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  1. Yer AlbertV that Number One Girl was a cheesy stinker. I recently found a free {thank god} download of it. Being from UK I was curios as Vinnie Jones is big over here and i thought whats this? it never made it into Blockbusters/cinema's, now i know why lol{he'll do anything for a few quid/bucks low}. To add to your list id put all the Karate Kid movies for although i enjoyed them as a kid, there was more cheese in those than an Edam factory. And anyone who disagrees you can wax off!
  2. MasterDrunk

    Best curses

    Whoops just put 2 and 2 together and came up with 5. As they have been in a few together and same surname.Repost Mark Long say's to his regular sparring partner and namesake Jack, before starting a fight in 36 Deadly Styles "You old bastard! so there you are" Just noticed where i got this imformation on ML and JL, on my copy of Ninja Checkmate {Mystery of Chess Boxing} on the write up on the back it says "Simon Yuen stars along with the fighting brother duo of Jack and Mark Long..." Guess the company MAT didnt do their homework. Ill take your word for it Cheers
  3. MasterDrunk

    Best curses

    Mark Long to his real life brother Jack Long in 36 Deadly before starting a fight. "You old bastard ! so there you are"
  4. Yer cool Morgoth. Not bothered really, just wanted to get the message over that he shouldn't "waste himself" but he's prob got a point in the raising recent threads dept .And yer Mark just saw the TM 4 the 1st time a few days ago , His slapstick opening fight and then the 'mad' intro with him havin some sort of fit on the floor , set the scene nicely {print I had wasn't the best hope it gets a remastering one day if it already hasn't} Regarding the Brucie's haven't seen those two in a while can't remember the intro's {shame on me} But Enter the Dragon {my 1st K-Fu and still one of my favs } had a cool intro with Lalo Schfrin's funky score and clips of BL JK JS, deserves to be up there. "Man you come straight out of a comic book" JK ETD
  5. Nice choices Old Skool17 . Morgoth a fair few there I ain't seen.But yer love the NITDD one {great tune } and the MOTFG brilliant opening and theme {they sampled it briefly in Kill Bill} And Bravery cheers for comments but the guy's entitled to take certain things seriously if he wants to ,he's obviously very passionate about the genre/forum and probably thinks who's this joker posting old stuff/ silliness and as our Icons/names would suggest were defiantly not similar characters so may not exactly get on have similar views etc. But its been cool chattin with some fans on here so ill be trying to stick to some guidelines as while the novelty factor will ware off a bit soon and overdoing threads comments will fade I'm sure its a forum ill be checking out for a long time.
  6. Sorry Sifu. Guess im a bit impulsive, lethargic etc When it comes to doing homework . Don't know what the cut off time would be for resurrecting a topic, but will definitely do more scanning before having any more 'brainwaves' Figured in would surely have come up b4 but didn't spot in my brief scans. Will do my utmost to avoid such errors of judgement in future. So as to avoid giving reason for yours {any1 else's} disapproval. As you really don't strike me as the sort of person I would want to engage in any sort of banter {properly visa versa} with. So hopefully you will have no reason to voice opinions on any subject I may comment on/ raise in the future. And if you do ill simply ignore them, say what you like obviously {freedom of speech etc} but as to trying to rile annoy/put me off etc I'll quote my K-FU hero Bruce Lee "Don't waste yourself" .Once again sorry.
  7. Me again, maniac Thread starter. Hope it hasn't been done for a while. For me you can't beat a great opening to set the tone for the Kung-Fu ride your about to go on. So iv'e put my own 5 favs off the top of my head down. And to see if anyone agrees/ want's to adds them. 1.Warriors Two 2.The Hot The Cool And The Vicious 3.Snake in The Eagle's Shadow 4.Master Of The Flying Gulliotine 5.The Thundering Mantis "When I Lose? I Wont even notice, I'll be to busy looking good." Jim Kelly ETD
  8. Yes to the 1st ? and i sure do, would like to see it get a remastering. One of my fav opening sequences {Thread ? } Will look in2 this one your suggesting might add it to my next order. Cheers
  9. Sadly 10 MK Isn't available from my rare kung fu sources i.e HK Flix. So i think ill go for TFTK&TE as its going for $6 ! and its received a few votes and got a good score on HKF and its got a great title, gotta be up there with THTC&TV AND 10 MK for best K-Fu title {sounds like a new thread topic!} 'Best ever title' lol And both this thread idea and the 'bad wig one' would give Bolo 2 shot's at the title {surley no one can top his red curly thing} in 36DS.These 2 and maybe 'Biggest meanest MF in a K-Fu' would be his only realistic chances of hitting the top spot me thinks. Come on ETD! "When I lose? I won't even notice, I'll be too busy looking good" JK ETD
  10. MasterDrunk

    Best Kung Fu performances by Kids

    Nice stuff Albertv. Got to confess having not watched the classic 'Iron Monkey' for a couple of years I'd forgotten Tsang Sze Man {Angie} was a girl . Good job i didn't put TSM the boy from IM I would have looked like a right donut lol. After seeing some replies and your Images my memory has returned .I knew one of the 'kids' in the list was a girl but thought it was Tse Miu from LOTRD .Think both are due for a re watch in the next week or so .Cheers "When I Lose ? I wont even notice, I'll be too busy looking good" JK ETD
  11. Cheers for the links ill check them out later. As a newbie i've kinda done enough threads {some dodgy some o.k} allready, and i dont wanna o.d some may think im rising above my station. And was kinda jokin about 'the bad wig one' although 2 me it would be amusing. So will pass that option on to you and you can take the plaudits/critisim lol. Gonna be placing an order for a few with HK Flix soon and could do with a good Bolo, so if you could recommend 1 {other than ETD BS} Bearing in my mind i like fast paced action decent prints and not to much cheese/comedy ill take a shot at it. "When I lose? I won't even notice it,I'll be too busy looking good" JK ETD
  12. Ok i was hasty in putting it in my bottom 3.Being a huge HJL fan I got 36 DS in the early part of my Kung Fu quest buying Classics left right and centre ,this one got shelved due to the abundance of quality i was getting at the time.Dont think the bad wigs, silly music {I swear there were a few tunes from kids shows i used 2 watch on BBC} helped.The action was pretty good and Jeez {must be drunk} i even found it quite amusing {comedy fu's rule} and being more schooled now recognized a lot of the artists. Wasn't that the monk from Sh vs Lama in the early bit, and the donut with the red nose who wrote the amusing letter lol was he Dean Shrek's younger bro lol {same dub from SITES} Still in the lower regions of my collection as i do a lot of review research b4 buying these days {so aint got much cheese} and i still prefer BBJ 2, but its ok 6/10 i gave it 4/10 on IMDB so will readjust. Gave my an idea for a new thread 'worst wigs in a kung-fu' if i can get it passed by Sifu 1st.How come HJL done the dubbing 4 Mark Long lol "you old bastard! so there you are" Mark Long to his bro 36DS
  13. Would't say BBJ 2 was one of my favs but love Jim Kelly {Bolo,Flashlegs} and its the only decent one of seen with him in other than ETD ,Way better than the awful Black Samouri and Two down 1 to Go[managed to sell those on to a nostalgic black friend lol} . His skills deserverd more {but i guess a cool black dude would look strange in a asian old skool movie} and USA wernt making any back then. Feelin in good mood after good poker session so am gonna watch through 36DS to see HJL ,Long Brothers and wigged up Bolo in action, but gonna be with the FF button on the ready so as to aviod too much 'weirdness' and to aviod the strange plot.
  14. Have to say Enter the Dragon as i love it so much,and ive only seen 3 or 4 on your list.Allways loved his style/power etc and would have liked to see him as the hero rather than the fall guy as he often was cast {suppose he looked to deadly to be hero} To add to your list id put Black Belt Jones 2 starring legend Jim Kelly. Bit of a cheopo but very good action with JK taking on Bolo {bad guy again} and allcomers, ably backed up by 'Flashlegs' Tan Tao Liang . Funky cheesy good fights and some nudity can't ask for more.And 2 stinkers 1 called Fists of Justice where he plays a comedy thicko with Pai Piao, one to avoid {id say}cheap stupid crap, never got past first 30 minutes, And 36 Deadly Styles Staring legend Hwang Jang Lee with Bolo in the donut role again as one of his henchman, again never got 30 or so minutes of this Joseph Kuo produced weirdness.At my last count id just gone over the 100 Kung Fu's mark{mostly classics} and FOJ and 36DS are still in my worst 3 {Shame 4 great Bolo deserved better} Be interested to see which Bolo's come in top 3 so i can pick em up so as to get some homage to him without going thru the average/poor ones.