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  1. lillippa328

    Anybody here watch Wrestling?

    If so who enjoyed Wrestlemania this year? And how about that monday night raw crowed after it...insane! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsBOiNAYWtM&feature=youtu.be
  2. lillippa328

    Subs or Dubs?

    What do you prefer? Me personally, i have to have subs...exeption of some jackie chan movies (the ones he dubs himself)
  3. Wats the one thing that makes u automatically dislike a kung fu movie a lot less?? for me, its when they speed up the camera and stuff!!!OOMMG I HATE THAT!!!!!!!!! LIKE Iron Monkey 2 ....wTF! I understand certain parts of Iron Monkey were sped up a little bit, but WOW they sure as hell went into zoom mode with IM2....terrible.... what about for yall?
  4. WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.moviesonline.ca/movienews_16414.html
  5. what do yall think of these movies? I have seen the first 2...but how are the other 3?The first 2 are pretty good, but a little too much comedy and too less fighting for my likes....
  6. does anyone else feel a lot of the choreography was recycled from True Legend?
  7. 10/10 amazing...... honestly I cant see why any martial arts fan would complain about this film, its everything we want, and i feel like no matter how great something is people always want to go against the grain...I had not watched a single trailer on this film (other than the teaser) going into this movie, completely blind, and it was awesome...very satisfying in every department...good story, jaw dropping action...and the brutality we've always NEEDED to see...(baseball bats baby!!!!) I LOVE the editing, no cut to brutal stuff...the shot turns into brutal stuff...so satisfying! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. lillippa328

    I hate the suprise endings...

    i watchd Executioners from Shaolin and Dirty Ho....and I must say...the surprise Ending gets annoying....why do they do this!!In EFS it was kinda annoying but in Dirty Ho i REALLY wanted 2 know what was going 2 happen, and looking forward 2 a spectacular duel to seal he movie ending in addition to the one they just had....but it jus shuts off....
  9. lillippa328

    Bichunmoo (2000)

    Ok i liked the movie overall, at the end it started making more sense...the fight scense were good, even tho im usually not a fan of the sped up stuff... but, was I the only one that was kinda...confused in the middle? It starts off making sense...then kinda lost me a little, and at the end I caught what happend and made sense of it all.... still enjoyed tho
  10. lillippa328

    Shaw Bros in Cheetos Commercial

    true words!
  11. awesome!! Really liked this!
  12. lillippa328

    Wu Jing, where are you?

    Legendary Assassins was OK i guess...not horrible... Invisible Target was good! i really liked Wu Jing in Shaolin...i wish he would do more of those type of roles...havn't seen some of his other stuff
  13. i really loved Shanghai Noon....and while Knight's want bad at all, I wouldn't mind another collab between them 2.... though I love the idea of Rock, JC, and Zac lmao that be great
  14. lillippa328

    Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

    So who is Rocket Raccoon!
  15. Yea i think he means his character is going to be more evasive like Little Big Soldier or something.... And thanks Kung Fu Bob! I sincerely appreciate that!
  16. Almost didn't post this, because I know 98% of people in here are just going to comment on how much they don't like jackie/jackie's movies....but whatever http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/05/22/i-want-to-play-iron-man-says-jackie-chan
  17. i love True Legend....very under-rated on this site IMO im excited for this...the first CTHD was great i think this will be fine
  18. lillippa328

    Special ID (2013)

    when is this due out!?
  19. lillippa328

    Crows Explode (2014)

    Yes!!! Finally!!
  20. lillippa328

    Anybody here watch Wrestling?

    check this video...this is from WCW days
  21. AAAWwww seediq bale was sooooo good!!!!! i feel sorry for people who see the edited version
  22. lillippa328

    Miike's Crows Zero 2

    both parts were great...2 was awesome imo....
  23. i enjoyed this movie...it wasn't the greatest thing ever, but an entertaining watch.... i just want more fights from Chan! lol i mean that couch fight was fucking awsome!!! I showed it to one of my friends and he thought it was from around the Who Am I era, which is right what it reminded me of.... but Jackie deff still has it when he wants to use it!!! I would just love to see Jacky throw them fist more! Save the kicks even if need be, his hand work is still very nice and agree with KFB the 2 chicks fighting was nice!