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  1. niro

    Riots in London

    I see it's spread to other parts, nice to see ppl using death of someone as excuse to loot. People all over the world riot for their rights, their freedom, for their futures, and here there's riots to loot stuff
  2. Just bought: Along come a Tiger (rarescope) Killzone (cine-asia)
  3. Watched 3 seasons of Sons of Anarchy, and then comedy anime in the form of Beelzebub and gintama
  4. niro

    Action Comedies

    Dragons forever is prob my favourite, but Pantyhose Hero with Sammo Hung is hilarious
  5. After a LONG time i decided to check play.com and maybe buy some DVDs, and I got amazingly excited when I saw dead HKL titles for sale under cine-asia label, so excited that I came back here lol I'm now armed with a credit card too
  6. niro

    Happy Birthday Yuen Biao

    bit late but happy birthday yuen! definitely one of my favourite martial artist actors
  7. niro

    PC monitor as TV screen?

    When i didnt have DVD player in my room...i used to play DVDs on my computer, so if you have a DVD drive you can do that also
  8. simalirities seem to stem from aesthetics more than anything, and with that im not surprised. There is nothing between the two that can be compared...different eras...different sports...different everything.
  9. Theres quite a few (for me anyway), but i cant remember exactly. It's usually scenes where guy is killed and you wonder how is he dead. Dragon on Fire - final scene, Dragon Lee i think is running to help his brother who doesnt look like he needs it, they cut to Dragon Lee sprinting down the hill to reach the fight and his brother is somehow dead lool when 10 seconds ago he was kickin ass
  10. niro

    New Bruce Lee action figure.......

    Man if i had money to burn I would so buy these
  11. niro

    Shaolin Chamber 36 is Officially Back!

    Ah this is good news! Been a long wait lol. And yep the site is looking very kool, i've got it bookmarked and will be become one of the dozen or so sites that i visit every time i go on computer for first time in day
  12. Welcome to the boards, nice first post compared to those damn bots It's a kool list, lot of shaw brothers and golden harvest titles. I'm sure theres guys on here who would probably have lists with lot of non-show or GH titles as well
  13. I had a strong feeling this film would be bullshit wen they announced it, and decided to never watch it whether i had to pay or otherwise, your review has solidified my view of not going to watch sh!t like this
  14. niro

    Arsenio Hall destroyed MARTIAL LAW

    I actually thought it was BS that they managed to not only survive being in a fight with Jet but also kill him
  15. dnt wry he'll get put in a nice cushy low security prison