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  1. HyperDrive

    Device used for viewing Kung Fu Fandom

    I mainly use my desktop to browse this site. I do use my phone though if I'm out of town.
  2. HyperDrive

    Pro Wrestling Thread (2020)

    Kota Ibushi will miss the NJPW New Beginning USA tour due to the flu. Rocky Romero, who's already on the tour, will replace him in key matches. NJPW confirmed that Kenta, Amazing Red and Taiji Ishimori were added to ROH's Supercard of Honor. NWA champion Nick Aldis will also be there in some capacity. PJ Black and Josh "The Goods" Woods have resigned with ROH. It is said that the promotion will have a live TV show on all Fox Sports regional channels soon as parent company Sinclair bought the group from Disney last year. I take it stuff like the below is the real reason the Young Bucks left twitter. This had a happy ending though.
  3. HyperDrive

    am i the only one

    The subtitles nowadays are miles above the old burnt in ones that were usually chopped by pan-and-scan TV/VHS production. Most dub versions are horrendously cut as well. The only country that I know of where dubs are more popular than subs is South Africa. If one is waiting for a western release of Bloody Parrot or Marco Polo with English dubs, that will never happen as the majority of Shaws and indies proved to be unpopular with the general public. This topic reminds me of the ill-fated Fusian Films line which was nothing but remastered Taiwanese indies. Then there was the 80's/90's stuff Image Entertainment was releasing alongside its Shaws. Of course, that stopped right before it released Retreat of the Godfather and Revenge of Scar Face. We all know what happened with BCI as well. We got lucky when Funimation picked up and released its last projects. Crash Cinema was into kung fu before any of these companies. Very few if any of these had dubs besides the Shaws. Now only Well Go USA is still in business and it hasn't released anything made before 2010 since its last Shaw I believe. The way kung fu releases have gone in the past decade, it was really nice for Criterion and Eureka to release what they have so far like the masterpieces of King Hu. Let's not forget the impact of piracy either.
  4. HyperDrive

    Guess the movie?

    Nezha Conquers The Demon King... Or is it some Condor Heroes anime?
  5. HyperDrive

    Guess the movie?

    Crystal Hunt?
  6. HyperDrive

    Pro Wrestling Thread (2020)

    Rocky "Soulman" Johnson, the father of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, passed away today at the age of 75. Johnson, a native of Nova Scotia, Canada, first became a star on the Canadian circuit and then in the Detroit territory. Later, he moved to California where he won the first Los Angeles Battle Royale and defeated the Great Kojika for the NWA Americas title on the same night. That was followed by a long stint as the top face in San Francisco. Later, Johnson would become the first black man to hold the NWA Georgia State title and any title in the WWF/WWE as he and Tony Atlas won the old WWF World Tag titles as Soul Patrol. ROH News In a surprising move, Marty Scurll is now running ROH. He signed the most lucrative contract in company history, which is said to be comparable to a "WWE main eventer's" contract. It includes the right to work in the NWA and NJPW and a promotion to booker. It is said that the upcoming free show "Free Enterprise" was entirely his idea. The previous booker, Hunter Johnston aka Delirious, will act as Scurll's consultant. NJPW had to have some say in Scurll's promotion as after a year of absence from ROH events, it was announced that it is sending Jay White, El Phantasmo and Will Ospreay to the Supercard of Honor on April 4th in Lakeland, Florida. PCO was interviewed by CBS affiliate WJZ. https://baltimore.cbslocal.com/2020/01/09/pco-ring-of-honor-champion-pierre-carl-ouellet-interview/ I find it interesting that ROH flew him to their headquarters and gave him world class treatment. He also disputes Joey Mercury's claims by saying everything was paid for by ROH and that he was treated by real EMTs stationed backstage anytime he was injured in the ring. It seems there was a massive disruption within the company that caused Kelly Klein's troubles earlier in the year like a mass firing or ROH does the bare minimum that each state requires for events and was burned by its own actions.
  7. HyperDrive

    Guess the movie?

    Future X-Cops?
  8. HyperDrive

    Tawianese Blu-Rays

    I've bought from that seller several times before and all the stuff I've received is legit. That looks to be the same one YesAsia used to sell as well. https://www.yesasia.com/us/wu-xia-2011-blu-ray-taiwan-version/1025922465-0-0-0-en/info.html
  9. So five bloggers or critics came together and divided their final list among their websites. https://theactionelite.com/the-top-50-action-gems-of-the-decade-50-41/ (50-41) https://action-flix.com/2020/01/07/the-top-50-action-gems-of-the-decade-40-to-31/ (40-31) https://www.bulletproofaction.com/2020/01/08/the-top-50-action-gems-of-the-decade/ (30-21) https://filmcombatsyndicate.com/top-50-action-gems-of-the-decade-20-11/ (20-11) (click on the pictures below the post to start a slideshow) https://ultimateactionmovies.com/top-action-movies-of-the-decade/ (10-1) They somehow forgot The Raid series. 😲
  10. HyperDrive

    Pro Wrestling Thread (2020)

    NJPW of America New Beginning Tour schedule: 1/24 - St. Petersburg, Florida 1/26 - Nashville , Tennessee 1/27 - Durham, North Carolina 1/30 -Pembroke Pines, Florida 2/1 - Atlanta, Georgia A full contingent from Japan including Kota Ibushi and Hiroshi Tanahashi will appear on the tour . Juice Robinson & David Finlay will defend the IWGP Heavyweight Tag titles against G.O.D. in Atlanta. "The Wild Bull of the Pampas" Pampiro Firpo has died at age 89. He held multiple belts in the NWA and made appearances in AWA and WWE (when it was known as WWWF).
  11. HyperDrive

    Guess the movie?

    Correct! Your turn.
  12. HyperDrive

    Guess the movie?

    No but good guess though.
  13. HyperDrive

    Guess the movie?

    It's not a Shaw or connected to the Water Margin. Late 70's Taiwan.
  14. HyperDrive

    Pro Wrestling Thread (2020)

    ROH is doing a free show in Baltimore on February 9th called Free Enterprise. The card will feature PCO, Dragon/Ryu Lee, Rush and the debuts of Slex and Session Moth Martina. Jeff Cobb resigned with ROH but is on a per-show basis contract. He looks to wrestle mostly with NJPW this year. Alex Shelley will make his WWE debut at the NXT Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. He and Kushida will team up like they did back in NJPW, where they were called the Timesplitters. Independent women's star Mercedes Martinez has signed with WWE as well. Manabu Nakanishi announced that he is retiring on February 20th at Korakuen Hall. The long time NJPW talent won the IWGP Heavyweight title once back in 2009. He also appeared in WCW as Kurosawa where his biggest win was over Sgt. Craig Pittman on Monday Night Nitro. Liger had his retirement ceremony at NJPW New Year's Dash. He will now appear in a TV show called Liger's Angels. If only that was real....
  15. HyperDrive

    Guess the movie?