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For those unaware, the launch of 36STYLES.COM is coming next week! This means we will be moving the forum to its new home. The new link to the forum will be https://www.36styles.com/kungfufandom ... bookmark it now!

The site as a whole, including the forum, will be down on Monday, March 2. To minimize the forum downtime, I plan on bringing the forum back online, even before implementing the new features, as setting these up will probably take some time. I will send out an email to all registered members once the forum is back up. 

Some exciting times are ahead for KUNG FU FANDOM!


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  1. Oh I love Shock Waves. Last thing I watched was, "Dark Skies", at the theatre. I was a decent alien flick. Not bad, not great. Born a Ninja Die a Ninja.
  2. kungpowmaster

    What are your latest DVD/Blu-ray purchases?

    I bought the DVD of: Ninja The Mission Force http://youtu.be/oR5KMWKcMy8 And: Godzilla Vs Biollante Godzilla Vs Megalon Chcke it Out with Dr. Steve Brule
  3. kungpowmaster

    What are your latest DVD/Blu-ray purchases?

    I got a few things recently: 2 Gamera double features, the new quality Shout DVDs. Guiron, Jiger, Zigra, Super Monster. I had these already but the public domain low quality prints. Tim and Eric .Com Ultimate DVD Vol 1. This is their early 1st stuff. It's not as good, but you can see how it evolved if you are a fan. Dragon Lord. A Jackie film I didn't have. Outrage, Way of the Yahuza. I like Yakuza movies, I haven't seen this yet, I also have Sonatine, unwatched, Cold Fish. Haven't seen this yet. Read mixed reviews. Solaris. New 2 dvd Criterion. I had this as a movie only burn, and I really like this. Girls, Gun, and G-Strings, Andy Sidaris collection. Haven't watched yet. Not familiar with him, it looked good and was cheap. IRON SKY. I was looking forward to this, because it looks good, and the premise interests me, but I watched this last night, and it SUCKED.
  4. kungpowmaster

    What are your latest DVD/Blu-ray purchases?

    I LOVE the IFD and Filmark Ninja films. Tomas Tang, Joseph Lai. Best ever!
  5. kungpowmaster

    What are your latest DVD/Blu-ray purchases?

    Picked up a few things this recently: Black Dragon. With Jackie Chan. This said it has the English version and the Chinese version, and I read reviews on Amazon saying it was a 2 sided disc, but this is not a 2 sided disc I got, and it only has the Chinese version. I have never seen this movie, it's also called "Miracles". The reviews I read did sound good. Mask of the Ninja. Never saw this either. I think I saw a little of it on TV, but didn't watch it. I am a big Ninja fan, so I hope it's OK at least. I know no one can Ninja the way Godfrey Ho can... but sometimes a decent Ninja movie comes about. Midnight Eagle. This is a Japanese movie, which I've never seen as well. I picked it up because it looked interesting. About a US Jet with a nuke crashes in Japan, and this photographer guy has to save the day, based on what I read. So, I hope it's good. Anyway, got all these cheap at Big Lots for $3 each.
  6. kungpowmaster

    Kung Fu Box Sets

    Ninja Terminator is excellent. Richard Harrison is the supreme Ninja master. Ninja Dragon is another great one. All Hail the Golden Ninja Warrior!
  7. kungpowmaster

    What's the last MA film you watched?

    I watched 2 great ones recently. Raiders of the Shaolin Temple. I think this was a Hong-Hwa film of Susanna Kuo? I like these, the one's I've seen. This was great about a guy who had to battle the 24 bronze horses. And the Shaolin Temple is being threatened, and this monk "Wisdom" is fighting their enemies. Then I watched a super wild n crazy one called Taoism Drunkard. If you've seen this, you already know.
  8. kungpowmaster

    What are your latest DVD/Blu-ray purchases?

    Oh I also got this nice book, if I recall the title is, "Ultimate Guide to the Martial Arts Films of the 70's". Published by Black Belt.
  9. kungpowmaster

    What are your latest DVD/Blu-ray purchases?

    I've been going buy happy lately! Been seeing many Dragon Dynasty titles very cheap so recently I got: Flying Guillotine, I and II.(Watched 1, it was great) Avenging Eagle(this was great) Blood Brothers Golden Swallow Killer Clans Mad Monkey Kung Fu Five Shaolin Priests Executioners From Shaolin some Videoasia titles: Dragon Immortal 10 film set(watched the Clones of Bruce Lee, it was fun) Jackie Chan and the Karate Kids 8 film set The Martial Arts Essentials Vol 4, 6, and 8. I think that's it.
  10. kungpowmaster

    Black Soul Dynamite - 10 film set

    Picked this up brand new today at this local grocery Valu Market, also got Jackie Chan and the Karate Kids set. They had more Videoasia sets too, Spaghetti Western Bible, Mercs, Thug City.... I already had those, they were all $4.99 each.
  11. kungpowmaster

    What are your latest DVD/Blu-ray purchases?

    I've been buying the new Roger Corman DVDs, so far I got: Starcrash Battle Beyond the Stars Galaxy of Terror Forbidden World The Terror Within Dead Space Attack of the Crab Monsters War of the Sattelites Not of the Earth Big Birdcage Big Doll House another women's prison film I don't remember Humanoids from the Deep maybe some more...
  12. kungpowmaster

    What's the last MA film you watched?

    Your link didn't work for me. But no, not an IFD film(which I love those). This one: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0199810/
  13. kungpowmaster

    Is Blu-ray worth it?

    I'm reluctant to jump on the blu-ray wagon. My super awesome collection is DVDs. I don't want to rebuy anything. I have 3 DVD players now, for years. And one is being unused. If I have a DVD player breakdown, I guess and the backup one also, then I might get a blu-ray player, as these also play regular DVDs, I think, do they play PAL DVDs too? What about VCDs?
  14. kungpowmaster

    What's the last MA film you watched?

    Last night I watched a good one... The Ninja Avenger. Looks like a 70's film, about a female Japanese Ninja named Marilyn. Had a good dub, and it was entertaining.
  15. kungpowmaster

    What's the last MA film you watched?

    Today I watched a Shaw that I had not seen before. Return of the One-Armed Swordsman. This was pretty good, had a decent simple story, action, blood... Maybe I was tired, but it seemed to drag a bit(maybe it was me). I also have the 1st film, and I liked it more.