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  1. HyperDrive

    Pro Wrestling Thread 2019

    Jon Moxley gave an interview about his NJPW experience and says he plans on being in the Tokyo Dome this January. https://www.njpw1972.com/58214 Southside Wrestling of the UK announced it was closing but now it has been bought out by RevPro. Unification title matches between the two promotions' champions will occur in the future. The below might be an angle or might not.
  2. HyperDrive

    Pro Wrestling Thread 2019

    Probably not. The deal between Anthem and Mark Cuban for HDNet LLC, the parent company of AXS TV and HDNet Movies, has suddenly been finalized after entertainer Steve Harvey entered as a third partner. Cuban, the founder of the network, will still be a minority owner. Really old ROH shows are apparently part of the AXS library along with all of the US NJPW content and the ongoing Women of Wrestling show. It will be interesting to see how AXS does in the future as two weird moves already happened. One, Friday Night MMA, which was once the highest rated show on the network, was dropped. Two, the Dallas office was shutdown and 40 people were laid off. This included Adam Swift, the man who helped bring all of the current pro wrestling content to AXS in the first place. As Impact is moving to AXS, will NJPW remain or leave as it and Impact have had a historically bad relationship? Or will Anthem and former NJPW announcer Don Callis convince it that things have changed? In other news.... September has not been a nice month for the UK wrestling scene. First, OWE announced it was postponing its UK tour, which would have seen the launch of OWE UK. This comes after OWE UK Marketing director, Sean McMahon cancelled the tour and resigned. He posted online that it was due to misconduct by another director and OWE China. Head of creative Jay Apter has also reigned. OWE China said it was going to postpone but not cancel the tour. It however admitted that it was locked out of all OWE UK media and had lost all communication with people in the UK. It was a shocking weekend for RevPro during the finals of its annual tag team tournament. There was a botch in the final between Aussie Open and the champions Josh Bodom & Sha Samuels, which resulted in referee Aaren Wilde ringing the bell five minutes early. In case you were wondering, Aussie Open was booked to win and indeed won. Moments afterwards, Samuels went outside the ring with Wilde and body slammed him. Then, Bodom rained blows down on the ref, leaving him with severe injuries. Samuels later had a lengthy meeting with management, who accepted his apology and will issue disciplinary action later. Bodom was fired from the promotion and the tag team titles are now vacant. Cody Rhodes had to issue an apology after taking part in a chant at AAA Triplemania. He said that he thought it was just a post match tradition and was unaware of its negative connotations. Session Moth Martina has rejected an offer from NXT UK and instead signed with ROH. The deal allows her to continue her to work in Japan with Stardom and on the indie circuit in Europe. Cool article - WWE, AEW, NWA - Wrestling returns to its Atlanta roots. https://www.ajc.com/news/local/the-wars-return/qowCM7htjsHpfFWPKoe0nO/
  3. HyperDrive

    Pro Wrestling Thread 2019

    NXT talent Kacy Catanzaro has retired from wrestling due to a back injury. Kylie Rae was granted her release from AEW. It's believed she took medical leave shortly after Double or Nothing. Not is known as her instagram account has been inactive since July and she deleted her twitter in August. NJPW Royal Quest results Roppongi3K & Rocky Romero defeated Ryusuke Taguchi, Shota Umino & Ren Narita. Kota Ibushi & Juice Robinson defeated Yujiro Takahashi & Hikuleo. Will Ospreay & Robbie Eagles defeated El Phantasmo & Taiji Ishimori. Tetsuya Naito & Sanada defeated Jay White & Chase Owens. G.O.D. defeated Aussie Open to retain the IWGP Heavyweight Tag titles. Kenta won the Never Openweight title by defeating Tomohiro Ishii. Kenta went to the hospital afterwards with a suspected concussion and was cleared Saturday. Hiroshi Tanahashi stunned Zack Sabre Jr. to win the RevPro British Heavyweight title. Kazuchika Okada defeated Minoru Suzuki to retain the IWGP Heavyweight title. AEW All Out results Nyla Rose won the all female Casino Battle Royale. Britt Baker was eliminated last. Private Party defeated Jack Evans and Angelico. SoCal Uncensored defeated Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus & Marko Stunt in a six-man tag. PAC scored a TKO against Kenny Omega. Jimmy Havoc defeated Joey Janela and Darby Allin in a three-way hardcore Cracker Barrel Clash. The Dark Order defeated Best Friends and won a first-round bye in the AEW Tag Team title tournament. Riho defeated Hikaru Shida. Cody (with MJF) defeated Shawn Spears (with Tully Blanchard). Arn Anderson came out and gave Spears a spinebuster. The Lucha Brothers defeated the Young Bucks to win the AAA Tag titles in a Escalera de la Muerte ladder match. LAX came out afterwards and took out the Young Bucks. Chris Jericho became the first AEW World Champion after he defeated Hangman Page.
  4. HyperDrive

    China Destroys Buddhist Statues

    It might be too high profile of an act for the Chinese government to commit cleanly due to the UNESCO designation. However, the Buddhas of Bamiyan were under that designation as well. Then again, the Taliban did not care about the public eye nor did it have the economic partnerships that China would risk losing.
  5. HyperDrive

    XFL Returns in February 2020

    The river commerce that it was built upon declined throughout the last century. Los Angeles and NYC also have two MLS teams each with the LA Galaxy out in the suburbs and the NY Redbulls in Jersey. It is total overload. Houston is an interesting exception since it is the biggest city in Texas and one of the fastest growing in the nation. Tbh, Canadian provinces don't need the NFL since they have the CFL. The only other major league beside the NHL to have multiple teams up there is MLS.
  6. HyperDrive

    China Destroys Buddhist Statues

    Does anyone think authorities there will leave that one untouched after destroying all the others?
  7. HyperDrive

    China Destroys Buddhist Statues

    After reading the article posted by @thekfc, it seems it was just a legend perpetuated by media. You'd think they realized that they were sabotaging the economic stability of tourist areas by destroying the main attractions though. The same thing happened in Laos and Mongolia under communism though. Buddhism seems to be losing another land. It once flourished in India and then the Mughals wiped it out. It only reentered the country when the British captured Ladakh and Sikkim. It is bad that we see such mindless destruction today in the form of this and the Uyghur camps.
  8. HyperDrive

    XFL Returns in February 2020

    That's what they should do. The logo is actually a copy of the old Dallas Desperados arena football team.
  9. They should be very careful not to touch the 36th Chamber. https://www.taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/3765561
  10. HyperDrive

    Pro Wrestling Thread 2019

    Jon Moxley had to pull out of his match with Kenny Omega at All Out due to a MRSA infection in his elbow. Another dream match will be happening instead as PAC will replace him in the match. Rey Fenix is questionable for All Out after sustaining a leg injury in a tag match with his brother against Juventud Guerrera & Teddy Hart on the indie circuit on Friday. He did wrestle on Saturday but did very little with no acrobatics. NJPW announced another US show for Saturday, November 9th. It is called New Japan Showdown and will take place in San Jose at the San Jose Civic Center. Cain Velasquez, who is linked with AAA, was at the Super J-Cup with his family and had an informal meeting with the promotion. Hmm...Velasquez vs either Kenta, ZSJ or Minoru Suzuki.....
  11. HyperDrive

    XFL Returns in February 2020

    Putting a team in St. Louis is a smart move. However, New York and Los Angeles are beyond capacity in regards to football teams. The Houston logo is the nicest of them all.
  12. HyperDrive

    Pro Wrestling Thread 2019

    So NXT is getting another hour and moving to the USA Network on Wednesdays. Each episode will be uploaded to the WWE Network every Thursday and NXT Takeover events are still Network exclusive. Vince fears AEW. Rhonda Rousey almost lost a finger during the filming of the Fox TV show 911. A boat door fell on her hand and she was taken to the hospital after talking to the director between takes. Doctors had to put her middle finger back together with a plate and two screws as it was broken with the tendon severed. The tip of her ring finger was fractured as well. AAA had to move it's NYC show out of MSG and into the much smaller Hulu Theater at MSG after only selling around 2000 tickets. MMA fighter Cain Velasquez is rumored to be appearing at that show and the company's following show in LA. AEW added Big Swole and Sadie Gibbs to its women's Casino Battle Royal at All Out.
  13. HyperDrive

    Pro Wrestling Thread 2019

    WWE has unveiled the brackets for King of the Ring. It should be a final of Ricochet/Samoa Joe vs Andrade/Kevin Owens. NJPW has announced that it's Royal Quest show in London will be an iPPV on FiteTV for $24.99 with the streaming platform having a 72-hour exclusivity window. This the second NJPW show that has broadcast on it with the first one being the Australian show Southern Showdown. Will Ospreay and El Phantasmo round out the roster for the Super J-Cup.
  14. HyperDrive

    Pro Wrestling Thread 2019

    You'd think so. TSN interviewed ROH exec Joe Koff and he said some interesting things. When asked if he regretted helping the Elite produce All In as it lead to the creation of AEW, he said no. He said the split with the NWA happened because both sides felt it was time that the NWA grow its own "brand identity" and that people were making a bigger deal out of it than they should. The partnership with CMLL and NJPW is more of a gentleman's agreement than a paper agreement. He has no problem with NJPW doing US shows. The next step for ROH is to transition from syndicated shows taped weeks in advance to live broadcasts. https://www.tsn.ca/ring-of-honor-coo-joe-koff-is-ready-to-help-lead-roh-through-a-changing-landscape-in-pro-wrestling-1.1348475 ROH Summer Supercard results PCO & Brody King defeated TK O'Ryan & Vinny Marseglia. Silas Young refused to wrestle PJ Black so Black made an open challenge. Marty Scurll came out and defeated PJ Black. Kelly Klein defeated Tasha Steelz and retained the WOH title. Mark Haskins & Bandido defeated Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham. Shane Taylor vs Tracy Williams was a no contest after Flip Gordon jumped Williams with a kendo stick. Rush defeated Dalton Castle in a no DQ match. Tracy Williams came back out to demand a match with Shane Taylor. Taylor defeated Williams and retained the ROH TV title. Caristico, Soberano Jr. & Stuka Jr. defeated Barbaro Cavernario, Templario & Hechicero in a tradtional lucha libre trios match. Matt Taven defeated Alex Shelley to retain the ROH World Championship. A drunk fan inadvertently became part of this match. The Briscoes defeated G.O.D. in a ladder war to retain the ROH tag titles. Joe Hendry signed with ROH. NJPW announced four more competitors for the Super J-Cup.
  15. HyperDrive

    Pro Wrestling Thread 2019

    Huge AEW article. https://decider.com/2019/08/05/all-elite-wrestling-interview/ The NWA has announced television tapings.