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  1. Without more of this ladies martial arts movie reviews to read, it's hard to know if anything she saying is worth believing. Let's hope Mike's comments are accurate!
  2. I just stumbled upon this on You Tube and thought it was great fun. Are they planning on making a sequel? I have to agree with you while I was watching this I was thinking about all the millions spent by Rodriguez and Tarantino and this was so much more enjoyable. By the way was I the only one watching this thinking Sandberg is the spitting image of Loren Avedon?
  3. Recycling classic action would have us moaning about no innovation. But let's be honest, there is not the talent being used rather popstars and when we have talent. It doesn't have the creativity and excitement of the past. It's all about wire work, editing snd any other trick to make pretty face look good. You can talk about choreographers running out of steam and inspiration. But when the audience doesn't appreciate anything, even the Masters just do it by the numbers. A whole generation onto doesn't appreciate the greatness that their cinema created. I suspect that those creative types just do what they are paid for and wish they could create. After all, it's all about supporting their own families
  4. Unless it has 80's/90's action/martial arts choreography, why bother? Sorry HK action/MA these days could never do this justice IMHO.
  5. blue_skies

    Rush Hour 4 (2019)

    Rush Hour meets Scary Movie parody film!
  6. blue_skies

    In need of Classic Suggestions

    Dragon's forever, armour of God I & II, who am I, the young master Pedicab driver, millionaires express, the victim, knockabout, Warriors two, Eastern condors Dreadnaught, righting wrongs, Kiss of the Dragon, hero,Tai chi master Ninja in the Dragon's Den Ip man Martial club. Avenging Eagle ,the master(1980 not jet Li movie),Monkey kung fu (not the same as mad monkey kung fu) The rebel intruders, the magnificent ruffians, Shaolin rescuers, the masked avengers, crippled avengers (aka return of the five deadly venoms), the five deadly venoms. Have you seen Ong Bak , warrior king, born to fight, broken path a.k.a. broken fist, drive Tiger on the beat, city on fire, , full contact, the replacement killers – these Chow Yun fat movies like hard-boiled and not really martial art movies just action films. Yes, Madam a.k.a. police assassins, Royal Warriors movie in Red are 90's/2000's
  7. I just saw this message from terracotta on Facebook... I thought someone might be interested, who lives in the capital.
  8. Thanks so much and I look forward to reading your review.
  9. Robbie the shame is that there aren't many filmmakers making great action packed movies even with a budget. These guys are filling a niche that is sadly missing from martial arts cinema. Hong Kong/Chinese productions have all the gloss and production value in the world, just like any Hollywood movie but tend to lack the thrill and entertainment value of years gone by. To be fair, these type of independent filmmakers put their heart and soul into it and really deliver. They know how to actually perform, choreograph and film some great martial arts fights, do stunts that seems to be missing from more polished productions. While these films do have flaws you can overlook them because they are so much fun. Looking at Eric Jacobus and the Stuntpeople, Their production values are increasing all the time. But even looking back at Contour Eric brought a lot of humour to his shorts and full features. Not only are you getting action packed movies but personally I probably laugh more at their intentional humour, than 99% of so-called Hollywood comedy movies. And any case, when you get the chance you should try and watch Death Grip to see how much their production values have increased, still on incredibly tight budget. Personally, I just wish these guys could get properly funded so they could make more movies, more regularly and actually get the wider recognition they deserve
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    My Many MiniReviews

    Thanks OAB ordered:tongue: Thanks KFB, I'll ask Bigrogie if he has this version, since I'm not on ADC
  11. blue_skies

    My Many MiniReviews

    I found a post linking to this review from OAB elsewhere and it certainly sounds worth watching. OAB, who did you get this from? I take it, it wasn't an official release? And also, I don't suppose there has been any news of an official release or fan restoration of "mirage" a.k.a. "mirage of martial arts." In recent months that I am unaware of?
  12. Awesome news. But I have to ask "it's on like a chicken bone."… What the hell does that mean LOL:tongue:
  13. Looks much better than I expected. I hope it reaches the expectations of this trailer now.
  14. Can someone let me know when this gets a DVD release to the general public!