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  1. Superb idea. Dunno what I’d prefer though. Adam’s Apple, or meat & two veg 😆
  2. Yes yes yes.... Can I call in sick from my own work desk? Or is it more believable to just go for a 325 minute pee break? 😉 Double chuk wielding flying kick of goodness you created there @KUNG FU BOB 👍
  3. Pre-ordered this as soon as I heard about it. Massive thanks to everyone involved behind the scenes, and an extra special thanks to our very own @KUNG FU BOB for applying just the right amount of advice/begging to get things done. Artwork appears to have scrubbed up ok too, btw 😀 🤣
  4. wigsplitta

    Wolfguy (1975) - Sonny Chiba's Wildest Movie?

    This was sitting on my desk, waiting for me this morning Shame I didn't know, or else i could've popped in on Saturday afternoon to pick it up, and given it a watch over the weekend. Having not seen it for a good few years, i'm really looking forward to watching it again, especially as the only version I've watched was the old fullscreen TV rip.
  5. Mister Splitta reporting back for duty. Having been out of the game for the past couple of years, it's time to get it back on. And what better way to rekindle my love than being given a pair of chuckz for the first time in many, MANY years! Left hip already mildly bruised! (Should've trained harder, I'm getting soft... XD ) Bob, I'm Comin' to getcha! (In total pairs of chuckz collected, rather than wig splitting flails of fury aimed at your noggin) :-D I might even have a go at watching those supposedly ok Lone Wolf and Cub movies sometime.... ;-)
  6. Thank you very much for sharing these cool flyers. I've come to the conclusion that I live in the wrong country! There are a large amount of films I'd love to see on 'the big screen', but more importantly, see on 'the big screen in proper 35mm original goodness' rather than just watching a tv/vhs/dvd/whatever version. And seeing as Karate Warriors is in my top ten films of all time, I really hope that you do NOT (joking of course) get to see it. Enjoy! I will wish I was there edit: Not sure how they compiled the cool graphics to pop-on-in, but just in case anyone's browser blocks the link that Takuma posted, here's how cool it looks:
  7. Yeah, it's a bit cheeky people selling them. At least the ones I got are only 350yen for 5, so very reasonably priced. See ya in the back row! Honestly, Japan is still top of my worldly places to visit. I'm really hoping to sort something in the next couple of years, and it would be great to plan it so that some cool films were screening whilst I was there.
  8. wigsplitta

    Favorite Halloween Costume

    Ninja! Not very imaginative, i know, but I did have a skull mask that slipped nicely underneath. Whip off the hood...Skeleton Death Ninja! It also gave me the excuse to have a pair of foam chuckz to flail around all night, along with various other 'ninja-ish' weapons
  9. wigsplitta

    Quote Boxes- How to use 'em

    That's fair enough. Better to be safe than sorry in this day and age! Sounds great. Keep up the good work dude, this is all coming together really nicely, thanks to your hard work, and all others who've helped out behind the scenes
  10. wigsplitta

    Quote Boxes- How to use 'em

    I noticed this too, when I put my first post together, I was trying to quote a couple of different of different people, and limit what was quoted in each box so that it didn't take up a whole page. I found it pretty tricky to modify. I was on another forum that they have a little tick box to flip between WYSIWYG and standard plain BBcode. It is handy to flick between, modify, and see what it looks like. If there's any way of implementing something like that, it would be cool
  11. Thanks for the list of films Takuma, I couldn't work them all out when I was searching. Yeah, it's a pretty cool design. Shame it's only a small flyer - Japanese size B5 (182mm × 257mm / 7.17" × 10.12") (not sure if they do larger posters too?) Some are floating around for sale on YAJ - pretty cheap, so i'll try and pick one up if I put an order in, and bung one your way. They (Laputa) did a really nice flyer for their Shihomi season a while back too. I imagine they do cool flyers for all their special seasons There's a TV rip of Wolfguy floating around. Not the best quality, and fullscreen, but it does have english subs. Let me know if ya need a nudge in the right direction ;-) I'd love there to be a proper release of it. I'd also have loved to have been in the audience with Takuma, to watch it on the big screen, in lovely 35mm goodness
  12. Looks like fans of Yamaguchi Kazuhiko are in for a treat over the coming months http://www.laputa-jp.com/laputa/program/yamaguchikazuhiko/ Delinquent Girl Boss, Wolfguy, Sister Street Fighter, Karate/Tiger, Karate Warriors and Big Magnum Kuroiwa Sensei to name a few, plus others i've never heard of!
  13. wigsplitta

    What's your favourite Martial Arts weapon?

    Gotta be the chuckz, handsdown, end of story! That's not to say I don't love other weapons. I'll try and get some pics together of my other stuff. Not quite as impressive as your collectionSteyrAUG but i'm trying my best. In fact, that collection makes me feel better, and that I'm not sort sort of weapon loving nutcase! Now that is a shame, because the very first set of Chuckz I was given were them....and they've still going strong twenty years later. The pix don't show too well, but I tried to get all the dents and dinks they have taken over the years...punch bags, trees, walls, elbows, heads, knackers, more walls and of course, more elbows (wanted to break down and cry due to the pain, many times) I have honestly lashed these to within an inch of their lives, and they've just laughed at me, and then smashed my elbow for the millionth time. The chain/bearing/swivel mech still works as smoothly as it did the day they were given to me. They are a joy to use, apart from the pain they inflict. iimg] Dude, I'm sure you never told me about these. Sounds like they were made out of the same rubbish metal as above. What a shame. If they'd been made out of the same krypton fueled furnace that Mr Hanzo made my baton-chuckz from, they would've been so much fun to flail.