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  1. TheFlyingPanda

    DHKF 2

    Have this issue, Got one signed by Neal Adams and gave it to my friend for his birthday. Great cover
  2. TheFlyingPanda

    What are your latest DVD/Blu-ray purchases?

    Had a bunch coming in the last several weeks. I've watched a handful already.
  3. Awesome! love this movie and for some reason I've watched it as many times as Fist of Fury lol.
  4. TheFlyingPanda

    Temple Of The Unknown: The Game Of Death Appreciation Thread

    Just a thought... Wouldn't Using DEEPFAKE technology give a chance in polishing and finishing up Game of Death? I'd like to see someone create a cut of the film using this Ai tech. It could take away some of the silliness used in the Robert Clouse film and other clips from bruceploitation films like Tower of Death could be easily edited in. Just some of the moment and the body structure of the Fake Lees would be the giveaway.
  5. TheFlyingPanda

    Bruce Lee Collector's Edition Mediabook & Bust [Germany]

    Oh hell yeah it's to expensive. I can understand €50 because of the statue and booklet.
  6. TheFlyingPanda

    RIP Rutger Hauer (1944-2019)

    Aw man... sad news
  7. TheFlyingPanda

    Bruce Lee Collector's Edition Mediabook & Bust [Germany]

    crazy cool.
  8. Only one Ron Van Clief Movie on Blu-ray so far... Need The Black Boxer to be issued on BD too.
  9. TheFlyingPanda

    The Eureka! Kung-Fu Cinema Blu-ray Thread

    I'm supper stoked about Eastern Condors I hope its the definitive release. Of course the whole pack with The Iron-Fisted Monk and The Magnificent Butcher ( Two of my favorite ) Sammo films is a Treat.
  10. TheFlyingPanda

    Serial-Action: Martial Arts Themed Show's

    Oh man, I remember watching Sidekicks on TV! Thanks for the reminder. How many of these Show's are available on DVD or Blu-ray? I Know The Master is on BD, Martial Law set on DVD, Book of Sword (Romance of Book and Sword) in an edited DVD version, I have them all. Walker Texas Ranger is on DVD and coming to BD soon. The Legend of Bruce Lee is on Amazon in different formats (watched on Netflix) and Into the Badlands is on BD and Netflix and Warrior will be available eventually. As for these other classic TV shows, don't know?
  11. TheFlyingPanda

    Rare Bruce Lee interview by Harry Martin

    This was cool! never seen this interview, would be great to include as an extra on the Green Hornet Blu-ray. Thanks for the post.
  12. TheFlyingPanda

    What are your latest DVD/Blu-ray purchases?

    Watching Enter The Game Of Death asap!
  13. Shooooot... I wish This was available for BD, I would be happy with a 1080p copy and no more.
  14. Saw this in the morning, I'm exited The Fate Of Lee Khan is getting a remastered BD print.
  15. TheFlyingPanda

    What are your latest DVD/Blu-ray purchases?

    got some pre-orders in today as well.