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  1. TrickyNicky

    After the Rain: A worthy addition to the Masters legacy

    7t9qjWJo36I Watched this tonight. What a treat. You can definitely feel Kurosawa's influence throughout.
  2. TrickyNicky

    Anybody here watch Wrestling?

    Punk/Taker was the only match worth watching. It was the only compelling in-ring story the whole night. The undercard was free-tv quality and I would be pissed if I paid $60 for it. I too like the Japanese product much more than it's American counterpart these days. Add in the fact that there is 30+ years worth of matches on Youtube to peruse, and there's never a lack of content. Anyone that has ever been on a wrestling message board has heard this plenty, but it still rings true: 90's AJPW is the best in-ring action you will ever see. A good place to start watching the Japanese stuff is Toukon Retsuden, Two english speaking dudes watch Puro matches and provide commentary. They stopped making episodes in 2006 so some of the discussions are dated, but the content is solid. Heres a sample: Gck1ceNdJgQ
  3. TrickyNicky

    What Books Are You Currently Reading or Read?

    Just started this: Mostly because of this article. I like it so far. http://fantasybookcritic.blogspot.com/2013/03/guest-post-writing-wuxia-as-chinese.html
  4. I have a question for you guys that have seen much more chambara than I have. I'm wondering if there has ever been a scene inside of a burning building, in color? The reason I'm asking is because I was playing old Dreamcast games and came across the Last Blade series, a pair of 2D fighters, and saw this stage in the second one: It is called the Fire at the Wadamoya, and is quite beautiful on a TV. So this piqued my interest. Are there any films that have a showdown or fight-out in something similar to this?
  5. TrickyNicky

    Once Upon A Time In Shanghai

    Wow. Looks great. Any more info on Phillip Ng?
  6. TrickyNicky


    Is there a petition we can sign to force Ridley Scott to only make Alien movies? It was incredible. Worth seeing in 3D, IMAX 3D if possible.
  7. I have not seen any of the One-armed movies unless Master of the Flying Guillotine counts. I own the first two, just haven't watched them yet.
  8. TrickyNicky

    Evo 2k11

    Yeah, I watched most of it live this year. The stream has gotten a lot better than previous years. The MK9 tournament was pretty good too, I think I might have to buy it, it looks much improved. Do you play AE?
  9. TrickyNicky

    NYAFF 2011!!!! Full Lineup!!!!!

    PzveuOoPpYg? So this has started by now. Anything to report by those who are attending? Also, what movie is the slow-mo samurai from @0:55-0:60 in the trailer?
  10. It inspired me to become a forklift operator.
  11. TrickyNicky

    Bruce Lee the father of MMA?

    I'd say Masahiko Kimura was the father of MMA. A great Judoka and Karate master. Traveled halfway around the world to Brazil and beat Helio Gracie with a move that is now named after him. PIMP. In Japan, the foundations of MMA and Pro Wrestling are practically intertwined.
  12. TrickyNicky

    Please ID This Samurai Film/Show Clip

    Couldn't figure it out myself but heres a gif anyways. GIFSoup
  13. TrickyNicky

    NYAFF 2011!!!! Full Lineup!!!!!

    Wow. I want to go just to see The Blade and 13 Assassins on the big screen. Everything else is just extra. I wish I had more like 6 months to save up for a trip, but alas...
  14. Oh, derp. I meant peacock but I had cranes on the brain. Did you see it in 3D or 2D? I saw it in 2D, as I don't really care for the 3D much, but I would love to see something like this in IMAX.
  15. Went and saw this earlier tonight and it was a good experience. The action was very well done. The story was ok. I must say, the crane Shen (villain of the movie) is one of the coolest looking characters I've ever seen in any animated movie. The way he moves and fights is just awesome. It also helps that he is voiced by Gary Oldman, who could play slimy-evil in his sleep at this point. Also, the finale is incredible and if you partake in any kind of visually enhancing chemicals, this would be worth your time to see. Not that I condone nor condemn that sort of thing. Just sayin'.