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  1. I once got a chance to see this in Boston years ago, at a Sammo Hung Retrospective, They played an "unfinished" version of the movie believe it or not....it only had "temporary music" wasn't even fully edited with a few different scenes, Sammo Hung was there the night before introducing the film as well as a few of his other classics...I remember distinctly when they introduced it that they made a point to say this was NOT the finished product...
  2. Ok sorry , I saw the posting,,,, those images have been around for a while...I thought they had released new images or more info, thanks
  3. Quentin Tarantino's upcoming Once Upon a time in Hollywood has released it's first Teaser Trailer and it does feature a few short clips with Mike Moh in full Bruce Lee Mode!
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    Sticks: Martial Arts Master Dan Inosanto

    her name is Diana, I believe.
  5. I finally saw this, and OMG, what a fight fest! I can't rave enough about it....Please do something like this again, or find a way to release this on proper dvd or blu-ray.
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    In the Blood (2013)

    I thoroughly enjoyed In the Blood, for what a was.. a cool thriller, action movie. I don't think it was ever billed as "fight Movie", of course having Gina in it, it had it's share of great fights. One thing that I keep hear mentioned, is the "Brazil" setting? Maybe I missed it, but it was clearly filmed in Puerto Rico, the language was spanish in some scenes ( I recognized many of the settings being from there). Also ironically when the movie opens, that first dark scene is set in Bridgeport, CT, where I've lived most of my life.
  7. Wow just saw a picture of Jackie, John and Bennie on the set of Dragon Blade, made me smile....apparently Benny is on of the stunt co-ordinators on the film, we can only hope for a Bennie vs Jackie for the 3rd time.
  8. S SAW it Today, Thoroughly Enjoyable Movie, I think it could've been tighten a little more, 15 mins or so, Jackie has always had it and Definitely brings it on especially at the end, fighting multiple opponents, one on ones, using props, 2 incredible scissor take downs, etc. Using the same "motif" or mode of his previous Armor Of God films, the settings, camera angles, etc, similar. It's so ridiculous to hear ppl comment on a trailer or someone else's negative review to make a Judgement, positive or negative, just like mine. This is my opinion, I am a lifelong Movie and Chan fan. One thing that both Jackie and Sammo for example are able to do is modernize their fighting ,even though they are both late 50s, it is such a treat to see Jackie go at it in a modern setting. Some of the usual silly comedy in the film, but that is typical of a HK and Jackie film, on that level it delivers.
  9. I'm sorry try this as a copy and paste
  10. KZHET1XixJU This is the PHILLIPINE TRAILER for Jackie Chan's upcoming CZ12... Apparently there is a little bit of everything in this film, so to hear someone comment, "oh it's a KID's movie" based upon a 10 second clip showing the actors riding a log, is ridiculous, what about the volcano scenes, or fight scenes or stunt scenes that WE haven't seen? He obviously will not give away everything in a Trailer, but truth is Jackie has been making both "kid friendly" and more adult films the last few years, so what is the surprise?
  11. Hi guys, I have some Bruce Lee and other Martial Arts Magazines I am selling, I have various "Martial Arts Movies", great mag from the early 80's, also Dragon, Fighting Stars, Skam (great Fanzine) and others. Victor Email me for Pics, I don't know how to post here Imdaman177@aol.com
  12. Hi I have Magazines featuring covers with Zang Ziyi and Stephen Chow, these are very rare Sunday Mags Featured in The New York Times, in color, email me for Pics...victor Also have Dragon(with Bruce Li) on cover from around 1978 and various Bruce Lee related mags
  13. Yes cool mags, I think I have ALL of them.,.but I might have sold a few..great articles on Jackie's career as he was taking off more in the west , as well as Sammo, Bruce's clones etc..