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  1. jiujitsu77

    Why Most Action Films are Terrible

    It is hard to say anything at this point. The author of the article points out that the Facebook generation is spoiled when it comes to action films, but are we not spoiled ourselves? Was this not the same argument we had with Hollywood prior to this, about how HK did it better and whatnot? I admit it i came in at the tail end of the very beginning of the internet explosion, so I am not completely grounded in one way of thought (despite my love for everything dusty). I just find this argument to be rather old. I will be the first to admit, that despite individual examples, nothing can please us fans as a whole.
  2. jiujitsu77

    Scott Adkins for Batman?

    Meh.....however I hope if it does happen it boosts his career
  3. jiujitsu77

    RIP Jim Kelly (1946-2013)

    Jesse...thank you. It is about time people start saying the truth instead of trying to live in a fantasy land or point fingers. I too want to see this happen again. I support you 100%.
  4. jiujitsu77

    This One was TOUGH! I need some help. Please Read

    oh god I just threw up in my mouth a little
  5. jiujitsu77

    This One was TOUGH! I need some help. Please Read

    Drunken Monk.......Maybe this is my mistake for not painting a clearer picture, but I don't think I related in any way that I felt I could jump in and stop a gunfight. Despite the helplessness I felt during the actual shootout, in no way did I think I could do anything then WITHOUT a firearm, and probably still would not do anything even if I did have one. I was more concerned after the fact......I think I was more upset because I couldn't do anything to help them afterwards, and also with the fact I was with someone who didn't seem to care. I am well aware that the whole hero role is left to the police and such (even then I wonder), and I didn't intend to go in there and dodge bullets to save the day. I don't care if they were gangbangers or not, it is a human life. Many people in the neighborhood were just like "Hey, that's what they get for playing with fire. Besides, let them kill eachother off". I don't know if that was necessarily the case, but it did seem like a gang shootout. Karlos and Markgway.....Yeah, it is kinda funny. So many people who are not from the US think that this is such a hellhole.....and to a certain degree I guess it is. Chicago is a beautiful city. It is just going through some very tough times. I don't know if this applies, but I remember going to see a band from the UK when I was 18. This was their second US tour, and they were sort of rough and tumble guys (the band is called The Business...once championed by Gary Bushell as the saviors of working class music), so I figured they had seen it all. I know I wouldn't screw with them. Well, they asked where I was from and I told them Chicago. They all stood back and were like "We are from London's East End, ans we STILL wouldn't step foot there!" I laughed, but in a way I knew it was kinda true. As far as me giving any sort of info regardless of whether or not they were caught....well let's just say I did the right thing. I wasn't going to let innocent people go to jail if that was the case, and I figured my statement could help in some way. They did get it, just a little late. Thanks to all for the well wishes and whatnot. Yeah the wallet system works, and the only reason I go back is because I have to work there. I suppose the bottom line in terms of me sharing that was not to paint me as the hero in any light, but rather to say "Damn! Shit don't always play out how we picture it!" And what is getting "catfished"? Is it like getting a Cleveland Steamer or something crazy like that?
  6. Ill train in almost anything, anyday....but given what I saw Sunday.....well this is my NEW style. http://youtu.be/8LKLGyeyHD4 Jeezus H Tapdancin'christ......I can't seem to even post videos right. my apologies
  7. Hi fellas. I apologize on here ahead of time. I know I can get wordy and talky and such, as some of you may know (cough, cough, Bob....). I appreciate you guys just taking a look. Trust me when I say that what I am typing applies to this forum, and that I will do my best to summarize everything (also, I can't say some things just because). Take a look. Advise if you feel like it. Criticize as well. I'm kinda typing this now because I avoid other places, I have time at work, it is helping me deal with it, and well.......I need to get it out in some way. OK. One of the main reasons I kind of think this thread may apply here is that I would like to think that because this is a site for martial art movies, MOST of us have had some experience in the martial arts and/or just pugilism (and no "jab" at all to anyone that has not). The movies have inspired us possibly to train or to basically live by some sense of justice they convey. Let's face it. We are here simply because martial arts changed our lives. And that is an awesome thing.. I could go on here but I won't. For those of us who do currently train, have trained, or have been in a combat situation, we know most of the time it is nothing like the movies. There is a source of contention here and there between the traditionalists and the "progressives" (whatever you want to call them....you know where I am going I think) which kind of sucks, but I feel that we can all learn a little something wherever we go/train. Yes, I train currently, and yes I do some "MMA" stuff. No...I am not a douchebag "cagefighter", but have huge respect for those that have the googatz to do so and do it right. I feel more comfortable here posting rather than on some MMA forums or Bullshido or whatnot (incidentally, there is a Jiujitsu77 on Bullshido, and man that guy sucks. I don't want to go on, but those few that post here and there as well should know I am not that person). The only reason being is that I have good friends here, and this is the place that I communicate with them the most. Yasuaki Kurata said it best in "Fist of Legend"......you can be the best fighter in the world, train in whatever style, but you will never beat a bullet. That is the first thing that came to mind (multiple times over the weekend, I will add) when I arrived in Chicago from home (30 miles or so away), walking from the train station to a friend's house. For those of you in the know, or from the area, you might know that Chicago is currently the worst city in the US per capita. Over the 4th of July weekend, there was about 70 shootings resulting in 30 or 40 deaths....some of them very young children. While the numbers are scary, I wouldn't trade the city for the world. I have been around a bit, seen some stuff.....but I still managed to get shocked now and then. Also note that this could happen anywhere. While I am far from being PC, in no way, shape, or form am I being culturally biased or crappy. I got off the train and headed for the apartment. Right away, I was approached for a cigarette. Yes, from time to time I smoke cigars, and I also bring cigarettes for my friends because where I live it is VERY cheap and Chicago prices are outrageous. Something like 11.75 for a pack of whatever. I usually always pay it forward. I put down my big bag and little bag, knelt down and unzipped a side pouch from the big bag. I was on a corner of two very busy streets and thought nothing of it. Still stupid. As I did that, the fellow grabbed my little bag and tried to go. i held it with my left, got up, switched grips, argued for about a few seconds, then punched him with my jab hand, cutting my knuckles on his teeth. It was not pretty, I was not using my dominant hand, I was not in any sort of stance.....had no footwork....and the angle was awkward. He yelped, dropped the bag and ran away. I called the police......only to notify them. I will say this now.....I have little faith in the justice system itself. I know they try, but I also know what they are up against....AND what some of them are like. I won't say anything else. I am not anti-cop....I am just upset. I thought about the 5 other times over the past six years I have been mugged, all of which when I was in Chicago. I have seen more crime now than I have when I tried out to be a Guardian Angel for three months or so. Three times I just threw a fake wallet with a few bucks and business cards because of multiple attackers, situational or environmental circumstances, or a gun. Whatever the case in those three instances, it works. I advise the two wallet system. I had in one instance, actually engaged in a knife fight. Very stupid of me, despite training in several knife fighting systems. The cardinal rule in almost every school or system has been "get the hell out of there". While I abide by the rule "it is only a fair fight if I win", I also weigh a situation and almost never engage. This one time I was upset, angry, emotional, and carrying my knife. The end result was me cutting the other fellow who had a knife, while his accomplice ran away. I did too. Not glorious. Not fancy. It worked, but it was nothing to say "hey, I am an expert". In hindsight, I am not sure of what I would have done otherwise. I carry a knife because Chicago, despite the crime rate, has a long standing controversial conceal and carry law that prohibits any resident of Chicago to carry a fire arm or even transport one in the car across state lines. I am one of those that believes that regardless of the laws, criminals will get the guns from wherever they can. In fact, most people...of good standing....will sometimes have to protect themselves with illegal guns. I personally own two, but do not carry....even though I live in another state. Since I am in Chicago alot I abide by the law and carry a knife for protection. I am not too sure either way as to how the decision to overturn that law will effect the city. I have friends that are active on both sides of the fence. I am relatively young, so I still have alot of college students as friends that are very active in the Occupy movement. While I sympathize greatly with them on many issues, I disagree as well. I also am not too fond of the various Communist organizations using the movement for it's own means. But we are in a downturn in a cyclical economy, and like economies, politics are cyclical, too, I feel. The left and right get more extreme and more prevalent when times are tough. I look at the movement from a very objective standpoint.....this note will come in to play, trust me.....and I am a firm believer in people being able to speak and act as they feel as long as others are not harmed or their rights infringed. The people I know, as well as document for work (I am in the A/V field for local media, despite my other aspirations) are very high profile and very paranoid of the law. It is with some good reason as well. While sometimes I think they are just plain paranoid, other times I see it firsthand in protests. I try my damndest to teach those I feel worthy some helpful tips in defending themselves in these "mob" instances.....be it from other groups, bystanders, or even some police that really are not doing their job. (For instance...it is considered "assault" on an officer if, say, a bike cop swings his bike in a crowd to spread people apart, and you put your hands up in defense to avoid being hit. If you happen to touch the bike, you are going to jail....just for trying not to get hit. It is a shitty tactic that I have seen firsthand to arrest and gather as much intel as they can). My friends are in NO WAY involved with any criminal behavior besides the occasional sit in. Most of the people I come in contact with are intellectuals rather than reactionaries. I am not saying there are not people that have tried to do harm or have actually done so, but I don't see it. Sorry for that. I wanted you to understand where I come from when I tell you this...... Saturday night/Sunday morning is where I am headed with this timewise. As stated above, I stay with a friend that is rather paranoid and never has the police intervene in anything....even if they maybe should...like a break in at the apartment or something. So if something does happen to occur in the neighborhood, I have to report it in a way that does not involve his address, or I make sure someone else does right away. We live in a very diverse neighborhood with many ethnicities that have been here for generations. It's like they have their own neighborhood watch....and I will admit....when I am there, I like it. Basically, we take care of our own there....meaning everyone looks out for everyone in the community. I like that alot. I like knowing and feeling that I have helped others It was Saturday night, and I had been home from work for about a few hours. No one was there but me, and I was getting ready to meet up with some folks. As usual, there was music and food and families outside into the middle of the evening. It was about 9:30 when I heard fireworks. Illegal, but not uncommon. Well. supposedly a 14 year old kid was shot in the arm during the fireworks. This had CPD all over the place, including the entrance to the train line I needed to get to my friends. Since Boston, they check bags alot, and rightly so. They were checking mine and one cop must have had a small weiner, so he decided to dump my medicine bag in the street. Some here may know this, but recently I had a Grande Mal seizure. I am ok now, but am still on certain meds. Expensive meds. Well, now I can't find them. Thankfully, another officer helped me.....only now it was 11pm, and I had to head back to the apartment. I barely told my friend that lived there what happened when he said he was headed back with a friend he had met over the internet from Milwaukee. She was one of these people that constantly talks to you, then clicks and clacks on her phone when you reply or have a conversation with her. I guess she was "tweeting" everything we were saying because she thought we were hysterical. However, my friend felt that, given certain circumstances of the eventing, how they met, and how she acted.....that she may be a cop or an informant (trust me...they do exist. To me it is a little silly, but all of this goes on). This time I actually agreed. Well, we are not criminals, nor were we involved in anything illegal. In fact she was quick to point out how polar opposite we seemed to be in terms of politics.....whatever. For some reason, she decides to drive back to Milwaukee at 4am. Strange, buit ok. Whatever she may really be, she was nice. OK. It is now 4 am, my friend is a little tipsy....and hungry. He decides to go to the Walgreens down a few streets to get some frozen food. We do the buddy system at night (one thing he picked up from me which I am thankful). I am sober, and in a pretty decent mood...despite now being tired. This is where I am torn. I apologize with not being as descriptive as I can with the following, but if you are getting anything I am trying to tell you, you will understand why. Just the mention of a few details will give you the impression of what I need to get across. We were only about 30 feet away from Walgreens parking lot when I heard and witnessed the possible death of two....possibly three people. Across the street, two people were shooting at three others. The three were pleading for the two others to stop this before it escalates...and eventually they were pleading for their lives. This all took about twenty seconds. I was standing directly across the street, while my friend was next to me, but at an angle where his vision was skewed by shrubbery....and of course crouching in defense. As soon as the two with guns finished and turned towards our direction, we ran. My friend says to stop running because then they will think we say. He said not to call the cops and not to get involved. We enter the Walgreens and everyone is quite aware of what is going on. I tell the cashier to call the cops because someone might be dead. Just as we are in the freezer isle, and just as my friend is kind of almost mocking me for being so nervous (he was saying because he lived n the city he was so used to it....however he didnt see everything I had.) we hear shots in the parking lot and everyone ducks for cover. I scramble up to the front to see what it is and notice now the entrance is blocked by the giant vehicle the two gunmen were driving. Somehow, someone who either was involved or lived on the street where it happened and just happened to see it, came inside. My friend was yelling for me to stay with him. I looked for the fire exit. The person who came in asked if we could hide him, but not to call the police. Everyone did anyway. The security guard and I hid him, crawled to the back, and waited a few seconds. I heard shots fired and more yelling, and also someone specifically saying to come out of the building. I didn't know if it was them and they saw us, or they meant the other guy who ran in. Right after that an ambulance went by and the cars in the lot took off. We checked out and the girl behind the counter pleaded for us to stay until it was really over. My friend said we are ok, and that he knew another way home. We walk out, notice another large vehicle in the lot with a person pointing a gun at us. He told us to go. We didn't see him. We turn the corner to take the alternate route. A cop car whizzes past us, does a "u-ey", and then comes along side of us to check us out. The ride away. AS SOON AS THE COP LEAVES, two vehicles come out of the alley behind us, and engage in a wild west shoot out, bobbing and weaving through sidewalks and churchsteps and whatnot. We get the hell home. There was NOTHING I could do. I couldn't cross the street to help the other guy pull his buddy who was shot into his vehicle. I couldn't stop the others from shooting him as well. I couldn't call anyone if I could because I didn't bring my phone. I was helpless. My friend assured me that the others in the neighborhood had called (those who lived in front of what was going on). He then preached to me that the police passed us because of "white privilege", and if we were any other color, we were suspects no matter what. That might be true, but what angered me was his lack of action to do anything to help at all. This situation was EVERYTHING that he protests against.....crime and minority conditions in the city, guns, environment....everything....yet he did NOTHING to help the person inside, or even the community he was in. I was almost ashamed of him, however I still felt in some small way that he may be right. The day passed and I did not sleep. I went to work, tried to train at a place on the far North side, then went back to the apartment....trying to calm down. I had to calm down and get SOME sleep. The neighborhood went on as if almost nothing happened....much like my friend. What shocked me the most is the text I recieved from a nurse friend of mine...who happens to be privy to the info and was working at the time. Of the 12 people shot that Sat night/Sun morning, one had died and two were in very critical condition. She told me that the one who had died was where I was. Damn, I thought. What I saw really did happen the way it looked. Monday came and I went in to the Walgreens. I saw an officer in the lot. I ran to her and she had no idea what went on the last night, even though her beat was two streets down. That puzzled me because of how all over the place the situation seemed to be.. I told her what happened and she told me to tell someone if I felt it was right, even though she felt that others must have come forward that were able to give better intel than me. She also told me that the police would give me a very hard time for NOT coming forward when it happened, even though I felt I shouldn't. That they did. It almost put me off from saying anything at all. Some other officers from the city that I train with (but are on the other side of town)told me there really isn't any confidential informant lines, and that most likely I would have to come in and give a statement if someone did in fact die. It was so fucked up that they couldn't even tell me that. I was torn. What helped that evening was finding out that, while two did die in the incident, everyone was caught, and my testimony was not needed. I don't think that any info I could have gave would have helped anyone get arrested....and yes, I was totally scared for my life. Right then and there when it happened, and for two days afterward.....thinking that whoever did it saw ME, even though I couldn't get a good description of them. I finally went to do the right thing, and justice was already served, albeit with a bitter taste in my mouth. My life was in danger, but I couldn't even tell from who or what. Im sorry for going on, and I am sorry if it seems inappropriate to post. I am also not posting anything incriminating that already is not known. I was just a helpless bystander. and for once I really felt that I couldn't do anything. That is not to say that I have never witnessed anything like that, but now I feel what total helplessness feels like. No matter how conservative or liberal you are, no matter how well prepared you are for a confrontation, nothing has that much impact as the reality of the situation.......and that is death. I get why people become callus to their surroundings. i understand why police and doctors have to separate themselves from emotions when doing their job, even though they can be real assh***s. This is why I thought about what Kurata said in that movie. No matter how tough you are, you can't beat a bullet. We train for different reasons, but ultimately we realize the same realities in what we do. Do I want stricter gun control here in the US? Man, I can't tell you that. What I would like is for people just to have a better understanding of firearms themselves. Those that are totally opposed to gun onwership to know the merits of responsible use. And those fanatics to know the harsh truth of what could happen if we misuse, overact, or just simply think that things can be solved another way. When I heard that voice pleading for their lives, I wished to God with all my training that I could at least help. But we are not Ubermenschen. People, please be safe. Tell the people you love that you indeed do love them. Time is fleeting, and a bullet is indiscriminate. Namaste
  8. jiujitsu77

    The Martial Arts Thread

    http://youtu.be/jo6sG1UqQAs not the documentary I was looking for, but just as good. This one is specifically about Helio, and touches briefly on Count Koma/Maeda, as wellas the matches between Kimura and Kato. If you want something a little less biased (albeit not that much), check out "OSS: A Gracie Documentary". Try to stay away from anything Rorion is involved in. It is interesting to note how this system was around before some of the arts we deem "traditional" even came to practice. While I never view any system as complete, I like having a base in something, just because of the fun involved, really. Is that a practical mindset? Maybe not, but at least having fun compels you to train more often. As for JKD......no. To me it is not an art, at least not to those that actually do train in martial arts. It should be seen as an approach or a philosophy. Too many "purists" wish to say, "well, Bruce would have done it this way...", and they are kind of missing the point entirely. Being able to adapt to anything is the best approach, no matter how long you take to perfect whatever technique you use. The reason it is established as an art now is simply for marketing purposes.
  9. jiujitsu77

    Chasing The Dragon...

    You do always seem to find the goods, Dragon. I was a little taken aback simply because of the title of the thread. "Chasing the Dragon" is a drug term lol.
  10. jiujitsu77

    I'm so tired of "IPsploitation"... (Ip Man movies)

    I figured as such, seeing as Ip Chun (is it?) has been involved with various projects ever since the early 80's. I know in the WC cam p there is a lot of talk as to whether or not certain people are credible enough to give an interpretation of Ip Man's life and the art itself. I know various people like Willam Cheung and some other guy (i think his last name is Fong? he is known to be veryy aggressive in business as well as when he spars with his students.) have raised some questions as to whether or not these accounts are at all factual. That is the problem with alot of Chinese instructors. They are always held in high regard, but when it comes to actual facts, it is shrouded in mystery and conjecture, as well as contempt between various students. It feels like they are trying to elevate Ip Man to an almost Wong Fei Hung status nowadays. Whatever the case may be, I still want to see the films. I love the art and I really dig the history behind it. and to others, in no way shape or form am I trying to disrespect Wing Chun or asian martial arts. I know alot of people get very touchy when it comes to criticizing and analyzing their art, and rightly so.
  11. jiujitsu77

    I'm so tired of "IPsploitation"... (Ip Man movies)

    Bob, I just saw your post on the other thread regarding Ip Man: Final Fight. I am anxiously awaiting this now.
  12. Yet I am compelled to see them all? WKW's version really does not look too good to me. I saw the American trailer when I went to see "This Is The End" last week, and it was the same as the first teaser. Now that I have seen a bit more footage, it does not strike me as all that good. However, i will see it when it comes to the theater. The Anthony Wong movie looks a little more grounded in fight scenes and actual fact, but that would be just from my first glance at it. I dig anthony, and I hope it is a decent entry. I did enjoy Donnie's first twol, evn thought they were WAY embellished. I have yet to see the third. Is it any good? I just can't understand why so many different movies are coming out about the man, and yet none of them have really hit on his actually life by any means. I know movies need a sort of a suspension of disbelief (especially hk films) and I can see why in a MA movie. The plot needs more areas of conflict to deliver the goods. I thought WKW would actually try to delve in to his personal life, but it looks to me like it is just a flashy peice with some bigger HK stars. I love wing chun, but it is a dirty fighting system, and should be presented more as such. too much wirework and flowery movements ( i know they exist in the system). What is know about Ip Man was that he had some flaws and alot of internal strife with his students. i never really see that shown on the screen. I get the fact because of Bruce Lee's martial lineage that Ip Man is to be celebrated and almost exploited cinematically, but it has become redundant almost way too fast. I am all for "x-plotation" cinema of any kind, and I probably shouldn't complain because of the renewed interest in the arts and the genre, but I just wonder. any thoughts on this fellas?
  13. jiujitsu77

    DDDhouse gone?

    Bob is 100% right, Tex. Never feel stupid for asking anything on here. Sure, every once in a while you will get some smarmy jerk thinking they are better than you because he knows who did the wirework in some obscure indy kung fu film made in Taiwan in '78, but for the most part, everybody is really cool. Now I feel stupid because I never went to DDDhouse. I just now heard of it. And is it true that kung fu films in hong kong are pretty much on the outs, despite a few blockbusters? Also, I am going to look at the site when it is up because I am in dire need of some good old kung fu and some great spaghetti westerns. Tex, what spaghetti westerns were on there? Did they mention the big gundown with LVC coming to blue ray? It is playing this month at a theater here in chicago, and I am dying to see it again
  14. from a comedic angle, I think they were trying to make him have "mouse-like" qualities, because of his size and lanky physique. Or even from a Nationalistic/Chinese standpoint, like a rat that twitches his nose. That's what I thought as a kid at least. while I am sort of unwilling to comment about politics regarding world war 2( believe me I do)< I think what we need to point out is the fact that......yes. History is written by the victors. Fortunately we have people trying to figure out what really transpired by forming objective committees and doing research without any national, racial. or ideological ties or interests. I am not saying "revisionist history" like David Irving, but at least a better understanding of what each country feels and have gone through. We can't just wrap things up in a nice cut and dry statement when it comes to events like WW2 anymore. It is common sense to seek out the truth behind the major media outlets. I also think that it is pretty evident that Governments and Ideologies don't always reflect the views of the people under them. I would also like to say that just because someone is a nationalist, does not mean that they adhere to one ideology, or are inherently racist, xenophobic, etc. Like all politics, I do see a trend. It does seem to me that people who embrace the left are less scrutinized than someone who happens to have conservative ideals. I personally do not adhere to any form of collectivism (well, I try not to), and see this current trend as just something that opportunists have used to further their ideologies.
  15. jiujitsu77

    RIP Jim Kelly (1946-2013)

    Does anyone get BOUNCE TV? It is like the BET of national television. They did a great tribute to Kelly on their station tonight. That channel is great. SAturdays have awesome blaxploitation classics, and they really go all out in showing even semi obscure ones (NEVER thought i would see Dolemite on regular television!). Up next after Enter The Dragon is Leon Isaac Kennedy in Penitentiary 3. Look them up on facebook and support them