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  1. jaywong

    Scariest picture of the day!!

    Is that the joker without makeup? People like Paris will continue to be in the news until America tunes out the media coverage. Not sure what she has done to be so famous and I really don't care.
  2. jaywong

    Old Boy (2003)

    I've always dreamed of having the Purple box edition. Just soo expensive and I might be afraid to open it.
  3. jaywong

    Anyone from seattle?

    I've only visted a few times to see my sister. Loved ever part of the city. First thing I did was pay my respects to Bruce and Brandon.
  4. jaywong

    Anyone from seattle?

    Is there any apt complexes you would recommend. I plan on moving to seattle next year if everything goes right.
  5. jaywong

    .....AND OBAMA WON..............

    When ever the dems have the office moral issues seem to go out the window. I just hope the dems don't reduce funding for more important issues like the war on drugs and protecting the borders. The Porn and Illegal Drug industry really took off when Clinton was in office. I don't hear much of big crack down on marijuana up in the NE Dem land. Canada is a big supplier of the leaf and most of it comes through Clinton country.
  6. jaywong

    Looking to trade

  7. jaywong

    Old Boy (2003)

    I would like to see just once hollywood release a Korean original in US theaters with a eng dub track. How many hollywood crappy korean remakes does this make.
  8. jaywong

    Burning a dvd-r larger than 4.7 GB?

    DLs are the only way.. Use Clone or decrypter, shrink sucks. Remember alot has to do with your burner and media you use. Scan all archived dvds to check for quality.
  9. jaywong

    Get out and vote!

    Just go out and vote!!! No matter who you are and who you support. Lets just hope Hollywood doesn't run the whitehouse.
  10. jaywong

    Shanghai Blues DVD?

    Does anyone have Shanghai Blues HK or France DVD? I've lost all hope on it being released again with eng subs. Would be open to trade or purchase.
  11. Excellent Trades with: Markgway(x1) - very fast and honest gialong93 (x2) - excellent communication, fast, no worries teako170 (x1) - fast, great communication and reliable Jstn (x1) - thanks for a great trade. houndslow (x1) - great trader, wide selection. Updated from a earlier post.
  12. jaywong

    Favorite Horror Movies

    Not a big fan of horror. My favs are Tale of Two Sisters, Phone, Chinese Ghost Story series, The Eye (Angelica Lee), Alone, Shadows in the Palace and Human Lanterns.
  13. jaywong

    Favorite actors/directors

    Favorites Actresses: Ha Ji Won Ching Li Li Ching Chin Ping Lily Ho Shih Szu Ling Po Gong Li Ge Lan Im Soo-Jeong Bae Doo Na Moon Geum Young Brigitte Lin Yeong-ae Lee Soo-ae Jenny Hu Li Hua Li Lily Li Li Betty Loh Ti Fang Yin Faye Wong Mao Ying Jeanette Lin Tsui Joey Wong Hsu Feng Kang Hye-Jeong Actors: Yueh Hua Lo Lieh Ti Lung Ling Yun Lee Byung-Hun Jet Li Jang Dong-Dun Jeong Woo-Seong Derek Yee Peter Chen Ho Kwan Shan Directors: Tsui Hark Zhang Yimou Wong Kar-wai Li Han Hsiang King Hu Chu Yan Ching Gong Inoue Umetsugu Lo Wei Chui Chang Wang Park Chan-Wook Kim Ji-woon Kao Li Evan Yang Wong Tin Lam
  14. jaywong

    Original DVDs for Trade

    pm sent
  15. jaywong

    Who can provide me with a top 10 Chang Che film list?

    lol..biggest fan of them all!! I pefer some of Chang's earlier work. I believe "The Butterfly Chalice" was his first SB movie he directed (co-director: Yuan Chiu-feng). I do enjoy a Huang Mei film more than a venom or kung fu flick. The 60s had to be the greatest film era. Chang was also the writer for the very enjoyable Cathay Movie "It's Always Spring".