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  1. Pray for Death my favority Sho Kasugi
  2. butcher wing

    rapper guru dies

    RIP to the Guru, you will be missed you left us with many classic albums to remember you threw.
  3. butcher wing

    Cynthia Rothrock movies

    don't forget Righting Wrongs with Yuen Biao, and Cynthia Rothrock. personally one of the best chick on chick fight in this movie.
  4. in the last decade, Jackies movies are in my opinion, bad to worse, not feeling him anymore, he bores me. Sammo and Yuen still entertain me more.
  5. butcher wing

    Ti Lung doing acrobatics?

    I gotta check that Ti Lung is my favorite HK actor, that cat is the smoothest cat on film. In my opinon.
  6. butcher wing

    Looking for an old film

    I don't think it is Shaolin Temple, that one has Ti Lung, Fu Sheng, David Chang and so on, and they came to the temple as military who already new Kung Fu, and Ti Lung learned Wing Chun. I think it is another Shaw Brothers flick, I can picture it but not remember the title.
  7. butcher wing

    How many people here smoke?

    my routine before I go to bed is a big bowl of cereal, turn on a kung fu flick ( I prefer to watch old school dubs with lots of shapes) and finish off the night with a fat head. then good night.
  8. I believe Brave Archer also has the Toad King of Frog King style in it as well.
  9. butcher wing

    No more snow! I CAN'T TAKE IT!

    and to think I am from the Great White North, and it is just slightly snowing now in Toronto, and you think that is bad the Olympics start on Friday and Vancouver is having some serious snow issues..
  10. butcher wing

    Favorite Hwang Jang Lee performance?

    Hard Bastard, and Hitman in the Hand of Buddah, Tiger Crane Master
  11. butcher wing

    What video games have you been playing

    Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. This game is retarded, it has every element of a great game, I love playing this game it's great I'd tell anyone this game is amazing.
  12. butcher wing

    Big Daddy Kane or Public Enemy

    I love both, Yo Bum Rush the Show is my favorite album from PE BUT I love Big Daddy Kane. He just visited Toronto in March my boys and I rolled to it. It took me 20 yrs to see this guy, and I have been listening to Rap and apart of the Hip Hop culture since 1984. Big Daddy introduced new styles. I give it to Big Daddy.
  13. Mad Monkey Kung Fu, he was such a bastard in it.
  14. butcher wing

    Pai Mei vs Silver Fox vs Old Dirty

    Pai Mai is my favorite, I like the others, but its all about iron robe. I wish they would do a movie about Pai Mai and show his white eye brow system. That would be amazing.
  15. butcher wing

    Name this Film

    is it North Shaolin vs. South Shaolin shaw bros. 3 fighters learn 3 specific styles, 3 others learn 3 specific styles to fight the first 3. or it could be Superfighters another Shaw Bros.