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  1. OldPangYau

    Is Taimak dead?

    So the 30th anniversary blu comes out 9 days after I turn 30 myself... Works for me
  2. Yeah, I neglected to mention that it was Austrian label XT Video that posted the image, but the delayed release date of the UK disc coinciding with this transfer seems to be more than a bit coincidental. There's also Chinese blu-rays of the Fight Back to School films which don't have Fortune Star logos, But rather a company called "Gala Film Distribution" which uses the classic "big G" Golden Harvest logo. Hopefully this means the FS era of the GH films may be coming to an end, much like Media Asia 10+ years ago. This master of Story of Ricky seems indicative of this. Supposedly the New SOR master came from HK, so hopefully either the XT Video or mediumrare release can answer some questions.
  3. I kinda like how the When Tae Kwon Do Strikes poster resembles a 70s era international poster Meanwhile, not sure how many here visit the blu-ray.com forums (Markgway, The Dragon, and Tigerstyles, I know you all pop up!), but apparently the reason why their upcoming blu ray of Story of Ricky was delayed was because of a new 4K scan... here's a sample, and even though it's not a full HD screencap, the color timing is a WORLD of difference compared to the Fortune Star master: Hell, even if this were just a DVD, it looks to be the best transfer. The HKL edition held its own (one of the few times their DVD looked better than an FS produced DVD), but this trumps it as well. As for The Deadliest Art, if mediumrare is indeed collaborating with FS to some capacity, I wonder if FS actually created a new master of the documentary for DVD. If so, it'd be nice to have a decent widescreen transfer. Sadly, the best one at the moment is the old Fox laserdisc, which would actually switch between 2.35 and 1.85, as opposed to staying at 2.35 with "pillarboxing" for the 1.85 clips (as in the Universe Laser DVD). Btw, as I learned from some of the Japanese Jackie Chan blu-rays, even if the Fortune Star logo is present, the disc may have a non-FS HD transfer (thankfully). Basically, even if a company uses their own transfer, FS still owns the rights to the films. Best example of one I have is the blu-ray of the Japanese theatrical version of Jackie Chan's Dragon Fist. While the disc has no traces of the FS "HD" master, their logo is still on the disc. Oh, and as for Slaughter in San Francisco... is it sad that I actually would buy a widescreen edition? I'm a sucker for "so bad they're good", and this one's up there. I'm wondering if it would be based on the "Yellow Faced Tiger" cut, similar to the non-remastered HK VCD.
  4. OldPangYau

    Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

    Well, here's my two cents... and stay until the very end, the craziness ensues at the 10:35 mark kndnAg5x7V8
  5. OldPangYau

    Still No Bruce Lee Blu Rays for the UK!

    Apparently they'll have steelbook packaging... my weakness
  6. Feels like it's been forever since I've posted here Anyway, I'm hoping this is a legit anamorphic widescreen release. I have the US Fox laserdisc which is easily the best looking version at the moment, and switches between 2.35 and 1.85 depending on the film (as opposed to maintaining the 2.35 ratio on the HK DVD, thus "pillarboxing" the 1.85 films), and has damn good colors. Plus runs at proper film speed, with no PAL speed-up. Never got why Warriors Two was shown at 1.85 though... I think it's because they used the footage from Bruce Lee The Legend instead (hence the alternate English dub), which seemed to have a 1.85 theatrical release. But these are just my theories. If they drop the ball on this, I may have to finally make a custom again... it's been a while
  7. OldPangYau

    Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015)

    Our review is up! HfeihpLSKqg
  8. Indeed! Twin/Paramount Japan have been treating these with more respect than most companies. As for Fortune Star sucking with HD transfers... yep, can't argue. I've mentioned before that it seems like each passing company was better with previous media. Media Asia was good for Tai Seng VHS, but meh with DVD. Fortune Star was great for DVD, but meh with blu-ray. So now we need someone to be good with blu-ray but meh with 4K
  9. There are some comparisons on caps-a-holic, and it pretty much shows that the Fortune Star master (used on the HK and German blu-rays) is an upscale... when compared to the Spectrum Korean DVD, the only difference seems to be in the colors. They also have the US multi-film set by Echo Bridge, but unfortunately that's a 16x9 cropped transfer. The bright side? It's true HD. If you compare the US disc with the German or HK disc, if you ignore the cropping, the US version is clearly sharper. There actually is a standalone US blu-ray release by Echo Bridge which is in full 2.35 (and still HD). As of now, it looks like the newer Japanese disc will be in true HD, taken from a theatrical Japanese print. What I like is that the covers for next months releases are meant to look like film reels, reinforcing the whole HD telecine aspect If I was rolling in dough, I'd be pre-ordering all of these without thinking twice. But for now, the only releases for next month I'll be jumping on will be this and Dragon Fist. As for this months "Extreme Editions"? Probably just Young Master, Protector (I'm curious to see the English/Cantonese hybrid Japanese cut), and Wheels on Meals... maybe more after next year's tax return
  10. Exactly! As of now, it's implied that all of the extreme editions will have bonus HD transfers of the Japanese theatrical cuts. That being said, Wheels on Meals should actually be dubbed in English (as well as The Young Master). Hopefully I'll hear something more concrete about these by the end of the month.
  11. So, I don't think this is an "Extreme Edition" like the ones coming out this month, but it has just what I want: An actual HD transfer, a Japanese trailer, and a Japanese TVCM. The "extreme editions" seem to be just that: editions "extremely" packed to the brim with extras, such as multiple cuts (see The Protector: has three cuts), interviews (usually stock Fortune Star interviews), and various trailers. As for the run time, I still have NO idea what is in this version. I'll be honest... I've yet to sit down and watch the HK cut in full. I did see the US cut in theaters AND have the US blu-ray (as of now, the only HD and burnt-in-subtitle-free transfer), so perhaps a custom HD transfer could be made compositing the US disc, the Japanese disc, and potentially matting in footage over the Japanese subs. For those interested, here are a few links to order: Amazon.co.jp link HMV.co.jp link
  12. So this was Gareth Evans' explanation on Twitter as to why these missed the blu-ray boat: Also, if you looked on his Twitter page, he said the nightclub deleted scene was the last one "for now". There are definitely more scenes missing, including the now infamous escalator headshot that was in so many of the promotional pieces... but hey, this is a good start If anything, he's probably saving some of those scenes for The Raid 3, as that film is rumored to begin 2 hours prior to the end of The Raid 2, and I'm guessing will focus more on the Yakuza.
  13. I've actually thought about making a custom DVD of the HK cut using the Fortune Star master of the US version and filling in the gaps with the remastered HK scenes from the Hong Kong Legends version... just need to find the time
  14. OldPangYau

    Expendables 3 (2014)

    Real life responsibilities REALLY delayed this review... but here it is anyway BOaufEE2--4
  15. Awesome Japanese theatrical trailer... apparently the tagline is "Mafia VS Undercover VS Yakuza" H-f9Wv4uVfY