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  1. HyperDrive

    Physical, Digital, or Both: What Are Your Thoughts?

    When animated shows are uploaded onto streaming services, they become fake widescreen kungfu bootlegs. Disney Plus added trigger warnings to Dumbo (1941), Peter Pan (1953), Lady and the Tramp (1955), The Jungle Book (1967), and The Aristocats (1970). They also added tobacco warnings to countless other old movies. https://www.forbes.com/sites/lisettevoytko/2019/11/13/here-are-5-movies-disney-plus-put-cultural-warnings-on/#28000a56711c It's interesting it added a warning to Dumbo even though it edited scenes containing the crows out of it for the streaming release. It also edited the mid-credits blooper reel of Toy Story 2 and announced Song of the South would not be released. The last time that was released in the US was a theatrical reissue in 1986 for it's 40th anniversary. In the UK, it was reissued on VHS in 2000. https://www.newsweek.com/song-south-not-disney-plus-racist-streaming-1471186
  2. HyperDrive

    Wu Tang Collection App

    So George Tan, the man behind the crap VideoAsia releases, is behind a crap Youtube channel. Some things never change. Edit: Is he still touting that unreleased Bruce Lee book?
  3. HyperDrive

    Pro Wrestling Thread 2019

    The UK promotion IPW announced that it would be closing at the end of this year. Current MLW World Champion Jacob Fatu has signed a new multi-year contract extension with the promotion. The terms were not disclosed. Sin Cara has asked WWE for his release. NJPW World Tag League 2019 lineup: Guerillas of Destiny David Finlay & Juice Robinson Toru Yano & Colt Cabana Zack Sabre Jr. & Taichi (ZSJ announced on social media they would call themselves Godspeed You! Zack Emperor) Minoru Suzuki & Lance Archer TenCozy Great Bash Heel Evil & Sanada Shingo Takagi & El Terrible Chase Owens & Bad Luck Fale Kenta & Yujiro Takahashi Tomohiro Ishii & Yoshi-hashi Hirooki Goto & Karl Fredericks Yuji Nagata & Manabu Nakanishi Hiroshi Tanahashi & Toa Henare Jeff Cobb & Mikey Nicholls
  4. HyperDrive

    Pro Wrestling Thread 2019

    NJPW Showdown in San Jose Results: Ren Narita defeated Alex Coughlin. Colt Cabana & Toru Yano defeated Jushin Thunder Liger & Aaron Solow. Minoru Suzuki & El Desperado defeated Clark Connors & Karl Fredericks. Tomohiro Ishii, Juice Robinson & TJP defeated Evil, Sanada & Bushi. Hirooki Goto, Yoh & Rocky Romero defeated Kenta, Taiji Ishimori & Jado. El Phantasmo retained the RevPro British Cruiserweight title by defeating Sho. Lance Archer defeated David Finlay to retain the IWGP US title. Tetsuya Naito & Shingo Takagi defeated Jay White & Chase Owens. Kazuchika Okada & Will Ospreay defeated Kota Ibushi & Amazing Red. NJPW Showdown in Los Angeles Results: TJP & Amazing Red defeated Alex Zayne & Aaron Solow. Colt Cabana & Toru Yano defeated Alex Coughlin & Karl Fredericks. Minoru Suzuki, Lance Archer & El Desperado defeated Juice Robinson, David Finlay & Clark Connors. Evil & Sanada defeated Tomohiro Ishii & Rocky Romero. Kota Ibushi defeated Ren Narita. Hirooki Goto & Roppongi3K defeated Kenta, Taiji Ishimori & El Phantasmo. Tetsuya Naito, Shingo Takagi & Bushi defeated Jay White, Chase Owens & Gedo. NJPW announced that four new wrestlers that passed a September Los Angeles dojo tryout will appear at Lion's Break Project 2, which will be held at CharaExpo 2019 in Anaheim, CA. They are: Barrett Brown, a wrestler from Texas with a decade of experience. Misterioso Jr., a luchador from Los Angeles with eight years experience. The Riegel Twins (Logan & Sterling), a tag team from Missouri with eleven years combined experience. Also, NJPW young lion Ren Narita will appear at superindie Black Pro Label and Irish promotion Over the Top Wrestling in between NJPW US and after RevPro UK events. This confirms that that the three way partnership between NJPW, ROH and CMLL is pretty much dead as Ren Narita, a cruiserweight, was expected to have been sent to Mexico by now.
  5. HyperDrive

    Pro Wrestling Thread 2019

    ROH producer Joey Mercury quit and has spilled the beans on the company's troubles. The company is so disorganized that someone forgot to setup all transportation for Marty Scurll once. When Alex Shelley went into semi-retirement and obtained medical certifications, he began provide medical assistance at ROH events for free due to the lack of medical personnel. It was Joey Mercury, Bandido and Brody King who stabilized Flip Gordon's dislocated elbow. No concussion protocol. When WOH champion Kelly Klein missed two shows with one, the company wanted her to continue on a tour of S. Africa which Joey Mercury cancelled. No security protocol. This is why Bully Ray had to intervene when a fan tried to assault the Allure in Portland. The severe underpaying of workers. He leaked emails showing Kelly Klein being paid 24K and also talked about the total exploitation of someone named Edson, who is believed to be Bandido. When asked, current AEW producer BJ Whitmer confirmed all of Mercury's accusations. It's no wonder NJPW dropped them. AEW Full Gear results: Dr. Britt Baker, DMD defeated Bea Priestly. Proud & Powerful defeated the Young Bucks. Hangman Page defeated Pac. Shawn Spears defeated Joey Janela. SCU defeated the Lucha Brothers and Private Party to retain the AEW Tag titles. Riho defeated Emi Sakura to retain the AEW Women's title. Chris Jericho defeated Cody Rhodes to retain the AEW World title when MJF threw in the towel. Dean Malenko, Arn Anderson and the Great Muta appeared as judges if the match went the full 60 minutes. MJF apologized to Cody afterwards and then kicked him in the groin. Jon Moxley defeated Kenny Omega in a FMW-style Unsanctioned Lights Out match. The guy that was caught on camera dumping a full drink on MJF has been identified as Alan Angels, a Georgia-based pro wrestler. Cody Rhodes needed eight stitches for a cut and also sustained a separated rib.
  6. It will be a disappointment if the Murray Head song isn't on the soundtrack.
  7. It was released by IFD as The Great Dragon Boxer. The scenes on the back cover look filmed in the Philippines. VHS cover with gwailos so maybe it's an IFD cut and paste of The Black Dragon.
  8. HyperDrive

    Pro Wrestling Thread 2019

    NJPW Power Struggle Results: Volador Jr., Titan, TJP & Clark Connors defeated Jushin Thunder Liger, Tiger Mask, Ryusuke Taguchi & Yuya Uemura. El Phantasmo & Taiji Ishimori defeated Robbie Eagles & Rocky Romero. Evil, Sanada & Shingo Takagi defeated Minoru Suzuki, Lance Archer & Zack Sabre Jr. Kota Ibushi & Hiroshi Tanahashi defeated Kazuchika Okada & Yoshi-hashi. Tetsuya Naito defeated Taichi. Roppongi3K defeated El Desperado & Yoshinobu Kanemaru to win the Super Jr. Tag League. Kenta defeated Tomohiro Ishii to retain the Never Openweight title. Will Ospreay defeated Bushi to retain the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight title. Jay White defeated Hirooki Goto to retain the IWGP Intercontinental title. There were a couple of surprises.Chris Jericho beat up a bunch of Hiroshi Tanahashi fans and challenged him to a match. Then, Hiromu Takahashi made a surprise return to challenge Will Ospreay.
  9. HyperDrive

    Angry Rant: You Know What's Bullshit? Blu Ray Encryption

    The movie industry sucks in this regard especially since the video game industry has gone region free. Also, why do all BR players now come with Wifi and a ton of streaming apps I will never use?
  10. HyperDrive

    Physical, Digital, or Both: What Are Your Thoughts?

    Sony is shutting down its live TV streaming service Playstation Vue. https://blog.us.playstation.com/2019/10/29/sony-interactive-entertainment-to-shut-down-playstation-vue/ There's bad news for people who want to see classics in actual theaters. Disney is pulling all Fox classics from distribution meaning a lot of small independent theaters may have to shut their doors. Basically, the whorporations are forcing their crappy streaming services on us. https://www.vulture.com/2019/10/disney-is-quietly-placing-classic-fox-movies-into-its-vault.html?utm_source=pocket-newtab
  11. I just watched this movie and have a question. Where does the male disciple go during the end fight? After the head bad guy beats the heroes back several times one on one, he seemingly just disappears until after the fight is over.
  12. It is worse now. Although output was slow it wasn't dead. I can think of Mr. Nice Guy, Black Mask, Mortal Kombat and etc. New talent like Tony Jaa were just beginning their careers (although 99% of his 90's output can only be found on seemingly extinct VCDs). The one real bad thing was that Taiwan was dead by this time. So it wasn't really good but not really bad either. The bigger thing was if you didn't like what was on the big screen, you could go to your local video rental shop and pick out a classic from the 70's or 80's. Tai Seng and Ocean Shores were still in business. Also local TV stations or public access channels in some areas still aired Kung Fu Theater on the weekends. I was introduced to Bruce Li as a teen thanks to channel 45. The back catalog was more widely available then. The 2010's began with Gallants. Indonesia gave us a surprise with The Raid and its sequel and followed it up with Headshot and the Night Comes For Us. South Korea gave us stuff like Blades of Blood, Kundo and most recently The Divine Fury. I think people think it is dead because HK just gave us The Sword Master and countless Ip Man movies while China was mostly forgettable CGI fests. Is this the decade where the rest of the world surpassed HK/China/Taiwan in terms of quality and output? Access to the classics has gotten a lot worse. You can't just go to a rental store and discover a new movie. Most dvds are oop and listed for some crazy price online. Major streaming sites don't really pay attention to this genre and youtube offers horribly encoded stretched versions of a cut version of a movie. The only TV station that plays them regularly is El Rey. There is no new talent being developed or that has appeared to to take the spotlight. I guess they could always use CGI for everything and make someone with no martial arts background look good or something.
  13. HyperDrive

    Pro Wrestling Thread 2019

    NJPW is on the offensive. The promotion announced the creation of NJPW of America, a subsidiary. They will double the number of events across five tours. https://www.njpw1972.com/631 Does this mean more US titles? US only wrestlers? The end of the partnership with ROH? We will see.
  14. HyperDrive

    Pro Wrestling Thread 2019

    It looks like they will have joint shows instead of merging into one company. The only Japanese promotion to have both a men's and women's division was FMW. Great Muta's Wrestle-1 features women's matches at its major events but they are brought in from other promotions. BushiRoad announced plans for CharaExpo USA in Anaheim, CA, the site of last year's NJPW Lion's Break Project. NJPW and Stardom will both be there. The NJPW side of things will be called Lion's Break Project 2 while the following Stardom match was announced. It is unknown if the NJPW and Stardom matches take place on separate days or they alternate in a joint show. Things are getting even weirder in ROH. After doing promos and attacking random people after matches, Maria Manic's contract has expired and she is now attending a WWE tryout without ever wrestling a single match for ROH. Note even NWO chauffeur Vincent did two matches for WCW. PCO recently gave an interview and said ROH should be on the rebound next year though. https://411mania.com/wrestling/pco-on-reports-his-roh-contract-is-coming-up-soon-being-happy-in-roh-2020-plans/