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  1. +1 for Wooden Chicken +1 for Centorpedo good sellers! timely shipping, good communication.
  2. a58chevy

    Celestial shaws wanted!

    I already own all of those titles. Thanks anyway!
  3. a58chevy

    Celestial shaws wanted!

    Looking for: Chinatown Kid Fist Of The White Lotus Golden Swallow IVL, Deltamac or Untied Thai, not picky. I'll probably add a few more later. I prefer to use payapal as well. Shoot me a pm!
  4. I read somewhere that these Fortune Star legends dvd's come in a cardboard slipcase instead of the standard dvd case.. this true? just curious.
  5. I bought the whole series for a good deal and so far have watched Lady 9 Flower and The Ringing Sword. I found them enjoyable. A lot of print damage, hard to read subtitles but a good way to spend the rainy days. (especially up here in WA state)