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  1. masterofoneinchpunch

    Baby Driver (2017)

    I don't mind if someone goes against the grain with a well-written reason why. I tend to hate hyperbole as well as snarky dismissals. Very few films are original (and even originality can be overrated; I have seen far too many avant garde films where I would have rather been plucking nose hairs than watching -- and even they start coping each other) so I rarely like to criticize something for not being completely original. Now if the references are too obvious or too similar than that certainly is a knock for me. But (and this is a big butt) there are so many aspects to filmmaking and criticism of filmmaking that one area can be deficient like storytelling, but another like the acting or cinematography can be outstanding. I think it is one of the reasons I find very few truly bad films (theater releases) and few truly great ones. The people I've talked to recently who have seen this movie have liked it, but not one of them has seen The Driver (a few have seen Drive.) One person got the two names of the film mixed up, though I can understand that. Still love the hats gag.
  2. masterofoneinchpunch

    Baby Driver (2017)

    For me both of those films are must watches. Nicolas Winding Refn as a director is hit-or-miss for me, but I tend to find something I like in every film I have seen of his. I've always liked Walter Hill, just slowly catching up with his work. Now I liked the car chases in Baby Driver, I was just (over)reacting to the hyperbole of a few film fans who had not seen such films as The French Connection, Blues Brothers, Bullitt, To Live and Die in L.A. etc... I do not mind fast editing, just I tend to prefer longer sequences overall in car chases (like with Bullitt.) Since the CGI was not noticeable in the car chases I had no issue with them. Agreed with Hamm. First thing I did when I looked up Wright's filmography was to then see if there was any Amazon releases of A Fistful of Fingers. I see that there are currently none, but if it comes out most likely I will pick it up. I like completing full-length feature filmographies . At some point I might try to track down all his shorts. Now on the tinnitus in the film. I've had it off and on for years. I noticed when I got away from using ear phones it helped in getting rid of it (most of the time; and technically this is correlation so I do not know for sure). Now the character in the car has it from the youthful accident (stated in the film so I am suspecting he could not get rid of it.) Funny enough those type of ear buds are known for causing tinnitus :).
  3. masterofoneinchpunch

    Baby Driver (2017)

    I got two feelings: Drive and The Driver, both I prefer to this movie (though I liked this movie) but then again I think both of those movies are classics. Drive was my favorite film of 2011. While I did get to see Drive in the theater I did not see The Driver in the theater :D. I'm a fan of what I call the psychotic male loner movies (see a lot of similarities with myself.) You can see quite a bit (or more) of Ryan O'Neal's taciturn driver in Ansel Elgort's character (not as psychotic as Ryan Gosling's Driver.) Drive is a whole different beast and loses a little bit on the small screen, but still worth watching to whoever has not seen it (same with The Driver.) A film school graduate I know (yes he is a barista) stated he heard this had some of the best car chase scenes. I stated better than Bullitt, Drive, or The French Connection? There was some good action scenes here, not great. Avoids overuse of CGI, but cuts a little too much. Does not have the edge that Drive did nor the strategy of the opening scene (though you see a lot of use of the exact same type of garage use in Drive) nor any scene as great as the destruction of the car in The Driver. But then sometimes shows a nice flair of driving up to a camera or other placements. I tend to like Wright's humor so I liked it here as well. Surprisingly to myself I liked Jon Hamm the most who plays probably the most dangerous character in it (at least according to his girlfriend). Damn Michael Myers or is it Mike Myers? I could have sword I saw Pierce Brosnan :D. Unfortunately with the denouement what happens to most of the characters becomes obvious. I'm always a little wary of too neat endings. Looking at his filmography I see I have not seen two of his movies one of which I had not heard of till today: A Fistful of Fingers. Shaun of the Dead is still my favorite. Or is it Hot Fuzz? :D.
  4. masterofoneinchpunch

    What are your latest DVD/Blu-ray purchases?

    Soylent Green is ... Love the three main sci-fi Charlton Heston films. Edward G. Robinson's last film. I believe on the Planet of the Apes double disk set (of the first film) you can see Robinson doing a screen test -- what I just found on YouTube.
  5. masterofoneinchpunch

    What are your latest DVD/Blu-ray purchases?

    The Swimmer is a weird film. I think it could have done a little more allegorical (gives a bit too much away toward the end.) Roger Ebert called it Lancaster's best performance which I disagree (either The Leopard or Elmer Gantry), but it is good. Nice combo though. Rogue One I saw in the theater. I ended up really thinking that Hacksaw Ridge was quite a good film. I think Gibson is quite a good director. Fascinating story. The rest I have not seen. I'll see Fantastic Beasts sooner than later. A Haunted House was a few dollars :D.
  6. masterofoneinchpunch

    What Books Are You Currently Reading or Read?

    A Personal Odyssey (2000) by Thomas Sowell As I continue reading through all of the Thomas Sowell books I can get my hands on I thought it was time to read his autobiography. I am always a bit wary of autobiographies because of the obvious subjective viewpoint (though I tend to like this aspect with actor or director autobiographies.) However, Sowell has referenced parts of his life throughout his books that I had an overall idea of the arch of his life from his disadvantaged childhood, to his Marxist times in college, to his post-academia career. The jacket writes of his “marching to his own drummer” which I agree with, but there is also a feeling of uncompromising nature to his character that is fascinating. I can understand why he did not like working in academia that much (his time in the Marines was sometimes hilarious) and he would be the teacher that would be annoying as well as one that would push you to do well unless you dropped out first. He is an autodidact – what I believe one should strive for if one is going to do well in college especially in the sciences – and with his almost unstoppable urge to study and learn ultimately makes his other books more interesting to read then this though he is another example of never giving up to accomplish more for one’s life.
  7. masterofoneinchpunch

    Daniel Day-Lewis Retires from Acting

    I tend to trust actor retirements as much as wrestler or boxer retirements. Many great performances from his short-ish filmography though. Among my favorites My Left Foot, In the Name of the Father and There Will Be Blood. I'm still glad he did not do a film about retiring and becoming a rapper (Shaolin's comments reminded me of that film.)
  8. masterofoneinchpunch

    Adam West, Straight-Faced Star of TV's 'Batman,' Dies at 88

    Pick up this (OOP; I have it) if you can find used or want to pay extra for it on Amazon. The series is also released in a cheaper set separately on both DVD and BD. Interesting I had just watched him in a nice episode of The King of Queens (as himself; Lou Ferrigno is also in this episode which makes in one of my favorite of the series) while I was finishing the set. The man did not stop working (check out his IMDB page.)
  9. masterofoneinchpunch

    Mayweather vs. McGregor Fight Set for August

    Other than money it does not help out Floyd. As you state it feels like padding the win-loss. It also does not help Conor McGregor because unless a giant fluke happens he is going to most-likely get embarrassed.* Plus, this is a big screw you to the boxing fighters themselves: over the ones who have put their lives into the sport only to have a crossover get an instant bout (now he is a big name and I like his MMA matches, but I do not like the leapfrogging done here.) Also wouldn't it have been smarter if McGregor did a few bouts (even ones he knew he was most-likely going to win) before this even happened? * Floyd is one of the greatest defensive fighters I have ever seen.
  10. masterofoneinchpunch

    Mayweather vs. McGregor Fight Set for August

    I'm with you. I can only see this bout going one way.
  11. masterofoneinchpunch

    Wild Card (2015) - Jason Statham

    Thanks. Now I have a whole bunch of Jason Statham films I still need to see (I own a decent amount of them.) Always catching up :D. Reminds me I need to see that release of Heat as well (seen the Michael Mann Heat). I do not think I own it. Always happy when I enjoy a film as with this one (a truism of course; however, there are some artistic films that I am glad I saw even if I did not necessarily enjoy them and then there are films like Henry Portrait of a Serial Killer -- well made but not to enjoy -- always fun watching Guardians of the Galaxy and thinking of Michael Rooker.)
  12. Stephen Teo considers this among the worst of Johnnie To (and he does go after Ching Siu-Tung as well who as we know did the action scenes and had a hand in the stage work as well -- according to Teo) and this is probably my second least favorite of To's filmography with Lucky Encounter probably being the worst. To be fair to To this is one of the earliest films I have seen of his filmography along with Heroic Trio, years before I got into his work. I can't remember if John Charles liked this (I think he did), but I know Paul Fonoroff hated this (as I read his scathing review right now; the Charles book is at home.)
  13. masterofoneinchpunch

    Wild Card (2015) - Jason Statham

    ***/**** Surprisingly (to myself) I enjoyed this. It is funny because after watching it I choose my score on IMBD and then check out the average rating (lower than I thought) and then go and read the rogerebert review (**½, though if you read it, it really sounds like a *** film) and I am wondering to myself why did I enjoy it more than most. The film is certainly filled with clichés such as the obvious “paid to get beat up” scene, but the pacing and the acting keep me interested throughout. But the film and direction does play against some of the stereotypes as well (thank goodness.) A lot of this I think is Simon West’s influence.* He is a solid director with Con Air as his most well known. Like the review stated on rogerebert.com, Jason Statham gets to have a lot of dialog and he is pretty good at it. It is a character driven film, previously done with Burt Reynolds in Heat, based on the William Goldman novel and it feels like it. Statham’s character Nick Wild is in the John Wick, Robert McCall (The Equalizer), Donnie Yen (both in character and real life) mode. He’s mostly unstoppable. The only thing that can stop him is him (or maybe the mob or some sniper though that was not used here). Corey Yuen’s choreography here is done well even if a bit short, especially the last scene with the cutlery (like the talked about but not seen scene in John Wick with the pencil). Stanley Tucci plays a mob boss that seems more realistic and is pretty effective similar to Francis Ng’s brilliant performance in Infernal Affairs 2. Notes: the card scenes are done quite well. Interesting use of cameos. I was not sold on Dominik García-Lorido’s performance. * There is some interesting use of flash forwards. There is a lot that is understated and West feels the need not to explain everything. There is some teasing as to how angles are going to go, but puts them out more logically than some possible expected twists.
  14. masterofoneinchpunch

    June 2017 Mutual Review Thread

    He complained about him a few times in Black Belt magazine (I'm sure he complained elsewhere to other magazines too). Love reading "Superfoot". He has some classic complaints about MMA in the 90s. I still have most of my Black Belts so I'll try to organize them and find any "Superfoot" Jackie Chan talk. But I have a few other sources/interviews I'll check.
  15. masterofoneinchpunch

    June 2017 Mutual Review Thread

    I was thinking that the IMDB page was just wrong with that. I hate when their trivia has no references.