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  1. Surprised to see in my Listing magazine that IP MAN is showing on Thursday 9/6/11 at 10.40pm on Film 4. Like most of us who seen it or have the dvd. Let's watch this, and give a good rating for Martial Art movies on UK TV!! It's such a fresh air for UK TV to show this. Let's hope this is the beginning!!
  2. carl douglas

    TerracottaFestival - UK

    Yes, might check out Lost Bladesman, although abit bored with historic battle/war movies at the moment in asian movies. Will def check out Choy Lee Fat on Sat!! Had a good time last year at the festival.
  3. You can buy this on Hong Kong VCD, not on DVD yet. Try Buyoyo.com. Cheap!!
  4. carl douglas

    Shaolin Plot... A nice hidden gem

    Wish Joysales stop releasing classic films in VCD only in today's climate of Blue ray and DVD 9. C'mon guys!!