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  1. I don't know if there is a single Bolo kung fu era film that is not available wide. Fighting Dragon is 4:3 because it is a TV edit. Not all the copies are in great shape but that is another issue.
  2. Could be Filipino movie then.
  3. Sounds like Fury in Storm maybe?
  4. Bruce Lee Super Dragon has a scene where an old master challenges Lee to duel like this. Many Japanese movies have scenes like this. A 70's martial arts example would be something like Karate Wars. Do you remember roughly what year you saw this and whether it was on TV, tape or theater?
  5. odioustrident

    Five Element Ninjas

    Not sure if this is best place to post this but I wanted to mention a Shintaro the Samurai - Five Element Ninja connection. The last episode of the Koga Ninjas season (season 1 on Australia but season 2 in Japan) has a "5 Element" Ninja strategy that involves ninjas hiding in trees, underwater etc.. Wood, Water, Earth, Fire and Metal I think. The episode really looks like it could have inspired the movie. I know Shintaro was very successful in Southeast Asia but I don't know about Hong Kong and Taiwan.
  6. DragonClaws you are bringing up an interesting topic that I've wondered about for while. Slightly lesser known films like Chiba's The Killing Machine and Stranger from Canton (AKA Karate Killers) were playing in suburban theaters across the US. It seems like a few different distribution companies were successful at selling kung fu to major theater chains... but those relationships probably didn't last. There were also these sort of satellite grindhouse theaters that were not in major cities but still played some of the stuff you'd see on 42nd St. I never got to experience any of this in person and I don't know the full story. I wish we had a list of these types of titles that got wider theatrical distribution.
  7. odioustrident

    Asian Movie Customs from TheKungFuRobber Films for sale

    I think I have Snake in Eagle's Shadow II and Incredible Kung Fu Mission customs somewhere. I can get them to you eventually.
  8. odioustrident

    Old School Kung Fu Fest - May 3 & 4, 2019

    The Victim looked fine to me. Heavy artifacting at times which was substantial for few seconds on right side of screen during finale. Overall it was in relatively good shape. I guess it depends on which standards we hold the print to. Dragon Fist print was slightly red and Drunken Tai Chi was in top shape.
  9. odioustrident

    Old School Kung Fu Fest - May 3 & 4, 2019

    I think that probably comes from this link http://www.weirdwildrealm.com/f-swordswomen-chia-ling.html Newspapers.com has old articles billing Judy Lee as the "Female Bruce Lee." It also has articles stating she "is absolutely no relation to the late Bruce Lee." That is the American papers. I would not put it past the 70's Hong Kong producers and press to claim this woman was Bruce's sister. The woman who runs Weird Wild Realm is actually very well informed. She is from a generation of fans who watched countless Japanese films on the big screen and were exposed to info we simply don't have today. It's also possible this was just a misconception of the time based on her constant billing as Female Bruce Lee or his "counterpart."
  10. odioustrident

    Old School Kung Fu Fest - May 3 & 4, 2019

    Spoilers below on some of the films being screened... Don't scroll down if you don't want to know. The Victim Drunken Tai Chi Fighting Fists of Shanghai Joe Dragon Fist I can't ID the other pics on the promotional email they sent out.
  11. odioustrident

    whats the name of this ninja clip ?

    They don't look like clips from a movie to me. There are however lots of good Toei ninja films from that time period before '64. Most of the below are available. I think the Shintaro movie is one out of the below that is really worth seeing. Castle of Owls 1963 Edo Shinobu Seven Shadows 江戸忍法帖 七つの影 1963 Sasuke and Comedians 真田風雲録 1963 17 Ninjas 1963 Iga no Kagemaru 1963 Moonlight Shadow Scroll: 21 Eyes 月影忍法帖 二十一の眼 1963 Warrior of the Wind 1964 Third Ninja 1964 Onmitsu Kenshi ( Shintaro the Samurai AKA Detective Fencer ) 1964
  12. odioustrident

    whats the name of this ninja clip ?

    I checked the Fujimaru DVD's last night and it really seems like these are educational shorts featuring Hatsumi's students. Some of the equipment and the students themselves appear in both the action footage and the educational footage.
  13. odioustrident

    whats the name of this ninja clip ?

    This is another clip of the educational shorts. This could have been footage shot exclusively and not an actual film. I will check the Toei ninja films pre 64 and advise. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQETrvWSLrs
  14. odioustrident

    The Big Sting (1982)

    IMDB has so many errors on foreign films it could be from anywhere. Could be an error based on a similar Chinese title for unrelated film.
  15. odioustrident

    Asian DVD Club is no more...

    Shutting down a month or two after asking for donations ( and getting some) is pretty sketchy to me.