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  1. xiongya

    Where do you rent DVDs?

    cinflix is still in business.
  2. Rescue from Hades a remake of Mulian Saves Mother maybe?
  3. xiongya

    The Joy Sales Thread

    I hope so. The Japanese DVD has them subtitled, but of course in Japanese.
  4. The description of Beauty's Evil Spells from ADC: "The Beauty's Evil Spells (BES) is the alternate version of The Beauty's Evil Roses (BER) that I promised to upload. I could not find any information on BES anywhere. It's as if the movie doesn't exist. I thought it was worth uploading this as there are several different sequences (the opening is totally different), several sequences in different orders, most of the nudity and sex in edited out and it runs about 8 minutes longer than BER. I really don't know what else to say about this. Things that it makes me ask are which version is actually the original? Why are there 2 versions. Was BER a success and the producers decided to make a cleaner version with BES for release to a wider audience?" I haven't watched it, so can't add anything, but it's a little more information.
  5. It's a Sammo horror-comedy about a water ghost haunting a beach community. The ghost possesses different people who are then dripping wet. This is the one where a disembodied hand crawls up Richard Ng's pants. SantoStreet is selling a boot DVD and also has a used, original VHS listed for sale.
  6. xiongya


    They have shipping centers in HK and Malaysia. There is free shipping for orders over $30(?) IF the items ship from the same place. So check the place of origin on the product description page if you want the free shipping and place separate orders if needed.
  7. xiongya

    Boon Saam

    He was in several Taiwanese children's/fantasy films: Child of Peach, Twelve Animals, the Hello Dracula series. Don't know what happened to him, his hkmdb filmography ends with 1992's Witch Edited.
  8. xiongya

    WANTED: Laserdisc or VHS

    I've bought from and traded with Brian for years. When he told me he was selling off his tapes I jumped on a batch of 15. BTW he forgot to delete 'Magic of Spell'. He's good people.
  9. xiongya

    WANTED: Laserdisc or VHS

    SantoStreet.com is selling their VHS tapes. Banana Spirit, Slickers vs Killers and Gambling Ghost are available. Lots of other stuff too. http://www.santostreet.com/subpages/SaleVHSasian.htm
  10. I know there's a dub of Kung Fu Wonderchild
  11. Don't ask for details 'cause I haven't watched it, but the VideoAsia version runs 1:37.
  12. Damn, I want to see Shaolin Popey 3 after watching http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsR16KU2Wt8. There are clips for others there, too. I also always thought China Dragon was part of the series.
  13. This is a great idea. If you're taking requests/suggestions I'd like to someday get subtitles for Toothless Vampires. I could provide you with the disc and a cover art file.