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  1. TheFlyingPanda

    Brandon Lee - The Crow

    The Next Generation Pilot should be made available on DVD or other for the fans.
  2. TheFlyingPanda

    Bruce Li´s Dynamo Zinemaxploitation bluray

    Looks Awesome! So are there still copies available?
  3. Watched Master Z this past weekend. It had good fight scenes, but I don't know how I feel about it story wise.
  4. TheFlyingPanda

    They are action figures not dolls.....

    Speaking of which.. Here are just a fraction of the ones in my studio and desk.
  5. TheFlyingPanda

    They are action figures not dolls.....

    90% of the action figures or statues I have on my Shelves and in my office or art studio are Martial arts related. Even the Marvel or DC comics Characters are Martial artist like Iron Fist, Electra, Daredevil, Katana or Nightwing. Ninja turtles. A transformer, soldier or cartoon character here and there. Also A while back NECA was gonna sell those Shaw Brothers figures, what happened?
  6. TheFlyingPanda

    Bruce Lee Collectibles

    Dude, that guy has the mountain top of Bruce Lee Memorabilia. I've always been surprise how much Bruce lee Merchandise (like the action figures and Movies) are so repetitive, usually referencing Enter The Dragon, or Game of Death. Its a big reason why I have only a few Bruce Lee collectors items and only the most complete versions of the Movies. Longstreet was a big contribution of Lee's philosophy, yet we don't see much action figures with that red jumpsuit, or quality HD DVD or BD Media releases of the show. I know a while back there were action Figure statues of Bruce Lee wearing the Shaw Brothers attire, but they were lackluster. Comic strip artist "Fran Matera" did a who Bruce Lee series back in the 70's which was cooler then most of the modern ones and I've yet to see that comic reprinted or distributed. I wonder if that collector has original prints?
  7. TheFlyingPanda

    Koch Media Shaw Brothers Collection

    Do these Koch Media Blu-rays have revers covers with original poster art?
  8. TheFlyingPanda

    Enter the Dragon - The Most Overrated Kung-Fu Movie Ever Made?

    Kung Fu Was said to be Cancelled because Carradine had sustained to many injuries, but there are rumors about him being drunk on set and that was a problem.. I never looked in to it, perhaps a member here knows more about that. David Caradine didn't know martial arts beginning his role as Cain and that is clearly evident now watching the series. I cringe at it the same way when watching Saxon in ETD. I really, really, really tried to watch all of Kung Fu without falling asleep watching how slow and stiff David was, lol. I made it till the end though. Would Bruce have been better? Fawk-Yeah, no matter how hyper he was! Shoot Chuck Norris would have been better, We would have Walker 21 years earlier... Jeez, someone with Martial arts training That's 70's Hollywood folks!
  9. TheFlyingPanda

    Enter the Dragon - The Most Overrated Kung-Fu Movie Ever Made?

    Never Saw ETD as overrated, Personally Fist of Fury is My favorite and Way of The Dragon after that.. But I can see the whole western influence and how magazines, media and marketing can push that. The fact is that it was a breakthrough for it's time and paved the way for future Martial arts films in the US and for asian lead rolls in a Hollywood film. Yes! I wish a Hong Kong stunt team and Choreographer like Sammo were running the show, but that's Hollywood for ya (especially at that time, filled with bigotry, stereotyping and racism) they killed of Jim Kelly, wtf was that!? Anyways.. Bruce Lee broke through that barrier, but lets not forget he was a "human" with more then you may expect against him.. he was turned down, ignored, neglected as a martial artist and pushed away more than you might think. The thing is that now that he is an icon... modern people want to devalue him, tear down the wall that is his mythology because we live in this new pussified culture. The New book is subjective and so is allot of articles and stories from people who "so called" met him. They want to show you his faults, mistakes and all that jazz.. Yea, no shit, he was practically a kid when he passed away, never having the chance to fully blossom Like other stars did (for example Jackie Chan). I don't personally care what Bruce did in privet, I care about his art, and the mark he left on the world same way I care about what Theodore Roosevelt Did or Charlie Chaplin achieved... I'm not for anyone talking shit about him, or you might as well talk shit about Alexander Fu Sheng and Lau Kar-leung or Chuck Norris and Mohamed Ali for that matter. As for Tarantino's film... just another fictional bruceploitation, plain and simple. Enter the Dragon was a big move on the chess board, no matter what anyone says... that's not gonna change, but doesn't mean Enter The Dragon is the cream of the crop neither... shit, we martial artist/ movie fans know it. If Kung Fu Magazine or Hollywood or Black Belt or whatever wants to Hype it as the best, well then go ahead, at my home theater it's gonna be something else.
  10. TheFlyingPanda

    What Books Are You Currently Reading or Read?

    Just finish reading these two books in the last two months. and reading this comic series now...
  11. Watched all of them... on that note, I picked up a German DVD copy of "Last Fist of Fury" a while back, also watched Shaolin Vs Lama on the big screen in a Theater in Portland, a much better experience. Besides... the greatest classic martial arts Film is located in an alternate dimension were Bruce Lee lived and completed Game of Death.. man was that last fight scene great! Second place is in that same time line were Bruce Lee and Fu Sheng team up as Investigators in the 1800's after The murderous Black Dragon cult.. what was it called? oh yea, "Dragon , Monkey and the Jade Dagger" also in that dimension there is a pristine original widescreen print of Born Invincible
  12. I have hundreds of Hard Copy Celestial Pictures Shaw Brothers DVDs, just name a few and i'll check.
  13. TheFlyingPanda

    What are your latest DVD/Blu-ray purchases?

    Enjoyed Day of the Panther, good old Martial Arts Cheese.
  14. TheFlyingPanda

    Jackie Chan: 88 Films Blu-Ray Releases

    Agreed, Miracles is ok, not bad. I would have taken a different approach illustrating the covers. Might as well stick with these covers.
  15. TheFlyingPanda

    Temple Of The Unknown: The Game Of Death Appreciation Thread

    Very Cool. Casting is tough, especially since no one had Bruce Lee's body physique.