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  1. Rebornman

    second account

    thank you. i will do that right now
  2. Rebornman

    second account

    I had a funny feeling I joined a long time ago and I looked in members and found my old account. how do i delete this 1 and go back to the old one? i opened it in 2008
  3. All I can remember is that the hero who I think was named Peng dies at the end. There are children crying over his body. He wears all white through the film. He has a buddy/sidekick that wears yellow? It is not Fist of Vengeance. I already checked. Thanks in advance.
  4. Rebornman

    Upcoming Japanese Splatter....(Adult Content!)

    trailers arent working
  5. omg this trailer is sooooo badass. i cant wait
  6. any word on a release date yet?
  7. Rebornman

    need help with movie name

    ty agent, it is avenging eagle
  8. Rebornman

    need help with movie name

    Jackie chan is in it and he uses blades that attach to his wrist by sliding them on. someone kills his wife. thats all i remember
  9. sounds like fearless with jet li
  10. Rebornman

    What are your latest DVD/Blu-ray purchases?

    reign of assassins ponyo
  11. Rebornman

    What are your latest DVD/Blu-ray purchases?

    Ip Man 2 True Legen 14 Blades
  12. Rebornman

    Overseas dvd purchases

    ty for all the info guys. much appreciated. waiting on 14 blades and true legend to show up
  13. Rebornman

    THE WALKING DEAD TV Series 4 minute trailer

    I lvoe this series. I have read a lot of the comics and can't wait for Sunday for the season finale
  14. Rebornman

    Overseas dvd purchases

    Hey guys and girls. I am trying to find a reliable site that will allow me to purchase kung fu movies that haven't been released in the US yet. I am looking for current as well as old dvds. Any help would be appreciated. Ty