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  1. Hwanginshikfan

    Best hero/villain rivalries in kung fu movies?

    Yasuaki kurata and Chen sing!
  2. Hwanginshikfan

    Someno yukio!

    Does anyone have any background on this guy please?
  3. Someno yukio Charlie chan yiu lam lee chui They all should have got better roles.
  4. Hwanginshikfan

    Little Dragon (Neil) in mourning

    very sad news my condolences for your loss
  5. Hwanginshikfan

    Korean Old School Kung Fu Movies

    I love korean old school stuff I am big fan of hwang in shik casanova wong hwang jang lee and dragon lee
  6. I will be there first time for me should be great really looking forward to it.
  7. Hwanginshikfan


    This looks wicked nice job guys I always wanted to see this
  8. Hwanginshikfan

    Chen Sing Movies

    Its called hero of the wild but close friend
  9. I have been wanting to see this for years I like the korean martial arts movies very much this is casanova wongs movie debut nice one globe.
  10. Hwanginshikfan

    Happy Easter

    Happy easter everyone enjoy these days mates:wink:
  11. Hwanginshikfan

    Fight Dragon TV series coming to DVD!

    Can someone upload some fight scenes from this show please?
  12. Hwanginshikfan

    Hwang in shik movies what do people think of this guy?

    thanks nice stills I need these they look great.
  13. Hwanginshikfan

    Hwang in shik movies what do people think of this guy?

    do you have any of those ones
  14. Hwanginshikfan

    Hwang in shik movies what do people think of this guy?

    These are the korean movies I own of his The wandering hero succesor with a black belt golden belt close kung fu encounters peach snow blossom black leopard spider kick