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  1. MLee


    Thanks Bob!!! I usually don't show wip pics. Especially when a face is incomplete cos there's still a chance I could mess it up. But I thought it would be fun so I went for it! You are right it is a regular BIC pen! It's the pen I started with so I always stuck with it. I just use regular basic art materials. Nothing really professional. The color pencils and color ball point pens are bought from a shop called whsmith under their brand. Same with the sketch pads.
  2. MLee


    Thought I'd post some wip pics of the HJL drawing. Kid from Kwantung I like HJL's facial expression here and it was difficult but fun to draw! Buddha Assassinator overall might have been the hardest ref pic to draw with his face and robe. It took me ages to get his face right. At first it looked like Bak Biu! My younger brother told me a straight face can sometimes be more difficult to get right and he wasn't joking! Originally Hitman in the hand of Buddha was going to be right at the top but somehow I changed it. This was from a dvd screencap as I had no decent ref pics to draw from. Instant kungfu Man had probably the most detailed face to draw! The skin lines, gritted teeth and grey hair took ages to finish!
  3. MLee


    gorhama: Well it was through trial and error! Years ago I always mainly done b&w pencil artwork. I gradually moved on to working with colors as that was always my weakness. But I've tried a variety of different media like pencil, pastels, paint and charcoal. Never got very good with most of them! Pen became my fav media of choice. I gradually combined it with using color pencils and even felt tip pen markers.
  4. MLee


    KUNG FU BOB: Thanks! Yeah that robe was a killer and took ages to finish! Yes Hwang looked at all of them but this one seemed to catch his eye the most! gorhama: Thanks. For some reason that mixture of pencil and pen seems to work for me! Godfrey Ho worshipper: Thanks! Actually it's from Hitman in the hand of Buddha!
  5. MLee


    Close up photo of the drawing I done of HJL. I don't have a A3 scanner so I took a pic of it. It's done with a combination of color pencils and ball point pens. I tried to include as many varied facial expressions and different colored outfits.
  6. I was very lucky to get my artwork signed by HJL! It's a mix of stuff I've done over the years going back to 2003/2004. The pic with myself and hwang was a new A3 drawing I done especially for this meeting with HJL! So glad he got to see it. Took over a month to complete!!! I greet HJL and give him my drawings to sign. Toby explains to him that these are drawings I done of him. I remember the brief conversation we had! Hwang: You draw? Me: Yes! Hwang: Very good! Me: Thanks!
  7. Thanks Kung Fu Bob!! Yeah I'll post up more pics soon! How did you know I had artwork signed by him? You are well informed!!!!
  8. Had a great time meeting Hwang Jung Lee. He was very down to earth and friendly. They played a short but cool musical montage of HJL clips and the Q&A was fun and interesting. I'm the guy in J Saul Kane's pic on the left in the dark SF4 t-shirt next to Rick!
  9. Sent you a pm yesterday, not sure if you got it.
  10. It was quite a slow paced movie. The fight scene in the forest with all the different fighters near the end was the best part for me.
  11. MLee

    What was the first Shaw Brothers film you saw?

    The 36th Chamber of Shaolin. My parents had a old video copy in the early 1980s which was taped from a tvb channel with commercial breaks. I was really young at that time and always wondered why this movie was widescreen letterboxed. All movies I had seen at the time on tv or video were all fullscreen. Years later when I saw the warner brothers video I noticed both versions had scenes missing from each other!
  12. MLee

    Anyone watching Pacman vs Bradley 2?

    Good fight but not great. Pacquiao definitely won the fight and connected on more of his punches but seemed to lack the power we are used to seeing from him in the past. Bradley seemed like he was just looking for that knockout punch and should have boxed more and worked the body like he did earlier in the fight.
  13. Had a great purchase from Iaagi. Good communication, well packaged and delivered in good time.