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    Hide & Seek (2013)

    It's on Netflix Instant, so if you have that, you have nothing to lose!
  2. DeathFuMaster

    Online/DVD Kung Fu training?

    I have ALWAYS wanted to learn some type of Kung Fu, but have never lived anywhere near a place that taught it. Now I live in a city that has a Wing Chun dojo, but I work night shift, so once again I'm not able to start training. SO, I was wondering if any of you has any experience or opinions on online or DVD training? Because it seems that it would be my only choice for now unless someone opens up a school that operates in the early hours of the morning! I've found several options, but I'm just not sure how it would work out honestly. The online training still offers certifications and everything. And they also seem to be more like in class training over skype as opposed to just online videos. My main concern is that I feel like training by yourself PHYSICALLY wouldn't yield the same results. No sifu to correct your stances aside from just telling you and nobody to spar with. In Wing Chu especially, I feel like touch is very important. Thoughts? Advice?
  3. Thanks for the info! I preordered as well. Can't wait to see what these directors are capable of. I encourage everyone to support this.
  4. DeathFuMaster

    All Criterion DVDs are 50% off at Barnes & Noble

    I just read the write-up! I had similar thoughts about the bizarre ending. The comments on the extras made me want to see them, although I'm not sure I want to buy the whole set yet. Maybe after I finish a few more of the films included. I like some older stuff, but honestly my absolute love and admiration for films comes in the mid 50's. Like I've mentioned before, I do appreciate the historical value of the older films, but they just don't do much for me. Now I do love some silent films (Nosferatu, Vampyr, Chaplin stuff, and Haxan to name a few) and some other stuff before the 1950's, but most of my highly rated films come from the 50's forward.
  5. DeathFuMaster

    All Criterion DVDs are 50% off at Barnes & Noble

    I bought Rosemary's Baby on sale around when it came out! Obviously, I'm a big fan of Polanski's films. Now, if only Knife in the Water would come out on blu! I am still working my way through the Scorsese set. The only one I have LOVED so far has been Housemaid. Such a creepy and strange film for the time.
  6. DeathFuMaster

    All Criterion DVDs are 50% off at Barnes & Noble

    It's funny that Bong Joon Ho picked stuff I either have or I'm about to buy! Speaking of which...are any of you buying anything in particular during the sale?? Personally, I'm picking up Picnic at Hanging Rock, Tess, Repulsion, Persona, and Breaking The Waves
  7. DeathFuMaster

    All Criterion DVDs are 50% off at Barnes & Noble

    The funny thing is, we actually don't count the Eclipse releases. I guess we see them as second tier, although I have seen a ton of them as well. I may start doing a separate spreadsheet for Eclipse. That is very impressive man! I usually go through cycles where I watch a ton a Critierion and then burn out. I guess I'm generally that way with all types of films though. I couldn't imagine owning 80%, let alone all of them! haha. That's a big commitment. I'm not really bummed about not having dual format, but it was nice having the DVD to lend out or take to friends' houses that don't own Bluray Players. It would be nice if the prices would go down a bit because of this though!
  8. DeathFuMaster

    All Criterion DVDs are 50% off at Barnes & Noble

    Link to said forum? I actually only have about 30 Criterion blurays. I just buy what I really enjoy and not just films that are historically important. I also have a lot more I need to catch up on (they release them so fast!). The last I looked at my checklist (yes, I have a excel checklist of all criterion releases ), I was up to watching about 36% of all of their releases ever. I have a friend that is just over 50%. Hulu has really helped me a lot, especially since they just dumped tons more Bergman films on there recently!
  9. DeathFuMaster

    All Criterion DVDs are 50% off at Barnes & Noble

    This is the time of the year when I try to binge watch as many Criterion releases as I can to see if I need to add any more to my collection.
  10. I thought it was pretty strange as well. But maybe because it's an older movie? I'm still holding out hopes that since the transfer is done that someone will sub it or put it out.
  11. I have been anticipating this ever since it was aired on TV in Korea for the first time a little while ago! I'm glad my hunch was correct! I would jump all over this if it had English subtitles, but I guess I'll wait for someone to sub it. Shouldn't be too much to hope for now that it is readily available! I would also buy it if it gets an official release that is subbed. Now that the transfer is done, maybe someone in the US or UK will pick it up for distribution.
  12. DeathFuMaster

    Best representations of Asian Film

    You guys offered so many great ideas! I did end up mentioning some of them. Knowing the people in the class as I do (especially the girls), I knew I needed to go with something light and easy to enjoy. So I focused the lesson on modern Korean cinema and showed the great film, Castaway on the Moon. If I had more classes, I would definitely introduce them to some martial arts cinema. Although, I did make a short video montage of some of my favorite Asian films, and Secret Rivals was included!
  13. DeathFuMaster

    Best representations of Asian Film

    Thanks for the suggestions! Tsui Hark actually slipped my mind. As a side note, these suggestions can be from any Asian country and don't have to fall into the action/martial arts genre.
  14. Hello everyone! I don't post on here much anymore, but I am in need of some expert opinions and I know this is the right place! I have the opportunity to come into a college level film class (with mostly film majors or minors) for 3 hours and teach a little about Asian Cinema. Part of these 3 hours will consist of me showing a movie. I have been rewatching movies for the past few weeks to find something I feel best represents Asian Cinema as a whole. It has occurred to me that this is pretty much impossible due to the diversity of all of the Asian countries, especially with so little time. Each country (and in many cases, each director or genre) could easily be an entire class on its own. Still I need a film that would serve as an introduction. Something that would make them (hopefully) fall in love with Asian cinema and explore it further. Nothing too extreme, like say a Miike film. But also not something that might be boring to them. The class is a mix of boys and girls, some more open than others. The cinematography, acting, etc. should all be top notch; something a film student would study. Lastly, it should be 2 hours or less in length. I have a few ideas myself, but I want to reach out to all of you! What do you feel are some of the best representations of Asian cinema? Or what films would you use to introduce someone to Asian films?
  15. Interesting. I guess Korea was pretty behind on the distribution side of things in the early 90's. I can't even really remember seeing a Korean film (outside of kung fu productions) until the early 2000's. So I guess independent films such as these wouldn't get much exposure either. I'm working on watching all of the stuff I haven't seen that Park has been involved with, so I will watch the Humanist eventually. Too bad it was disappointing! Guess I will have to power through it! That is great news! I wasn't able to find them, even after some hardcore Googling. Could you send me a PM with how I can find them? It would be greatly appreciated!