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  1. make believe

    R3 Shaw brothers lot FS.

    answer your pm's man
  2. make believe

    Tokyo Shock's release of Destroy All Monsters

    I have a bootleg on VHS that's the widescreen LD with the AIP dub. I got it way back so I wonder if it's the same source. KUNG FU BOB, good looking out. Thanks for checking. So clearly there are issues. I've read some players had trouble going past that layer break on multiple copies. I'll definitely have to consider this one I guess. I bet the picture quality must be great though..
  3. make believe

    Tokyo Shock's release of Destroy All Monsters

    How could this movie be anything but great?
  4. Yi-Long knows what's up.
  5. Just make sure to watch The Eight Masters. That movie is untouchable.
  6. make believe

    Having problems with the Postal Service..

    if you're going to wait by your mailbox at least do it right. forget the camera.
  7. I know he's moved past that Linkin Park sound. I've heard some of his later stuff, including his hip hop project and it left me pretty unimpressed as well although it wasn't nearly as awful as Linkin Park was. I don't know, he obviously is skilled at what he does, I just don't dig his work or style at all
  8. As much as I'm looking forward to seeing this, this is why I will be waiting for a DVD release and not seeing it in theaters with music by Linkin Park. (sorry to fans but bleeecchh!). There is a trailer on the youtube where the music I assume is that of the new score. If that's the case then it's more or less what I imagined it would be.
  9. make believe

    Five Element Ninjas/Super Ninjas Coming to Blu-ray

    The DVD is now harder to find and more expensive than the damn blu-ray. Oy vey.
  10. make believe

    Tokyo Shock's release of Destroy All Monsters

    Inframan, I heard the same things too which is why I figure I better act quick and pick one up just in case. Tokyo Shock is a bit if an unstable company as it is so you never know with their releases. I too have a subbed R2 disc. The AIP version I only have on VHS. I assume you must have the ADV version with the AIP track that someone made at one point. I hear that custom job sounds just fine which makes it all the more frustrating that Tokyo Shock couldn't get their hands on that track for this. When will these companies ever get it right? Thanks wongfeihung62.
  11. make believe

    Kung Fu Wing Chun (2010)

    As enjoyable of a movie it may be, and it most certainly is, there is an uneven balance between wire-work and non wire-work. The wire-work and cg get laid on a bit heavily at times, especially towards the end. It's to be expected however and the movie isn't based on absolute realism anyway. The performances, characters, and story are good enough to not let any of that bother you too much. So yeah, it might be a slight throwback to the earlier 90's films but with a definite modern approach.
  12. I figured I'd start a new thread in case people haven't been reading the one in the Shaw section that mentions the Tokyo Shock release of Destroy All Monsters.. I was this close to picking this up when I decided to read some reviews on Amazon and on a couple of other random sites. There is a couple of things that has made me hold off for the time being. The AIP dub from what I read is of very poor quality with volume changes throughout and other imperfections making it almost short of worthless. This is one of the main reasons I'd be picking this up so if this is true, it would really make me reconsider. The other major problem, mostly mentioned on Amazon, is a batch of defective discs that tend to freeze around the :34 mark which is at the layer change. I know you really can't always take Amazon reviews seriously which is also why I'm asking. There is more than one person who mentions this so it might be reason for concern. If anyone has this disc and cares to comment, it'd be appreciated. Thanks.
  13. make believe

    Kung Fu Wing Chun (2010)

    Crazy. Apparently the husband then killed himself. http://www.maydaily.com/2012/02/29/jilted-husband-kills-kungfu-actress-bai-jing/ http://english.cri.cn/6666/2012/02/28/189s683620.htm On a lighter note. I really liked this movie.
  14. That would have been cool to go see. You can't go wrong with Silver Bullet either. This place sounds pretty cool.
  15. make believe

    Recommendation for Kung Fu Films with good philosophy?

    The Eight Masters, of course.