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  1. I think that Three Styles of Hung Fist is a "short feature" inside a movie. Almost 10 minutes long, in my opinion, result in a short film added to another. If the movies databases do not count it as a separate film, is controversial, and not in my interest because I am not an expert over this subject. dxaPEm0xShQ
  2. Alexander was directed by Sun Chung in three films: The Avenging Eagle (13 de septiembre, 1978), Dir. Sun Chung, Shaw Brothers (HK) The Deadly Breaking Sword (12 de abril, 1979), Dir. Sun Chung, Shaw Brothers (HK) My Rebellious Son (26 de noviembre, 1982), Dir. Sun Chung, Shaw Brothers (HK) (sorry, is my own list with calendar in spanish) It was a fantastic team, he and the talented Sun Chung. I always appreciated this director because his ways in shooting (camera's angle, weird planes, etc). The chemistry between the actor and the director is fundamental for success. I love Sun Chung, he deserves high respect in film industry.
  3. Meng Fei & Angela Pan ........30 years ago?
  4. Alexandra

    Adam Cheng

  5. Thanks Teako I copy below part of a post of mine, with some details, I tried to found about the Porsche. Thank you for the additional info (I take off the final section about my doubts over the driver etc) Alex ------------------------------------------------------- Just few lines about the Porsche in HK Playboys (thanks again Betty Pei Ti), conclusions taken after a brief research and talking with Porsche businessman and a policeman expert in car crashes here in my city. Porsche istself In 1978 Porsche introduced the new version of the 911SC Targa with 3.0 liter engine with Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection and a 5 speed 915 transmission and four wheel drive. Use Mobil 1 oil, coloured bumpers, blacked - out trim, 16'' Fuchs wheels, bottom of A-pillars (windshield), etc. The shifts of the five speed can take 1-2 seconds inbetween. Velocity average: 5.9 seconds in 100 meters, around 254-240 k/p/h, with the konstant mathematical deduction of 6.1 seconds/245 km/p/h. Characteristical "whale tail" (not the "duck tail" present in older models). Every owner can change the colour of the rim, air cooler, and line of the fender, mostly silver chrome, black or white. The car in the movie and the Alexander's one 1- Both models, the used in the movie and the Alexander's one, are the 911SC Targa, edition 1983. SC means Super Carrera. Targa defines the rollbar superstructure, but is not a convertible, the real convertible was the Cabriolet. The Targa, despite its sunny disposition, was regarded as a coupe or semi-convertible, because of its rollbar superstructure and take-off roof panel. 2- Both models have all the basic details of the Porsche "Scuderia". Similarities a- General bodywork, white colour b- The rollbar characteristic of Targa, black c- Headlights d- "Whale tail" (in the picture of the accidented car is deductible) Differences a- The car in the movie have black painted rim, the accidented car have silver chromed rim b- Wheels: the normal sport 911SC is Fuchs 16'', but in races there are many options, see the complete list of wheel enhancement at. http://www.wheelenhancement.com/index.php?t=Wheels c- Air cooler (the used in movie is black, as the colour of the front fender, with the yellows headlights, when the air cooler is silver chromed, equal for the line of the front fender, the chromed one is the Alexander’s one) About the differences If was the Alexander's car, he could change the colour of the rim, the tires and the colour of the air cooler anytime. Deductions The Porsche was designed as a car for racing. There is not concept of back seat, although you can see a primitive back seat, most symbolical than useless, is removable for keep replacement tires. If you want to seat anyone in this back seat, despite the fact that have not seat bealts, must be a person of the size of a child. The worst impact was over the driver. It was in an angle of aprox. 45º over a concrete wall, maybe because lost of control for extreme speeding when taking a courve, not in straight way. The accidented car seems not roll on over and over, although the roof panel is plundered, that could be for the rising of the car against the wall than rolling without control over the highway -------- NOTE Teako told to me that his elder brother drove the car, and survived despite the tremendous blow, with the plundering of the roof panel and the dashboard incrusted in the body, he survived. Alexander not. ----------------------------------------------------- Concerning the concepts of Teako a- The lettering before the Porsche "Scuderia": of course is not present in the accidented car, is only publicity in the movie. b- The licence plate: of course must be blocked, in any movie, when someone gives a car for shooting, claim to block up the licence plate for many reasons: the owner of the car want to remain in secret or keep himself anonymus, etc. I don't know the fashion of licence plates in HK in the eighties.
  6. Always missed, never forgotten. Sorry the belated post. I was not in Buenos Aires.
  7. 25 May Happy Birthday Meng Fei!!! :khi8j: