing it or saying it's a B movie is Just an attemp to have a dig at a quality film I also agree with Li bingbing on the waste of using the shark fin for soup. . I like Tomato soup and chicken soup but shark fin soup does not really appeal to me. I have never even seen any shark fin soup at local supermarket, so why bother, let the shark keep its fin . Again extra mark for that. My rating is 9/10
  12. Rocky iv to me was my favourite . It's very a different style to Creed . I can see you prefer the drama approach. Rocky Balboa film was o.k , maybe a little too much on sentimental side for me. Antonio Tarver never had the big personality . I really like the rocky music . Gangsta Rap just does not appeal to me too much as a white guy. I'd just prefer an update on rocky score by Vince dicola. Rocky V rap music was closer to MC hammer so did not mind it as much. I want an out and out action film so isaac Fiorenine , Michael jai white . With Rocky music and no rap would be perfect. I think most people would've prefered it .
  13. Last good rocky film was rocky v. Creed was o.k . They're never going to recreate the style/ spirit of rocky iv but happy to cash in on it. That was made as pure entertainment not Oscar bait. All about action , music was ace and it had the top action stars. I expect Undisputed 2&3 films are closer in spirit to rocky iv than this will be. . Perhaps the greatest & closest homage to rock IV still is the film regarded by most people as the best martial arts film of 1993 .of course Best of the best ii. Ralph Moeller should have got an Oscar for is superb homage to Drago. The main star of creed is pretty average & a bit wimpy . Wesley Snipes or Carl weathers were much better action stars . Nowadays Michael jai white would have been much better choice to play creed and isaac fiorentine directing . Then it could 've been heavyweights which look better on screen. Gob bless hollywood for turning all action films into statements on racism & gender equality. Black star , black director and a girl with a disability .I get it, we are all equal. Now can we go back to having proper action stars & films like rock IV pleases.
  14. robbie


    Looks very cheap . No genuine superstar or acting talent appear present in trailer. . The shaky camera work make it look too amateurish.
  15. robbie

    The Meg (2018) Jason Statham VS Giant Shark

    Another statham classic . Hopefully they decide to do the r rated cut on bluray as would then be even better..