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  1. Lady Whirlwind. After viewing it well over 100 times I still love it.
  2. Freakin' Awesome !!!! It's about DAMN TIME !!!
  3. golden harvest greg

    Angela Images

    Just uploaded some more Angela Mao images to the album images section of the forum. Enjoy.
  4. golden harvest greg

    Blue Butterfly, The Amazon

    Does anyone really have a good copy of Blue Butterfly, The Amazon !!! I have about 3 different copies of the movie, and all three of them sucks !!! Even the one one that I rented from the Korean video store back in the day is terrible !!! Can anyone help?
  5. golden harvest greg

    Want to buy original shaw's poster

    I have thousands of original kung fu movie posters, lobby cards, stills, pressbooks, window cards and other stuff. Mostly Shaw Brothers and Golden Harvest stuff from the old Chinatown movie theatres in New York and New Jersey. What are you looking for exactly.
  6. golden harvest greg

    BRUCEPLOITATION Book Update...

    Send an e-mail to chenpiou@yahoo.com and I'll attach some scanned images to you.
  7. golden harvest greg

    BRUCEPLOITATION Book Update...

    Wait !! It isn't completed yet is it? I've got some rare black & white 4X5's of Ho Chung-tao that would make a great addition to the Bruceploitation book. Please reply !!
  8. golden harvest greg

    Nina Li Chi

    The Chinese community was not too kind to Joyce (Ko Lai-hung) Godenzi because she was a product of an interracial couple. Lets be truthful now, the Chinese are as just as racist as everyone else. Meaning that everyone has a little racist in them. That's just a plain fact.
  9. golden harvest greg

    DVD / Blu-ray / VHS Cover Requests

    Hey Bro, I've made a rather nice cover for The Tournament. If you e-mail me at chenpiou@yahoo.com I will send it to you in an attachement. Because I'm having problems posting and uploding images on the board.
  10. golden harvest greg


    I was a stupid kid. I used to hate Asians as a kid. Then I went to see Angela Mao in the movies, now I love asian women !!!! Peace !!!!
  11. This is by far the DOPEST thread I've ever seen. I pride myself on being an expert on the kung fu women. I'm truly happy to know that there are others whom believe that these martial women are absolutely astonishing. Peace !!! P.S.watch out for my upcoming book on Asian Kung Fu Women !!!!
  12. golden harvest greg

    How's Ghost Hill w/ Polly?

    I watched The Ghost Hill, I have a licensed pre-record for it. It wasn't that good. Polly's fighting scenes were to brief for me. Plus the no-subbed version that I have didn't help my case that much !!!
  13. golden harvest greg

    Some nice pics!

    Man, you sure do have some dope stuff !!!! Peace !!!
  14. golden harvest greg

    Golden Harvest - First Movie

    The Angry River was probably the first completed G H movie. Peace !!! All respects go to Bruce, Jackie and Angela. The original G H three.
  15. golden harvest greg

    looking for..

    That's a great cover Bro. Much respect !!!