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  1. I'm looking for any infos on fatty k-f comedien Chiang Kam http://http://www.hkcinemagic.com/en/people.asp?id=1854 (Magnificent Butcher, Snake in the Eagle Shadow, Kid from Kwantung etc) . Some years ago I've read on this very forum, that he actually killed himself at some point. Does anyone has any more details on his life and passing. Thank you.
  2. Kung-Fu Scholar

    Doing a research paper on Lau Kar Leung. Need Help.

    In 1985, The Cahier du Cinema conducted an extended interview with Master Lau covering pretty much his life and career so far. I translated this interview myself years ago and it can be seen at this following adress; . [email=http://changcheh.0catch.com/lau-int.htm]http://changcheh.0catch.com/lau-int.htm Best of luck with your paper.
  3. This year martial art offering includes among others; Saving General Yang, Ip Man The Final Fight, Thailand Lady Assassin and India One man Commendo. The fest website; http://fantasiafestival.com/2013/en Best to all.
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    Top 10 Lau Kar-Leung Films

    In chronological order, I rate according not only for overall quality but historical relevence and originality as well. Spiritual Boxer Challenge of the masters Executioner from Shaolin 36 Chamber of Shaolin Heroes of the east Dirty Ho Mad Monkey Kung-Fu My Young Auntie Legendary Weapons of China Eight Diagram Pole Fighter Honorable mention for: Martial Club and Pedcap Driver'S LKL vs Sammo Hung Duel the best pole fight ever. Top five: Executioner 36 Chambers My Young Auntie Legendary Weapons Eight Diagram. Top action/k-f sequence in a LKL film or in a LKL performance (on top of my head) -Dirty Ho's wine tasting/clandestine k-f sequence. -Pedicap Driver LkL Vs Sammo hung duel -Martial Club: Gordon Liu Vs Wang Lung Wei finale -My Young Auntie: LKL vs Wang Lung Wei finale -Legendary Weapons of China: LKL vs Gordon Liu and the LKL vs Lau Kar WIng's breathless weapons fight sequence. -Eight Diagram Pole Fighter: Gordon Liu vs Ko Fei pole duel. -And so many others to numourous to count. Bless you Sifu.
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    RIP Lau Kar Leung (1936-2013)

    Here a link for a an interview with Master Lau Kar Leung which I translated way back. http://changcheh.0catch.com/lau-int.htm
  6. Just learned that Kung-fu cinema original comedic kung-fu kid Wong Yu passed away recently. It's his brother in law Ching Siu Tong that announced the news and fixed the funeral arragement. Reportedly he died from some sort of viral infection and was just 53 years old. A graduate from Shaw Brother actor school, he started out around 72-73, in troubled puppy-eyed teager role (as in The TEAHOUSE) but he was really revealed as a kung-fu comedic leading man in Lau Kar Leung directorial debut SPIRITUAL BOXER. Although latter on called Shaw's Studio answer to Jackie Can he predated him by many years. Actually both a them took a bit after the original kung-fu kid Fu Sheng. Besides KLau Kar Leung Wong Yu worked initially with such director Lau KAr Wing and Li Han Hsiang playing the comic foil to such actors as Gordon Lliu and Anthony Lau. After an initial string of kung-fu comedy he extended his range in wuxipian movies, gambling movie, period comedie etc. Besides the Lau Brothers he also became later on a regular for Wong Jing and Sung Chung movies. Although of limited charisma and kung-fu skills, Wong Yu main assets were his comedic flair and his likeable underdogish trickster persona. One of his best role (if not the best outright) is as the titular lead rogue DIRTY HO by Lau Kar Leung. Wong Yu career declined at the same time as Shaw Brothers studio fortunes were also webbing at the start of the eighties. He was reported to have some drug and alcool problems. He was also involved in the car crash that killed Fu Sheng. Following Shaw studio closure he could only find bit parts in movies. He was luckier on TV at least for a time where he work as a supporting actor for ATV station. Eventually he left the movies business altoghter, and found work instead in an assurence company, then became a vendor on H-K Temple street. In short he became a where are they now from star to has been casualty. He clean up his acted in later years and according to Ching Siu Tong, while he was'nt rich he wasn't completly destitude either. I wrote a bio entry on him years ago on Brian Naas's Hong Kong View from the Brooklyn Bridge, while some areas of his carreer are overlook, it's still give a good overviews of it overall. Kung-Fu Scholar
  7. Suet Nei Bio written way back in 2004. Sorry for the ackward english. http://http://www.hkcinemagic.com/en/people.asp?id=2635 And Yes I be interested in seeing the Magic Nun too
  8. Suet Nei Bio written way back in 2004. Sorry for the ackward english. And Yes I be interested in seeing the Magic Nun too.
  9. Hello all. I'm doing a reseach on mantis fist movies. I made a list of all the movies where Mantis fist makes an appearence that I know of but I may have miss some. Please If you know a movie not listed below please tell me which one it is. Thanks in advance. K-F Scholar. Champions Dance of the drunken mantis. Death duel of mantis. Divine martial art of dharma Dynamite trio Eagle claws Five Shaolin Masters, Forbidden Kingdom. Iron fisted Monk King of beggar. Magic crystal. Mantis Combat, Mantis under falcon claws Martial arts of shaolin. Martial club Phantom Kung-fu Prodigal SOn. Seven star grand mantis Shaolin Ex monk Shaolin Mantis Shaolin Traitorous Snake in the eagle shadow Snaky Fight against mantis Tai chi boxer, Thundering mantis Warrior Two
  10. Kung-Fu Scholar

    Mantis Fist movies.

    Actually that's southern mantis fist not the same thing as northern mantis. My mistake though. Should have made the distinction. Falcon uses monkey fist against Cynhia Rothrock (who uses eagle claw against him). Monkey's leg works is identical to mantis fist however. As for 7 Grand Masters I check it out. Thanks,.
  11. Kung-Fu Scholar

    Angela mao's Greatest? Deep Thrust?

    Incidently the actress playing Angela's mom in that scene was Hung Mei David Chiang's, Derek Yee and Paul Chung mother. She died last month at 93 of age. See below; http://www.hkcinemagic.com/en/people.asp?id=3235
  12. Kung-Fu Scholar

    Basher queries

    I'm doing a glossary entry on basher for the french website HK Cinemagic. The basher monkier isn't known in french so I have to explained it and describe the kind of k-f movies it covers. I'm curious about some details though -Like who came-up with the term and when? -While some use basher just as a way to describe a movie or put it down ("lame basher style k-f action"). I consider that basher movies are a viable subgenre same as k-f comedy and shaolin k-f. I am wondering if others think so too, or if I'm pushing things too far. -Anyone opinions on what are the best bashers titles, best basher stars or directors? Thanks for any views or insights that can be given and happy new year to all. K-F Scholar.
  13. The first movie on Ma Yeung Chen dates back from...1927 and the titular character was a real live historical figure. Check this out here; http://www.chinesemirror.com/index/2010/07/shandong-ma-yongzhen-1927.html Best. Kung-Fu Scholar
  14. Get the dirt below; schedule,line-up, guest etc. Among other: Kevin Smith's RED STATE, Tsui Hark's DETECTIVE DEE, Yuen Woo Ping's True Legend, Robert HAady Wicked Tree, Sion Sono's COLD FISH, Takashi Miiki 13 ASSASSINS and NINJA KIDS, Guillermo tel Toro produced and co-written remake of DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK + a special showcase of the 1925 siklent classic PHANTOM OF THE OPERA with Lon Chaney. Fantasia 2011 Web site Fantasia 2011 Full Line up Fantasia 2011 Fantasia 2011 Montreal Gazette Fantasia 2011 Line-up and schedule Spread the news and see you at Montreal...if you can.
  15. Kung-Fu Scholar

    Montreal's Fantasia 2011 Film fest is upon us.

    FANTASIA 2011 BEGINS TODAYS Web news of the day News of the weird Scream Team Tak Sagaguchi time two Coming to Fantasia Takashi Miike's Ninja Kids
  16. Kung-Fu Scholar

    Chinese Pigtail, confusing thing

    True enough, the wearing of the queue was a taboo depictions for a long time in movies. Still I think lots of time, the wearing of a wig queueit was simply view as too much of a bother for small budgeted productions. Only big studio like Shaw Brother et Golden Harvest could really afford to "wig-up" all their actors and extras. Hence a queue wearing Wong Fei Hong in The OUATIC series as well as in CHALLENGE IN THE MASTER and MARTIAL CLUB. You also have to remember that kung-fu movies have no compunctions to plays fast and loose with history; hence a young no queue wearing Wong Fei Hung in the Republican setting of DRUNKEN MASTER II.
  17. Kung-Fu Scholar

    Montreal's Fantasia Film Fest schedule and catalogue up

    Some photos from this week-end's at Fantasia events The GALLANTS Bruce Leung receiving his comemorative price with King Chu Wei and director Clement Cheng Me and Clement Cheng comparing our Bruce Leung t-Shirt Buster, Director andspecial effets master Yoshiro Nishimura in dipers to present MUTANT GIRLS SQUAD Yoshiro Nishimura bares it all for the Fantasia audience. Nishimura and company Nishimura and my special Brain eater*»T-Shirt poster. «*Brain Eaters*»
  18. To be found here: FANTASIA 2010 More than 120 movies to be seen from July 8 to 28, Among this years goodies in twenty names/titles or so: Donnie Yen, Jeffrey Comb, Ken Russel, Subversive Serbian Cinema, Mark Zazor, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Nevermore, Metropolis, Yip Man II, Bodyguards and assassin, Johnny Nguyen, The Devils, Centurion, Don Bluth/Gary Goldmen, Raging Phoenix etc etc. K-F Scholar
  19. Kung-Fu Scholar

    Montreal's Fantasia Film Fest schedule and catalogue up

    Some news links and infos on the upcoming Festival. Bigger and Bloodier Cinéfiles(scroll down) The Biggest Festival? Fangoria advance peek Links found in Hour. [ Fantasic Fore Aliens in an alien land Godfather of gore
  20. I've just written a small bit on the Venom for HK Cinemagic glossary and I would like to add a list of any available web sites on the Venom. You can check the glossery piece here (scrolls down) it's in french but the pictures are pretty good. http://www.hkcinemagic.com/fr/lexique.asp?alpha=V
  21. I've read and heard that Fearless Duo with Lau Kar Yung, Hwang Jang Lee and Yuen Qiu was actually produced an directed by Joseph Kuo, yet the movie is credited to someone else. Since Kuo and his actors also did Dragon's Claw a movie with the proper credit, I was wondering why Kuo had to credit someone else for his work. K-F Scholar.
  22. Kung-Fu Scholar

    The story of Wong Fei Hung 1949

    I wrote a review of this movie several years ago for the old Hong Kong Cinema View from The Brooklyn Bridge. Beside reviewing I also tell of the background of both the movie and the series itself. It's pretty long and the english is clunky at time but very rich in inside infos. There's also some caps. http://www.brns.com/pages4/action99.html Enjoy.
  23. Kung-Fu Scholar

    R.I.P Ho Meng Hua

    Here's the link for a Tribute I found on the net.: http://www.alivenotdead.com/fredambroisine/HO-MENG-HUA-1929-2009-TRIBUTE-TO-A-MASTER-OF-CINEMA-R-I-P--profile-653455.html
  24. Kung-Fu Scholar

    Ip Man

    Saw IP MAN this week-end. Great movie except for it's somewhat lame ending, lackluster final fight. Mid-through it I actually thought; "Wow this is even better than FEARLESS". Part of the problem is that Ip Man is depicted a virtually invincible which is great for kickass fightingaction but lessen the drama or suspence as the winner is always a foregone conclusion. Let's hope Sammo is going to be more of a challenger for part 2. Just wondering through did anyone recognise Master Liao style. Given the use of forearms I'm thinking maybe Soutern Praying mantis but I'm not sure. Kung-Fu Scholar
  25. King Hu's seminal sixties wuxipian DRAGON GATE INN is being reviewed on the Kung-Fu Cinema website here http://www.kungfucinema.com/. I myself wrote a piece on it many years ago on Brian Naas's View from the Brooklyn Bridge to be found here along two others texts; http://www.brns.com/pages4/fantsy66.html. Not so much a review but an essay on the historical context and the subtexts to been found in the movie. For example DRAGON GATE INN was in part meant to be King Hu's own responce to the James Bond movie craze. A decade ago I actually saw the movie on a giant screen at a Taiwan film retrospective. Being my first sixties wuxipian I was initially dissappointed by it's quaintness but given time and further viewing I was conquered by it'S sheer cinematic beauty and intelligence. DRAGON GATE INN GATE is to me the very best wuxipian of the sixties perhaps even ever. I ranked it even over King Hu's masterpiece TOUCH OF ZEN which I consider to be basically a more artsy retelling of DRAGON GATE INN story. It's a shame that the movie is only available on a DVD edition of dubbious origin. Try to imagine the same treatment given to Kurosawa's SEVEN SAMURAI or Leone ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST. So many of King Hu's movie still so hard to find, unvaillable or even lost. For such a great filmmaker that's quite a shame. Still at least DRAGON GATE INN is to be found somewhere. Let's just hope that Fortune star is going to edit soon both FATE OF LEE KHAN and even perhaps THE VALLIANT ONES.