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  1. Was just on Prime Video and saw this service advertised. I clicked on it and it does seem to have a bunch if martial arts movies from the last ten years. But do they have a large selection of older movies as well? I've never even heard of this service. Anyone have it or know anything about it?
  2. Late 90s or late 10s? Which was worse for Martial Arts movies and their fans? The industry feels almost as dead if not the same as it was in the late 90s. To me at least.
  3. This is free to watch in youtube. I'm going to watch this week when I get a chance. Very cool looking throwback to 90s king fu.
  4. I swear Donnie Yen reminds me so much of Sylvester Stallone. Both have enormous egos and was always changing scripts mid filming and getting into confrontations with cast and crew.
  5. Both are skilled martial artists who have screen presence. Both have been in some classic movies but just never broke through as the next big thing. Maybe they just didn't have a director to help them rise to stardom. Both worked with Woo Ping but he was past his prime in Tai Chi Master 2 and True Legend.
  6. Just realized this movie is now over ten years old. Has anyone opinion changed in that time span?I loved it first time I saw it and still love it today.
  7. I can never remember how to do this. For example I want to post in a thread about "Wu Dang (2012)" cause I'm sure there is already a thread somewhere about this movie. I'm looking at the search options and I still cant find one.
  8. Iron_Leopard

    This is all I've seen from this decade

    List has been updated with "Wu Dang", "The Grandmaster", and "God of War". Now I'm starting to look like a true fan right?
  9. I have a week vacation and nothing planned. Trying to find stuff to do. I haven't seen much of anything post 2015. What can you recommend me?
  10. Let's say starting with the 60s. Who are your top 5 Directors of each decade? I'm in and out of martial arts films so I'd have to refresh my memory on who did what. But really curious to see y'alls.
  11. What decade? Is World War 2 the cutoff? Anything post WW 2 isn't a period film anymore? But I'm sure a lot of people would consider Ip Man 2 a period film even though it was the 1950s. Whats your take?
  12. Thumbs up or thumbs down? Im giving it a thumbs up. This one seemed to split the critics and I can see both sides of the argument for this movie. Yes it's too Hollywood and yes what the little Monk was carrying (don't want to spoil) was out of left field but I'm giving this one a pass based on the performances and soundtrack and cinematography. My favorite scene was when Li and Old Diehard went to recruit help. What say you?
  13. Iron_Leopard

    This is all I've seen from this decade

    Well I did watch another last night. "The Final Master (2015)". My list is slowly growing.
  14. Iron_Leopard

    Zhao Wei or Zhang Ziyi?

    Ok maybe legendary is too strong a word. Who was a bigger box office drawl?
  15. Iron_Leopard

    Zhao Wei or Zhang Ziyi?

    So that was true about her prostituting herself? I heard about it but never looked into it so I wasn't sure. wikpedia says Zhao was the most popular actress in China during her peak.