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  1. This may have already been discussed but I just saw this for first time. https://amp.scmp.com/sport/martial-arts/kung-fu/article/3039722/donnie-yen-confirms-ip-man-4-will-be-his-final-kung-fu Didn't Jet Li say the same thing about Fearless? Clint Eastwood is the only one who stuck to his guns. Unforgiven WAS his final Western. Donnie will be back doing kung fu movies again at some point.
  2. I've had my account since 2008. From the days of KungFuCinema.com. Got me curious who else is still around regularly since then or earlier. Please post in this thread. Lets do a head count.
  3. Iron_Leopard

    Of these which is your favourite? (With Poll)

    Five Shaolin Masters all the way.
  4. I swear to god 15 years ago I bought DVDs from that site and they shipped them to me. When and why do they not do this anymore???
  5. Iron_Leopard

    Since when does Yesasia NOT ship to America and Canada??

    Ok you saved the day. You were right. I went to the North American site and was able to make a purchase. Thank you.
  6. Moon Warriors The Magic Crane All Men Are Brothers: Blood of the Leopard Burning Paradise Anyone know of any decent prints of these new wave martial arts films?
  7. My favorite period in Chinese history. Please let me know if any of these aren't Ming Dynasty era movies. Order of release. 1. Come Drink With Me (1966) 2.. A Touch of Zen (1971) 3. New Dragon Inn (1992) 4. Tai Chi Master (1993) 5. Moon Warriors (1993) 6. Musa (2001) 7. Reign of Assassins (2010) 8. 14 Blades (2010) 9. Brotherhood of Blades (2014) 10. God of War (2017) I've yet to see King Hu's Dragon Inn. What do you think of this list? What would yours look like?
  8. Iron_Leopard

    My Top 10 Ming Dynasty Movies!

    What about Brothers Five? I've never seen it. Is it good?
  9. What would you say are the 4 most important and significant Shaw Brothers films of all time? Without thinking too hard on it my first instinct would be. Come Drink With Me One Armed Swordsman The 36th Chamber of Shaolin Five Deadly Venoms I'm not sure though. I think most people would have King Boxer on the list.
  10. Iron_Leopard

    My Top 10 Ming Dynasty Movies!

    Oh okay. I wasn't for sure cause it's been awhile since I've seen this movie. Thinking back on it I thought the military uniforms were from Ming Dynasty. Thank you for the correction. Now I've got to decide which movie I want to replace it with.
  11. Since most of us on this site are Westerners who love martial arts cinema do you think there are Asians out East who love Cowboy/Western movies? We love martial arts movies cause the fighting, time period, costumes, and weapons intrigue us. I wonder if there are Asians who feel the same way about Cowboy movies.
  12. Iron_Leopard

    Kobe Bryant and Bruce Lee

    Bruce Lee basically inspired everyone. Still cant believe Kobe died. I'm stunned.
  13. I also mean not just the Asian film industry but regular film fans as well. Like are there Eastern Asians who post on Western forums to discuss their love for the genre? Like we do here.
  14. In 1994 Jackie Chan and Jet Li dropped two of their greatest martial arts movies out of their whole filmography. If you want to watch the greatest fight scenes ever you will find them in these two movies. I know Jackie does comedy kung fu while Li does serious kung fu but i'm still comparing the two movies. Their both classics of the genre but which one do you prefer over the other?
  15. Iron_Leopard

    Does anyone here think they could..

    Have wrote a good Shaw Brothers movie back in the day? Sometimes I think of how fun it would be to try to come up with a script for a Shaw a Brothers movie.
  16. When it's all said and done which of these two martial arts icons will be held in higher regard with fans of martial arts cinema? It's so close for me I can't even choose. Want to wait and see what you guys have to say before I make a decision.
  17. I haven't seen "Snake in the Eagles's Shadow" and with "Dragon Lord" being slightly average I feel these two films are the best of old school Jackie Chan. Another VS matchup that would make a great double feature. But which do you prefer?
  18. Late 90s or late 10s? Which was worse for Martial Arts movies and their fans? The industry feels almost as dead if not the same as it was in the late 90s. To me at least.
  19. Was just on Prime Video and saw this service advertised. I clicked on it and it does seem to have a bunch if martial arts movies from the last ten years. But do they have a large selection of older movies as well? I've never even heard of this service. Anyone have it or know anything about it?
  20. Both are skilled martial artists who have screen presence. Both have been in some classic movies but just never broke through as the next big thing. Maybe they just didn't have a director to help them rise to stardom. Both worked with Woo Ping but he was past his prime in Tai Chi Master 2 and True Legend.
  21. I can never remember how to do this. For example I want to post in a thread about "Wu Dang (2012)" cause I'm sure there is already a thread somewhere about this movie. I'm looking at the search options and I still cant find one.
  22. This is free to watch in youtube. I'm going to watch this week when I get a chance. Very cool looking throwback to 90s king fu.
  23. I swear Donnie Yen reminds me so much of Sylvester Stallone. Both have enormous egos and was always changing scripts mid filming and getting into confrontations with cast and crew.
  24. I have a week vacation and nothing planned. Trying to find stuff to do. I haven't seen much of anything post 2015. What can you recommend me?