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  1. If I remember right he was good in Secret Envoy aka Secret agent (1976). I am not sure but I think that in Phantom Thief he is good guy as well.
  2. MG Lerox

    Selling rare ex yu posters

    Update! Bruce The Super Hero and Goodbye Bruce Lee rare Yugoslavian versions, 80$ + shipping!
  3. MG Lerox

    Selling rare ex yu posters

    Another update
  4. MG Lerox

    Selling rare ex yu posters

    -Update, Enter the Fat Dragon is sold.
  5. MG Lerox

    Selling rare ex yu posters

    Pm sent...
  6. Hey guys curretly i'm selling some posters, so if anyone is interested please pm me, posters are in good shape, they are ultra-rare and you will hardly find any of those anywhere these days. Here are pictures of Bruce The Superhero and Goodbye Bruce Lee, i will upload pictures of Enter the Fat Dragon later:
  7. MG Lerox

    Thoughts on Dragon Lee

    No problems GDYY, it is pretty hard to find out decent info on Dragon Lee or any other Korean star but i'm still trying my best to find out much as i can. If you have any more questions ask, regards.
  8. MG Lerox

    Thoughts on Dragon Lee

    Can't agree with this, Ho Chung-Tao made some nice flicks but also starred in most of trash (Conspiracy, Bruce Against Superman, Bruce's Magnum Fist, Goodbye Bruce Lee...). Dragon Lee was actually more himself then Ho Chung-Tao. It is suddenly pretty usual among Kung Fu movies fans, especially Bruce Lee fans . Don't know mate, he made few trash films but also he made quite many movies that I've enjoyed. Actually none of his movies was directed by Godfrey Ho... Hapkido, Taekwando, Bodybuilding. Here is recent photo of him, cheers!
  9. Now I get you, well then ill take a look at list and see if I can help you to find out if those co-productions are real.
  10. Broken Oath is definitly right, my memory might be bad but I don't remember seeing any Korean actors in that one for some reason. I know that Koreans for sure got involved in this production, but for some reason not much Korean actors did take part. Bigger parts were played by HK actors but also there were Taiwanese actors, Mao-Ying and that guy whos name I can't remember but I know that for some reason he made only 2 movie even if he signed up contract with Golden Harvest studios. Bruce and Shaolin Kung Fu part I was made in Korean and some bigger parts were played by Korean actors (Bae Su Cheon, Bruce Cheung, James Nam, general's son etc...) but also HK actors Bruce Le, Chan Sing, Cheung Lik, Bolo. But I don't remember that I have seen any bigger roles played by Taiwanese guys in this one, Kong Do was so far only Taiwanese actor in this one. Bruce and Shaolin part II was more concentrated on Korea, there were as far more Korean actors (farmer, Lee Kang Jo, 4 students, Bae Su Cheon etc...) and there was only one HK actor so far and that was Nelson Lee, Kong Do played in this one as well but personaly I think that this movie doesn't have nothing to do with Taiwan (that's only my opinion). Dragon Bruce Lee part II actually could be correct. In that movie you can find many actors from different countries, there is Dragon Lee from Korea, Phillip Ko-Fei from HK and there is To Wai Wo who could be Taiwanese. So I would give this one shot as Korean-HK-Taiwan co production. The Dragon Tamers is if im not mistaken one of John Woo's earliest works. Since John was Chinese and he worked for GH studios it is for sure HK production, now we all know that some parts of this movie were shot in Korea so Koreans for sure were invlolved in production. Taiwan is for once more questionable but movie did have James Tien who is Taiwanese in it, but again we know that James in that time was working for GH which was HK production company so I would't dare to say that Taiwan was invlolved in this one, but again it is possible. Fist of Bruce Lee is probably correct since the director and major star was Taiwanese and it was shot in Taiwan. Some bigger parts were played by HK actors (Lo Lieh, Ngai Ping-Ngo etc), but this time we also have Korean actor, that was Bruce Cheung-Mong who was pure Korean actor playing mostly in pure Korean productions, so I think that this movie is definitly Korean-HK-Taiwanese production. Jackie and Bruce to the Rescue is kinda misterious in this thread. It is definitly Korean/Taiwanese co-production since all actors were from Korea (Kim Tae-Jeong, Eagle-Han, Bruce Cheung) and Taiwan (Lee Siu-Ming, Ma Sha, Chen Shan) but I afraid that I haven't seen any guys from HK involved in production of this movie, so I would say that this one is Korean-Taiwanese production and that HK don't have nothing to do with this one. Killin in the Nude is Korean/Taiwanese CAT III flick if i'm correct. Chen Shan from Shaolin vs. Lama made appearance in this one as general, it does have lots of nudity (well as all CAT III flick have) and it is quite interesting film, but just like Bruce and Jackie to the Rescue i'm pretty sure that this one was Korea-Taiwan co-production as well. Kung Fu Fever was nice little flick but Ron Van Clief comfirmed me personally that he didn't like that film since namely there were too many problems on the set, I didn't want to ask him what was wrong but later in one interview with Serafim Karalexis I have read that on the set of this film one guy died (can't remember name). Anyway since all bigger parts were played by Korean actors (Dragon Lee, Gam Kei-Chun, Martin Chui) I assum that this one is Korean production, it was directed by famous Korean director Kim Si-Hyeon whos fame Godfrey Ho stole with his idiotic productions. But we can't forget that there are also some actors from Taiwan in this flick like Shut Chung-Tin and Wong Kwok Leung and also Ron Van Clief who in that time worked in Taiwan made appearance, it is possible that it is Taiwanese co production, so this time again I think that HK is out. I can't write anymore, i'll make a quick reviews for he rest of the list later this day.
  11. MG Lerox

    Forum is 10 YEARS OLD !

    Really great to hear, this forum is really kinda great place, many things that were unknown about the genre are today know thanks to this and other forums on the net. Great work Mark and the crew!
  12. Anyone willing to trade HKL version of Warriors Two that have Casanova Wong as special feutre?
  13. MG Lerox

    Bruce Le vs. Bruce Li vs. Dragon Lee: Who'd win??

    I would go with Dragon Lee, he had bodybuilding background and trained Hapkido and Tae Kwan Do also his physical condition is in far better situation then other clones.
  14. MG Lerox

    R.I.P Kim Tai-Jung / 김태정

    Here is info on his death: After 1 week arriving in Korea, he fell down with stomach-ache, went to the hospital, he seemed to be recovering fine, but his sudden over bleeding cuased his death, and he never came back..........