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  1. Full link here: https://www.scmp.com/magazines/style/news-trends/article/3026844/how-bruce-lees-1969-handwritten-plan-be-highest-paid Bid on the this suit from ENTER THE DRAGON!
  2. mpm74

    Fist of Unicorn (1973)

    Not sure WHY, but yes, that definitely looks like Golden Harvest studios.
  3. mpm74

    Fist of Unicorn (1973)

    @DragonClaws good observations. If you look closely, the hair length has also changed. And one of the on-set photos doesn't show his necklace (below). In a way, it looks like the necklace was removed by way of Photoshop! Look closely. Or am I seeing things? (his head looks Photoshopped too!)
  4. Appreciate the reply. I wonder if this "rare English dub" is the same dub, but without his soundtrack?
  5. Can someone tell me if it has the Cinema Group dub version (with soundtrack by Kevin Bassinson)? Thank you in advance.
  6. New Teaser (Edit: Appears to be the same as the last released trailer, only this one says "2020").
  7. Thank you. these days, it's so hard to tell.
  8. ... or photoshopped? I can't tell.
  9. Announced! Check out the full details below: http://cityonfire.com/jean-claude-van-dammes-full-love-follows-the-eagle-path-to-blu-ray-jcvd/
  10. Once Upon A Time in Hollywood and Rambo 5 is what I'm looking forward to the most.
  11. Holy shit. Great stuff @DragonClaws. Curious, have you read Mathew Polly's new book? I'm totally engrossed in it at the moment.
  12. Part 4 of our KOREA edition of EASTERN CHERRIES. Enjoy! http://cityonfire.com/eastern-cherries-first-experiences-of-asian-cinema-korea-edition-part-iv/
  13. Part 3 of our KOREA edition of EASTERN CHERRIES. Enjoy! http://cityonfire.com/eastern-cherries-first-experiences-of-asian-cinema-korea-edition-part-iii/
  14. Part 2 of our KOREA edition of EASTERN CHERRIES. Enjoy! http://cityonfire.com/eastern-cherries-first-experiences-of-asian-cinema-korea-edition-part-ii/
  15. Part 1 of our KOREA edition of EASTERN CHERRIES. Enjoy! http://cityonfire.com/eastern-cherries-first-experiences-of-asian-cinema-korea-edition-part-i/