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  1. There have been muay thai boxers like Kaoklai and Changpuek who fought much much bigger western kickboxers. I don't think its that much of a stretch. Bruce fought Kareem in Game of Death and Kareem was 7'2 225 lbs.
  2. I enjoyed it, i'd hardly call it a masterpiece of any kind and it had a lot of flaws but it was the type of action film i've been waiting for donnie to do for a while. It basically played out like an old school kung film with a modern twist. The fighting did a good job of giving classical kung fu a more visceral feel. It was one of the few modern day films that actually blended martial arts with the storyline effectively as well. I agree that the wirework was entirely unnecessary and detracted from the fighting a bit and there were a few parts of the film which were pretty stupid like when the entire film crew flees from one guy with a knife or the bit at the end where donnie and the bad guy were crawling under passing semi trailers. They pushed it into the realm of absurdity too far a few times which wasn't needed at all, they could have kept it lower key.
  3. That's awesome, he's been pumping out excellent action scenes on youtube for years. Glad to see that he is finally getting some recognition.
  4. Back in the 70s up till the 90s there were an insane number of films being pumped out by hong kong and that's where the legendary figures of the kung fu genre learned their craft. It took a few films for Jackie to hit his stride creatively, same with LKL, Sammo, YWP etc. At the moment the studios seem more intent on making a few bigger budget films per year so they are more adverse to hiring new talents and giving them creative freedom. Guys like LKL who completely controlled the way a fight scene was shot can't work like that anymore. At least that's how I see it.
  5. AbeRudder

    10 of the best martial-arts movies since 1980

    Some good films there but a pretty random assortment of films, it seems the author only saw a handful of old school flicks and listed all the ones he saw. He missed out a ton of classic films....
  6. AbeRudder

    Lets reflect on SPL (2005)

    SPL was the start of the Donnie Yen renaissance period but i definitely think it was Ip man that got him international exposure. I'd easily rate it as one of the best HK action films to come out in the last 15 years. His fight with Wu Jing in the alley way is still one of the best fights of all time imo. The end fight with Sammo started out really well with the kickboxing but got kind of over the top with the grappling towards the end, i think Flashpoint was a significant step up in that department.
  7. Surprised some of Seagal's output has not been mentioned, his straight to DVD stuff destroys some of the Thai films in terms of badness. At least thai films have good action scenes. There are a lot of crappy MMA films out there at the moment too. Anyway, the worst ones that ive seen are; Submerged Flight of Fury Never Surrender Spy Next Door Man With the Iron Fists Dead or Alive
  8. AbeRudder

    Tom Yum Goong 2 (2013)

    He's not a main character but he gets a decent bit of air time. He has a brief-ish fight with Tony. I thought he was ok as the villian but they obviously needed to cover his lack of fighting skill with a lot of editing.
  9. AbeRudder

    Tom Yum Goong 2 (2013)

    Just watched it myself. I actually enjoyed it quite a bit though i will say that it's a completely ridiculous movie and is quite derivative of his previous films. There is a ton of action in it and the plot while being ridiculous keeps moving at a good pace and doesn't take up too much space. Tony's fights with the big black dude (Crump?) were exceptional. The main issues i had were that the CGI 'stunts' that were put in looked really awkward and out of place and the green screen they used made a lot of the scenes really weird looking. The bike scene fell victim to this even though it was a great chase scene, some of the CGI moments were just out of place in a Jaa film. The very end fight where Tony is protecting the elephant was kind of weak compared to the rest of the action in the film, pretty much all of RZA's fights were lackluster.
  10. AbeRudder

    Special ID (2013)

    Just watched it in full, i thought it was passable but nothing to write home about. Everything aside from the fighting was pretty poor, i had no interest in any of the characters, the acting was pure cheese and the pacing felt awkward. Even Donnie who i usually don't mind as an actor was pretty bad, it seemed like he tried to add a comedic (?) element to his usual character and it didn't work at all. I did enjoy the action for the most part with the exception of the Ken Lo fight which was weird. Donnie's fights were well done i thought, his portrayal of grappling was an improvement from Flashpoint. I'd put it around a 5 or 6 out of ten, while the action was good there wasn't enough of it to wash away the shitty storyline.
  11. The 80s Mainland films had a lot of great scenery particularly Martial Arts of Shaolin with Jet Li. Of Cooks and Kung Fu had some nice views in it from memory.
  12. AbeRudder

    Five Fighters from Shaolin (1984)

    Yeah the fighting in this one is superb. The taiwan flicks always seemed to have insane acrobatics in their fights. William Yen and Chiang Sheng made a good combo.
  13. AbeRudder

    Recommend some chinese MA tv series

    Hey guys, im hungry for more kung fu tv series, the only ones i have seen so far are The Master of Tai Chi (both the Wu Jing one and the Vincent Zhao one), the Condor heroes trilogy from the 80s, Legendary Fok Wing Chun and Sword Stained With Royal Blood. Id prefer ones with english subs though i dont mind buying an unsubbed series if it is loaded to the teeth with action.
  14. AbeRudder

    Special ID (2013)

    Managed to get a hold of a crappy copy with bad sound so i just skipped to the fights. Just flicking through it looks like a kinda dumb film but i'll withhold judgement until i get a good DVD. The Ken Lo fight was weird and generally pretty horrible. I really don't know what they were going for with this scene, it was a weird mix between humour and seriousness and it didn't work at all. The brawl midway through the film was excellent though it was a little short. Not much to say here. I understand why some folks didn't enjoy the end fight but i enjoyed it quite a bit. I think Donnie is getting the hang of depicting grappling exchanges on film, the way he choreographed the wrestling exchanges and transitions was well done and a large improvement on those in Flashpoint. He's the only guy that makes that stuff look good on film in my opinion. The problem with his mma stuff is that submissions just randomly seem to happen which looks kind of silly to me, there are a lot of subtleties to a submission hold and he always bypasses them which kills any sort of suspense he could get out of it. I found that bit where he turns the fight around with the standing arm triangle to be pretty lame but otherwise i liked it. I would have liked more kickboxing exchanges though, Donnie has such a cool style with that.
  15. Bruce still looks athletic and muscular, he may be thin but he looks like a fighter. I guess my criticism of Zhang could extend to someone like Moon Lee. But In her case even though she is very dainty once she started fighting it was totally convincing in my opinion. I mean obviously she would never be able to pull that off in real life but from an on screen perspective it was convincing and i am able to suspend my disbelief. If Moon couldn't pull of the fight scenes the way she did it would be silly trying to sell her as an action hero.
  16. I think the point is that it's not particularly convincing to have her playing a martial arts master when it looks like a strong breeze could knock her over.
  17. I think she's a good actress and is well suited to the more arthouse influenced kung fu films but i agree she's not convincing at all as a kung fu actress. It seemed counter intuitive to me since she has a very delicate appearance, but i guess that might be the intended effect. Either way i'd prefer if she was just an actress.
  18. AbeRudder

    80s Jackie Chan or 90s Jackie Chan?

    I'll go with the 80s, i enjoy his 90s stuff but his films generally had a flaw in them which put them a notch below his earlier classics. Operation Condor - Great fighting but grating comedy and generally uninteresting storyline. Rumble in the Bronx - Good fights but lacked a good end battle to top things off. Story was dumb but it had some charm to it i thought. Thunderbolt - Couple of good fights but the storyline is mind numbingly dull and Jackie's character is incredibly uninteresting. First Strike - Would have been a much better film if it had a better action finale. It was doing a good job of setting up the action scenes with a breezy plotline until the finale. Mr Nice Guy - Again, lacks a good finale. I liked Jackie in this one but the comedy fell flat and the supporting cast was horrible. Some of the fights were excellent. Supercop - Well made action film. Would have liked more martial arts based action though. It lacked some personality to it i felt. Crime Story - I really like this one, Jackie does well in a role atypical to him. The fact that Jackie is dubbed by some guy who doesn't sound remotely like him is quite off putting though. Drunken Master 2 - Classic Jackie, not much else to say here. Rush Hour - I'm in the minority here with this one but i like this one. I'm not a Chris Tucker fan but i find him and Jackie work well together comedically. The fights are a bit short but they are well made. Who Am I? Incredibly dumb movie but i like it anyway. The supporting cast was horrible and brought it down a notch. Some quality fighting. City Hunter - Cringe worthy comedy and not enough action to make up for it. Gorgeous - Cheesy love story that didn't work at all. Jackie's fights with Brad Allen are overrated in my opinion. The baseball fight is a classic though. A common trait among these is a lack of action which was rarely a problem for Jackie in the 80s, i can't think of any films from that era that didn't leave you in awe after the finale. Stylistically i have no qualms with Jackie's 90s stuff, i like him goofing around in different countries stuck in some ridiculous plotline. It was generally the execution that lacked.
  19. AbeRudder

    Your Fave film from these Hong Kong directors.

    Chang Cheh - 5 Shaolin Masters LKL - 36th Chamber of Shaolin Sammo Hung - Prodigal Son Yuen Woo Ping - Drunken Master John Woo - Hard Boiled Tsui Hark - The Blade
  20. I mean it's not Legend of the Wolf level undercranking but its pretty noticeable i find. I don't mind stuff like wires and undercranking in the context of something like Iron Monkey because Iron Monkey is a martial arts fantasy type film where there is no attempt by the filmmaker to pass off anything occurring on screen as realistic in any way. With Fist of Legend they were going for a grounded style of fighting and in that context obvious wirework and undercranking comes off as awkward to me. And i'll add it's not a 'realism' thing either, most martial arts movie fights even without wires are far from being realistic as we know.
  21. On the topic of Jackie, ill go out and say that i actually enjoy some of his american films. The Shanghai Noon and Rush Hour series (with the exception of the 3rd one) are quite enjoyable to me. Shanghai Knights actually had a lot of high quality fights in it. The Donnie fight was a bit of a letdown but the chase scene with the umbrella was vintage Jackie in my opinion. The Rush Hour movies had quality fights too even though they were a lot shorter than we are used to. I can't say i'm a Chris Tucker fan, but i always thought him and Jackie were funny together.
  22. I just went back and flicked through the fights and while 'Wires Galore' is an overstatement there were some weird wire moments in there. Take this fight for instance at 0:33 there is an obvious wired move there which looks really awkward. Looking back i can't say the fights do that much for me, there is some good stuff like the hand exchanges. But all the gimmicky moves, heavy undercranking and Jet's awkward boxing kinda ruin it for me personally. I can see why people dig it but it's never been my cup of tea.
  23. AbeRudder

    Your favorite film for each of these actors

    Bruce Lee - Enter the Dragon Jackie Chan - Drunken Master II Sammo Hung - Magnificent Butcher Yuen Biao - Knockabout Jet Li - Hero Michelle Yeoh - Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Donnie Yen - SPL
  24. Some Shaw bros flicks were obviously very cheaply made but they had quite a few bigger budgeted films. Seven Man Army was one of the larger budgeted films. Compared to Hollywood films the budget for Shaw Brothers flicks was definitely lower though.
  25. So from what i know the output of classical kung fu films from HK and Taiwan almost completely dried up around 1985-86. Old school style films popped up periodically after 85 but most of them seemed to come from the mainland, i believe the last of chang cheh's films were mainland ones. Usually when this topic is discussed people point to Jackie, Sammo and Biao moving into modern day action films as the main cause. But to me there has to be more to it unless the kung fu film scene was 100% reliant on the 3 brothers. Was it a case of over-saturation? Were too many kung fu films being made? Or did people just get bored of them?