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  1. Let's say starting with the 60s. Who are your top 5 Directors of each decade? I'm in and out of martial arts films so I'd have to refresh my memory on who did what. But really curious to see y'alls.
  2. Thought this would be a good idea for a thread if it hasn't been done. Shaw Brothers experts please contribute. Who do you think are the ten most famous and prolific actors in Shaws history? Male actors only. Lo Lieh, Ti Lung, David Chiang, Fu Sheng, Gordon Lui. Pretty sure these five would be on every ones list. But who else?
  3. Who's more legendary?
  4. What decade? Is World War 2 the cutoff? Anything post WW 2 isn't a period film anymore? But I'm sure a lot of people would consider Ip Man 2 a period film even though it was the 1950s. Whats your take?
  5. Thumbs up or thumbs down? Im giving it a thumbs up. This one seemed to split the critics and I can see both sides of the argument for this movie. Yes it's too Hollywood and yes what the little Monk was carrying (don't want to spoil) was out of left field but I'm giving this one a pass based on the performances and soundtrack and cinematography. My favorite scene was when Li and Old Diehard went to recruit help. What say you?
  6. 2010: Ip Man 2, True Legend, Reign of Assassins, 14 Blades, Legend of the Fist: Return of Chen Zen 2011: Shaolin, Wu Xia, The Lost Bladesman 2012: 2013: Special ID 2014: Rise of the Legend, Kung Fu Killer, Brotherhood of Blades 2015: Ip Man 3 2016: Call of Heroes, Sword Master 2017: 2018: Should I be banned from this site for not being a true fan and seeing every movie that's released?
  7. Iron_Leopard

    This is all I've seen from this decade

    Well I did watch another last night. "The Final Master (2015)". My list is slowly growing.
  8. Who's more legendary?
  9. Iron_Leopard

    Zhao Wei or Zhang Ziyi?

    Ok maybe legendary is too strong a word. Who was a bigger box office drawl?
  10. Iron_Leopard

    Zhao Wei or Zhang Ziyi?

    So that was true about her prostituting herself? I heard about it but never looked into it so I wasn't sure. wikpedia says Zhao was the most popular actress in China during her peak.
  11. Iron_Leopard

    This is all I've seen from this decade

    Oh wait I have seen Legend of the Fist. I figured there were a few I forgot about. No recommendation for The Grandmaster?
  12. I'm looking through every year of this decade and there's only a handful of movies that actually stand out. You would think after CTHD a new Golden Age of Kung Fu films would have happened but it just wasn't the case. The 2010s weren't all that amazing either but they were still better than the previous decade.
  13. This was also the decade where CGI began to take center stage. It began to appear in films that didn't really need it either. Films like "House of Flying Daggers", "Warriors of Heaven and Earth", "True Legend". Then films like "The Promise" and "Zu Warriors" made me realize CGI was the worst thing to ever happen to Asian Cinema.
  14. Are there any good movies that take place during the Mongol Yuan Dynasty? Seems everything I watch is Ming and Qing Dynasty era flicks.
  15. And it's starring Donnie Yen? Wasn't that game inspired by SPL and Flashpoint and several other Donnie films of the past decade? I really don't see the point in this. Also how many people outside of hardcore gamers have even heard of this game? It's not like it has the name recognition of a Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter.
  16. Iron_Leopard

    House of Traps (1982)

    Just wondering if this movie is worth buying. Never seen it but want to and i like the Venom films. I only have 5 Deadly Venoms and Kid with the Golden Arm and want to expand my collection. Would it make a worthy addition?
  17. Both movies are from 83 I think? Watched both for first time this weekend. Neither are insanely popular but seem to have a dedicated following. Which one do you prefer? I'm giving slight edge to The Supreme Swordsman.
  18. Iron_Leopard

    What is the most recent Shaw Brother's film you've seen?

    I just finished a first time viewing of "The Supreme Swordsman" (1984). Decent flick. Would probably just miss my top ten of 80s Shaws.
  19. Iron_Leopard

    Rendezvous with Death (1980)

    I watched this last night. A great start to the decade. The end fight was a little bit of a letdown but other than that nit much to complain about. I'd watch it again.
  20. I can't believe this is actually happening. The first three Rambo films are my favorite action movies of all time. Fourth was okay. But this? Could very well be better than 4. But we'll see.
  21. Give me your favorite movies from these years. I want to see if there's some good stuff I missed. List as many as you want.
  22. I've never seen a Scott Adkins movie. Are they really that good?
  23. It was just Sly and one Bodyguard. They met the girl at the Hotel they were staying at during the filming of Over the Top. She was a fan and they crossed paths in an elevator. Flirting from both parties ensued. Then the incident happened.