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  1. sifu iron perm

    First Love (2019) - Takashi Miike's Latest

    the latest trailer from the london film festival is more appealing..
  2. sifu iron perm

    First Love (2019) - Takashi Miike's Latest

    I bought my ticket to see this in its glorious form at the london film festival in october!
  3. oh shit!!! never heard this clip before.. props.
  4. Brilliant post my friend! This was short but informative, really cool!
  5. Jesus, how many versions are there of Police story?
  6. Only thing I can remember is a dude getting burned with a piece of coal to the face. I guess to show his resistance to pain.
  7. a link to order black panther?
  8. sifu iron perm

    What are your latest DVD/Blu-ray purchases?

    Jesus Christ! Talk about in your face cover sleeves! Haha
  9. sifu iron perm

    June 1974 : UK premiere Way of Dragon

    Wish i could rewind back time man!!
  10. sifu iron perm

    This is still BRUCESPLOITATION

    what's the title in german? I will try and find it to purchase online? can you upload bruce lee secret custom for me?
  11. sifu iron perm

    The Top 15 Bathroom Fight Scenes

    Billy Lo vs (You Lose) Carl Miller!
  12. sifu iron perm

    Gordon Liu Merchandise

    about to order a Tee!! Cheers Mike!!
  13. sifu iron perm

    "The Silent Flute" hardcovers have arrived.

    i thought the HARD WAS SOLD OUT>?
  14. sifu iron perm

    This is still BRUCESPLOITATION

    Excellent, i will be purchasing this.