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    Blood & Bones

    Yeah, well Sony have got BIG time behind Black Dynamite and I think its getting a good cinema run. Lets hope thats the proper launch pad he deserves.
  2. bolofan

    Blood & Bones

    I watched this film last night with a mixed audience, some who don't enhoy martial arts films and some who do. This film impressed everyone who watched it and I can easily say it got a more posotive reaction than Ong Bak did the first time round. I won't write much about the plot as it is slightly better than I thought it was going to be when I first started watching but the film really really goes all out in the action scenes. Michael Jai White plays Bone, an arm breaking, jaw kicking machine that has recently been in prison and is now back in the outside world. Bone ends up fighting in an underground fight club in attempt to reach James, a sadistic kingpin who avoids profanity and tries to live by a samurai code. There is a bit more to the plot, but like I said, I don't want to spoil it. Another thing that stood out about this film is Eamonn Walker who plays James. I didn't think a whole lot of him at first, but given its 90 minute running time, this film actually gives his character a chance to develop and I have to say, by the end of the film I was under the impression that action aside, he was the actor that was carrying this movie. You'll know when you see it. But most importantly, the fight scenes. This is one of those martial arts movies where the fight scenes grow and develop as the movie progresses. First few fight scenes are obviously Bone dishing out punishment like some kind of kung fu tank but as the film ticks along, we are shown everything from flying knees, roundhouse combos all the way to MMA groundwork. The fight scene towards the end of the film against Pretty Boy is literally the most watchable and absorbing fight scene that I have seen in a film for a very, very long time. But like I said, it is very varied and there is a lot thrown in to the mix. Also, you'll all be pleased to know that it has more than its fair share of "OMG rewind that!" moments. Brutal to say the least. Blood and Bone is not without its weak points though, although they are minimal compared to the scale of the action. The plot is fine, although it is acted by a collection of D grade TV actors and sometimes this really really shows. This is probably the only thing that stops it from shaking off that TV movie feel as the film is superbly shot and I'm going to say it again, the action scenes are phenomenal. One more annoyance is Dante Brasco who play pinball, Bone's sidekick/ally for most of the movie. He is one annoying character. Just imagine loads of gangster profanity in a high pitched voice. "Give me ma muthafuckin' money muthafuckas!" But those are minimal problems. The film is well shot, has an excellent main bad guy in Eamonn Walker. Also we get a few familiar faces in Bob Sapp and Kimbo Slice. The plot ticks along nicley and the fight scenes look like they are shot and choreographed by a Hong Kong film crew and not by an american one. This film comes highly recommended from me and I imagine you'll get a similar level of enjoyment to a film like Ong Bak, the first time you watched it. Screw it, I'll be honest, I enjoyed this film a lot more than Ong Bak. RATING 7/10
  3. Sammo Hung is the man, but thats just my opinion. As for actors I love to hate - Dragon Sek, hate the films of his I have seen.
  4. bolofan

    Movies that put you off early..

    As much as I enjoy a lot of them, I find that with quite a few Bruceploitation movies, I don't get past the first third/half of the film before my mind has told me to go and do something else.
  5. bolofan

    Raekwon - House of flying daggers

    Yeah "only built 4 cuban linx 2" hits our eardrums in a couple of weeks. Can't wait.
  6. I would have seen at the catalog and asked him to come back at the end of the day when I was locking up for "further discussion." Then, when he turns up I would have some sorts waiting about and before long, we'd have him eating his catalog. But yeah, turning him over to the cops was probably the best idea. Get him in a padded cell.
  7. O.K whether you are a fan of hip hop or not, i seriously recommend you watch this animated music video for the new raekwon track. Its funky, its bloody and its based on the five deadly venoms movie. Full of style.
  8. I knew it wasn't going to be perfect. Still, I can't wait to see this. Great review!
  9. bolofan

    Knockout Cinema

    Venomsfan at this time the only upcoming projects are: Bruceploitation trailer DVD Blind Fists Of Bruce - Uncut Anamorphic Widescreen (English Dub) Soul Brothers Of Kung Fu - Uncut Widescreen (English Dub) Story Of The Dragon - Uncut Widescreen (English Dub) I'm not going to lie, the output won't be fast and regular as it is literally something done in my spare time. Also, other projects can be done, its just a case of finding the prints etc. Everyone is welcome to get involved!!
  10. bolofan

    Knockout Cinema

    Everything is included in the package, its ready to burn and watch. I was trying to keep the distribution methods a tad more subtle, hence "PM for details" as I know some people on this forum are against that method of sharing.
  11. bolofan

    Knockout Cinema

    No, thank you for the design work. Tested the disc last night, all runs perfectly, looks slightly better than I expected too.
  12. bolofan

    Knockout Cinema

    Other projects include: Blind Fists Of Bruce: Uncut anamorphic widescreen english dub Story Of The Dragon: Uncut widescreen letterboxed english dub
  13. bolofan

    Knockout Cinema

    Official Knockout Cinema Thread What we do? Basically the whole point of this little venture is to create rare and unseen versions of films for the fans to enjoy, kind of similar to FLK I guess, except these are all free of charge to anyone who is interested and has a basic knowledge of the internet. Why we do it? Because we have no right to sell or make profit from these movies and also, there is no point in a bit of hard work going unnoticed now is there. How can I get a free disc? PM me and I will give you all the details you need. Oh, and most importantly, a huge thanks to JESSE SMOOTH who has come on board and put together some phenomenal DVD cover and menu art so that all the DVD's come as a complete package. Current Catalogue Fist Of Fury 2: Uncut Widescreen English Dub Version 2.20:1 Letterboxed widescreen Totally uncut - including nunchakus and a bit of animal cruelty I'm afraid! Extras include magazine scans, lobby card scans and various poster scans. Interactive menu. So that is currently it, one completed project and a whole load that are half done. Not sure how quick our output will be as it is a non profit venture that I will be doing in my spare time. But I hope you all enjoy what we are doing and please give us feedback on the discs so that they can be improved upon each release. I will update this thread as each project is finished
  14. bolofan

    Best Game of Deathploitation?

    There is also "True Game Of Death" which is literally horrific. It involves a yellow tracksuited "Bruce" fighting his way up a tower at the end against a collection of useless opponents. Edit: I completely forgot about this, in this same movie a "Bruce" clone fights a "Dan insanto" clone. They literally ripped of Game Of Death in every way possible.
  15. bolofan

    The Chaser (2008)

    I have to agree with everyone, this film was absorbing from start to finish. Excellent film with some standout scenes.