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  1. kaleyboy

    Shenmue 3... Finally happening!

    For me, this was the best news to come out of e3. Hope they do this iconic series justice and give the story a proper ending. Btw, anyone see any sailors round here?
  2. kaleyboy

    Look what's coming! (Fallout 4, video game)

    Looking forward to this myself. Loved Fallout 3 & Bethesda's Elder Scrolls games too. However, I think they definitely need to add driveable vehicles. That's the one thing that was missing from the previous couple of games.
  3. kaleyboy

    Look what's coming! (Fallout 4, video game)

    It wasn't announced at E3. E3 hasn't happened yet. But I think it will be playable at E3.
  4. The Jet Li PS2 game Rise To Honor. Also, Shenmu deserves a mention. The first game was set in Japan, but the second game (I think) was set in China/Hong Kong. Both are great games and capture the feel of an 80's hong kong action movie.
  5. kaleyboy

    Check out this beautiful woman.

    I got wood then got a splinter
  6. kaleyboy

    Na Cha The Great (1974)

    It won't be everyone's cup of tea, but I remember that I enjoyed it quite a lot when I watched it a few years back. Certainly not an all out classic, but if you're in the market for some slightly goofy fun, then you could do a lot worse.
  7. kaleyboy

    R.I.P. Darren Shahlavi (1972 - 2015)

    I'm not on facebook and can't find any info on the net. Can anyone please share some details of the circumstances of his death? Very sad to hear this news.
  8. kaleyboy

    Actors Who Are Not Themselves

    Lol, it seems like he played that role in most of his films.
  9. kaleyboy

    All my upcoming custom DVD projects

    Well done on those projects. Best of luck in completing them.
  10. Just a guess, but I'd say the threads were possibly merged so that anyone searching for info on this movie would find easier all in one thread.
  11. Pete Jr retired from all forums two years ago. Seems he got fed up of people moaning at him after FLK took fan projects from ADC & trading, then re-branded and sold them as "FLK Special Projects" and charged £25 for the privilege. Nice one FLK.
  12. kaleyboy

    Mallow Forest (1969) - Questions

    I don't speak Mandarin, but in the past I worked with a very skilled couple of Mandarin translators. It's not an easy language to translate, there are many different variations of Mandarin from different regions of China, plus it has lots of different accents, riddled with difficult to understand idioms that are totally alien to a non-native speaker. That's why auto-translation tools are near useless.
  13. I don't think it's available with english subs, I couldn't find it available at all. It's a shame, as it looks like a good show. However, I did find a few listings for it on some drama-wikis, where in the synopsys they definitely say that he plays a ronin in the show.
  14. Matsukata Hiroki is great in this; everytime he picks up a sword the guy is in a class of his own. This is a good film series. Although low(ish) budget, the acting, story, action choreography and characters are all a cut-above many big budget movies. I enjoyed it a lot and would easily recommend it.