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  1. Silver and Gold Dragon

    The Eureka! Kung-Fu Cinema Blu-ray Thread

    I believe it's meant to be a condor. It was on a poster for Eastern Condors: (in front of a rising sun (a symbol of the East/eastern).
  2. Silver and Gold Dragon

    What's your style? (Which martial arts do you study?)

    I agree with this sentiment. I believe a person's skill and time spend means a lot more than the token belt and awards. I also believe that same principle applies to other endeavours. That said I don't think my ego is beyond wanting some praise and acknowledgement.
  3. Silver and Gold Dragon

    June 1974 : UK premiere Way of Dragon

    Did the designer ba forguette to include the chain?
  4. Silver and Gold Dragon

    Behind the scenes...

    I knew I'd seen this image somewhere else, I spotted it in an Eastern Heroes magazine from 1996. Shaolin Chastity Kung Fu: Various other behind the scene pictures of Robert Tai from the same page:
  5. Silver and Gold Dragon

    死亡遊戲 THE GAME OF DEATH Fan Project

    I was never quite satisfied with it, besides it was done on an old computer and I've loss most if not all the data.
  6. Silver and Gold Dragon

    Stars Resembling Other Stars

    All I see is a picture of Spielberg and some sort of lens flare, probably caused by an internal reflection in the cameras lens.
  7. Silver and Gold Dragon

    What video games have you been playing

    I don't see why not, they still constitute as video games. You might find these links useful: https://www.giantbomb.com/kaiju/3015-104/games/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Kaiju_video_games I consider some of the games Giant Bomb mentions as Kaiju, though some I consider only loosely Kaiju.
  8. Silver and Gold Dragon

    The Bolo Yeung Story: Documentary

    Welcome to the forums @jeanclaude90.
  9. Silver and Gold Dragon

    Rejected Avatars

    It might not be ideal but you could try the image with a border: Or perhaps a distorted version: Although even those look a bit like Donald Duck , especially when reduced in size:
  10. Silver and Gold Dragon

    Behind the scenes...

    Looks like Magnificent Warriors (1987)
  11. Silver and Gold Dragon

    Zatoichi (Katsu era) English dubs?

    Below is what Ted Thomas has said about Zatoichi in interviews: From https://vantagepointinterviews.com/2017/05/17/man-of-a-thousand-voices-hong-kong-voice-actor-ted-thomas-on-his-prolific-dubbing-career/ 'MAN OF A THOUSAND VOICES! Hong Kong Voice Actor Ted Thomas on His Prolific Dubbing Career!' by Brett Homenick : (BH=Brett Homenick and TT=Ted Thomas) At around 06:16 for about a minute in the video below, Ted Thomas talks about dubbing Zatoichi and other Japanese movies. (Even though he confuses Zatoichi with The One Armed Swordsman. I assume he was fundamentally referring to Zatoichi).
  12. Silver and Gold Dragon

    Zatoichi (Katsu era) English dubs?

    Has anyone seen/heard or know of English dub versions of the Zatoichi movies with Shintaro Katsu? (I think there might be a dubbed version of Kitano's 2003 Zatoichi). I ask the question because Ted Thomas has mentioned dubbing Zatoichi in a couple of interviews, I'd love to hear an Axis International dub of Zatoichi movies, though I guess these are hard to find and may not even exist anymore?
  13. Silver and Gold Dragon

    Dubbing information and discussion

    Here's a link to an old thread/topic: 'Subs or Dubs?' started by @lillippa328 : Thanks again @DragonClaws, as always I appreciate your contribution to this thread.
  14. Well that promotional material I referenced also has shots of Chan on the set of The Young Master.
  15. Silver and Gold Dragon

    Official Girls with Guns thread

    A subtitle from the Japanese movie; Black Angel Vol. 1 (1998), that I thought seemed fitting in this thread.