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  1. Snake in the Eagle's Shadow is a great movie. But does it need to be on there if Drunken Master is? Like I said, Eagle's Shadow is great, but I feel Drunken Master kinda does everything a little better. If we're making an essential Top 10 list, should we spend 2 of those spots for both of these films? Or leave one for something else? It's a tough call. Personally I feel that if someone has seen Drunken Master, Eagle's Shadow won't necessarily do anything new for them. What do you guys think? That being said I'd be okay letting Eagle's Shadow on there too if you'd guys like since it is a great film. And for the other films people are mentioning - I've seen a handful of these but I'm no historian. You're going to have to start a debate with others and reason why film A NEEDS to be on the list over film B. If this doesn't happen then I'll need to start a vote +1, vote -1 kind of system eventually. And to the people who say no Bruce Lee film should be anywhere near a top 10 list - you're crazy. That's all I have to say. I believe Fist of Fury must be on this list. If it was my personal list I'd probably toss all his films on there besides GOD. But it's not. But c'mon - FIST OF MOTHER F-IN FURY!
  2. Alright I put Drunken Master and 36th Chamber on the list for now. I agree with those choices as well. If anyone wants to challenge feel free to do so, but I feel pretty confident in those 2 being "must-haves". Now I originally said Enter the Dragon and Fist of Fury need to be on this list. Fist of Fury is in my opinion the best Bruce movie. I agree Enter the Dragon is not the best and would be okay letting it go, I just felt that it was a very important film for the kung fu genre as a whole. But perhaps that's not enough to make it on the list? I would 2nd King Boxer. I think that's an excellent film that still holds up today. So let's talk it out a bit more. Let's maybe try to get a solid top 5 first, then we can fight out the rest. So Drunken Master, 36th Chamber.....and Fist of Fury? Is everyone okay putting Fist of Fury on our official list? I don't feel it is the most "important" Bruce film, but I do feel it is the best in terms of a captivating story and action scenes. Not to mention Bruce had some more dynamic acting roles in this film than any of his others (repairman).
  3. So I'm going to make a Top 10 list for classic, modern, and eventually combine the two for the best martial arts film of all-time. Seems cliche and whatnot, but this list will be determined by the Kung Fu Cinema community. First comes the classic. Too many people have their own personal top 10, but let's try to make a universal list we can all mostly agree on. I feel the best way to do this is to first decide what NEEDS to be on this list, rather than what we want to be on the list. So let's start throwing out names for titles that NEED to be on this list. --- The Top 10 Classic MA Films So Far: Drunken Master (1978) The 36th Chamber of Shaolin (1978) Fist of Fury (1972) Contenders that have been brought up for discussion 2 Heroes Of The East 2 The Prodigal Son 2 Legend Of A Fighter 1 5 Deadly Venoms 1 King Boxer 1 Way of the Dragon 1 The Buddhist Fist 1 Knockabout 1 Hapkido 1 Shaolin Temple 1 Chinese Boxer 1 Eight Diagram Pole Fighter 1 Magnificent Butcher 1 Odd Couple 1 Disciples of Shaolin 1 Sword Stained With Royal Blood 1 Gangmasters Contenders that are close to being knocked out Enter the Dragon
  4. Is there any better legit R1 DVD release of Dance or Invincible Armor? Or is this basically it? It's hard to tell on Amazon with all the boots out there. If this is the only release though then I'll have to pick this up.
  5. Man, it's crazy that all that content and effort put into those films will go unseen. Lost forever.
  6. TripMasterMunky

    Drunken Master 1 or 2?

    Yeah I've never been able to see how people can enjoy the 2nd more than the original. But as another said, I guess they're just 2 different films. I prefer classics 70 flicks, so DM1 is a clear winner to me. I don't really care for DM2 that much really.
  7. TripMasterMunky

    Shaolin and Wu Tang

    On a side note, does anyone know which film studio Shaolin and Wu Tang was under?
  8. TripMasterMunky

    All R1 Celestials...labels/titles/dates?

    This is the best thread ever. Thank you for the consistent updates. It's awesome that there's links for each one as well.
  9. Pretty self-explanatory. Shaw Brothers was obviously a dominant force of the 70s. And the films of Bruce Lee were also a force in their own. So besides those, what are some of your favorite, possibly must-see, classic martial arts films? I'm not well informed when it comes to this stuff, so I'd like to experiment outside of SB for a bit and check out some other favorites, whether it be from Golden Harvest, Seasonal or wherever. I'm sure Snake in the Eagle's Shadow and Drunken Master will be popular choices no doubt, but I'm curious to see what else is out there. I've also seen Warriors Two, which was alright but I didn't care for it as much as other people.
  10. So I'm just going to kill multiple birds with one stone here. Forgive me. But let's get to the point. 1. Wong Fei Hung films. The original series of 99 films in the 50s-70s. Have these been released anywhere in any region on DVD? And who has all seen some of them here? How are they? Worth watching? I've really only just seen clips here and there on youtube, so it's hard to get a general picture of the series. As far as storylines and kung fu, how were they? I know they were a bit more tame when it came to violence compared to something like Shaw Brothers. 2. Last Hurrah for Chivalry. What's everyone's opinion of this film? Was thinking about getting it, I know DD put out a release awhile ago that is now out of print. So I'd have to do some hunting down for it, just wondering if it's worth it or not. All I know is that it is a swordplay film directed by John Woo. It seems like it's still pretty classic martial arts, something akin to Shaw Brothers and the like. 3. I noticed this forum is very specific in its title. "Classic Martial Arts Cinema 1928-1985." My question is, what happened in 1928 and what happened in 1985 to mark these years as the unofficial beginning and end of the classic martial arts genre?] Thanks in advance for any replies and listening to my combo post.
  11. TripMasterMunky

    Any kung fu...."conventions?"

    So along with classic kung fu, I'm also a huge fan of Kaiju/tokusatsu films as well (japanese giant monster/special effects). Both are pretty niche genres. But for Kaiju, there's a magazine, and a major convention that goes on every year. Classic actors from the 60s even travel from Japan for interviews and such. Which got me wondering, what does kung fu have? Has there been any yearly kung fu conventions that go on or anything like that? Of course there's all kinds of stuff for Asian cinema festivals and such. But what about something as specified as a festival/convention for kung fu films only? I doubt there is anything, but just thought I'd ask anyway since I'm not as informed about the kung fu fandom.
  12. TripMasterMunky

    Why do I prefer Shaw Brothers over todays big budget epics?

    I have troubles answering this as well too. Besides the obvious of just diggin' the raw kung fu, no wires or anything, I also really enjoy the "lore". The classic martial arts universe. As silly as it sounds. I just love a world where just about everyone knows kung fu and epic battles are constantly going on. It's fun to think of the entire Shaw Brothers filmography as taking place in a single universe. Like all these different stories going on around the same time.
  13. Looks like I'll just stick with my Ultimate Bruce Lee Collection DVD set for now. Hopefully we'll get a better release of these films stateside, or at least something similar for a cheaper price. $100 is too much for basically 3 films. Is the Warner Bros. American ETD Blu-Ray release worth getting at all? I have the DVD but I've heard mixed things about the blu-ray version. Just wondering if anyone here has any first-hand experience on if the blu-ray is worth upgrading to at all or offers better picture in any way.
  14. I noticed someone earlier in the thread stated this was a great companion piece with Hong Kong Action Cinema by Bey Logan, 1995. So I am taking that advice and I am currently reading through that first, then I will order Ultimate Guide right afte. Is there any other absolutely must-read books about classic martial art films I should check out? Or are these 2 books basically the complete essentials?
  15. Hey everyone, so I've always loved the soundtrack to Drunken Master '78. Snake in the Eagle's Shadow isn't too bad either. Does anyone know where to get these soundtracks? I've seen Drunken Master II soundtrack for order on Amazon, but has anyone ever seen a release or a torrent for the original Drunken Master soundtrack? Or any other classic kung fu soundtracks like for Bruce Lee's movies (besides Enter the Dragon)? Music is always rarely talked about in martial art films, but some of these films had great pieces. I'd love love love to have the soundtrack for the original Drunken Master. Can anyone direct me in the right location? On a side note, I've seen that the entire Snake in the Eagle's Shadow & Drunken Master soundtrack is on youtube...but no way to download...