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  1. Of course you're entitled to your opinion TWC albiet misinformed and ignorant as all hell. There's probably a lot of different films from all countries that are bad and good but to be judgmental, shut the door and never find out is not what I'm about. You never really know how good or bad a film is until you actually watch it. I can say you're a total dick and write you off but how true would that be considering I've never sat down and actually talked to you. There are probably unknown amounts of never to be spoken of films from the Philippines (or any country for that matter) from all sorts of genres. They deserve some sort of exposure so the general public and the hardcore fans can have the freedom to decide. With your type of mentality TWC lost films that may in fact be good (good/bad is not even really the issue) will never see the light of day. Ignorance will prevail and the ability to learn will be banished. But correct me if I'm wrong if you've seen countless Filipino films and are in fact an expert on the said industry then hey you may in fact know your stuff. I fuckin doubt it though, so please educate me what Filipino films have you seen? If you've "seen em all" and they do in fact suck. Please your educated view points and opinions would be greatly appreciated. Going back to the OP, yes it does get worse than LP2.
  2. yeah and what other information about this sub-genre or said film do you have to add? oh yeah here's some info on that "no name" Filipino lead http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edu_Manzano even import prints couldn't get his name right, so how would you know?
  3. This Filipino co-production is actually entertaining with plentiful (not the greatest) action scenes. Watch all the other Ko Fei films from this era and you'll understand. If you haven't or have no intention of doing so then shut the fuck up. Best to compare this film with others within it's sub-sub-genre rather than your favorite modern day HK production.
  4. Atherton

    Ocean Shores VHS

    oh and if you're friends with me on myspace I have like over 100 scans from the Ocean Shores catalog (courtesy of Falkor)
  5. Atherton

    Ocean Shores VHS

    I use to see Ocean Shores from local San Francisco Bay Area Chinatown without cases. Spine label was really thick like printed on some sort of colored electrical tape. Solid Chinese writing and solid Chinese language within tapes contents. I'm sure there were tons of solid Chinese language only films that were never released in English Dubbed form on the Ocean Shores label.
  6. I watched this unsubtitled and it was still really good.
  7. Atherton

    Jackie Chan's tweets on Manila bus deaths draw ire

    you talk like you know so much and that's all you got. what a waste.
  8. Atherton

    Jackie Chan's tweets on Manila bus deaths draw ire

  9. I remember him praising and being inspired by seeing Fist of Fury when he was younger.
  10. Atherton


    sheesh you guys are easily amused. the movie aims high but is slightly an above average mess, poorly executed with underwelming acting. i wouldn't see this in imax while on powerful drugs.
  11. Man you guys argue about the shit over and over. Always looking back to the glory days. Forget you guys thinking and speaking as if you know more than Donnie Yen.
  12. Atherton

    Chen Singh

    I had an ex-girlfriend who knew the "clutch of penis" technique.
  13. Atherton


    I saw it, it's worth seeing but didn't blow my socks off. Certain parts are resonating more than others, the score was good. It seemed to make up the "dream" rules and would change them or make up new ones just to move the plot along. Establish these rules early and the benefits or consequences of following or breaking them would give the plot more to believe in. Acting was just okay at times, set design/wardrobe was at times grand and distracting/noticable when very basic or plain. It's not really that complicated and for a movie about dreams all you can come up with is bad guys with guns, car chases and a 007 snow chase? I laughed out loud when the "limbo" plot device came from left field just to provide an element of danger. I laughed out loud when the floating dreaming people were tied together in multi-person mostly male on male "69".
  14. Believe it or not TRON-STYLE is my kung fu style
  15. Atherton

    a question about Boxers Omen

    Did anyone notice that the black magic villains are speaking Filipino (Tagalog)? I asked a bunch of my older relatives if any of these rituals were accurate and none of them were old school enough to know. But they did get a kick out of seeing some of these clips though.