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  1. The movie is extremely boring, I really had to struggle not to fast forward. Too bad, I had some hope for the film since I'm a huge Chinese Ghost Story fan but this movie doesn't succeed as a fantasy romance nor as an action flick or Jackie Chan vehicle. Avoid it!
  2. I think after both Wolf Warriors and Wandering Earth Wu Jing is quite the big star now. Furthermore, stardom and fame qute often have more to do with luck than with talent. Jet Li wasn't overly charismatic and his fighting prowess nothing we hadn't seen before but he was discovered by Tsui Hark and made the leading man of the movie that reignited the kung fu craze in HK. So lucky accident. Vincent Zhao and Wu Jing, on the other hand, got their leading roles when this new kung fu wave came to an end. Bad luck. BTW, Donnie Yen starred in movies for more than 15 years until he really became a star.
  3. I'm completely with you on that. There are so much more great releases of old school flicks available than good releases of GwG-action or similar modern day stuff.
  4. I had the Lethal Panther-Blu-ray in my mailbox today and I just checked the picture quality. It's surprisingly sharp but I feel like they meddled with the contrast a bit too much. The picture is so bright and clean it almost feels sterile and more like tv than movie. Nevertheless the film never looked better and I was also pleasantly suprised by how good the sound quality is. I just checked the audio commentary and while it seems interesting Godfrey Ho is a bit hard to understand. I hope more girls with guns-films by Ho will follow, I would certainly buy Angel Enforcers, Princess Madam, Angel Mission and even Deadly Target.
  5. kami

    What happened to Bey Logan?

    I can imagine a question like: Well, let's get to something more pleasant, let's talk about the sexual harassment accusations against you.
  6. Looks interesting enough. I could've live without the pseudo-philosophical fortune cookie wisdom, though.
  7. I would say the 2000s were quite a great time for MA movies. CTHD and the Zhang Yimou wuxia films pushed MA flicks to a more intelligent and profound level, the Thai action wave introduced new bone-shattering harshness into the genre, Donnie Yen emerged from the puddle of shoddy action cheapos and reinvented himself as the saviour of HK action cinema, with Undisputed 2 Isaac Florentine became a filmmaking force to be reckoned with and quite a lot of Hollywood movies adapted the HK way of staging fights.
  8. kami

    Wandering Earth (2018) Wu Jing

    The movie is coming to Netflix on April 30.
  9. kami

    Virtus (2016)

    I guess 300 million dollar means HK dollar which would make the movie a 40 million US dollar production. Still quit expensive for a HK film
  10. No, it's not average, especially not in this day and age. Where else do you have a b-actioner with this amount of well-made action, with such a line-up of great martial arts actors, with such production values that never look cheap? And did the trailer promise a pure fight fest? No, it made it abundantly clear that there's at least as much gunplay as there are fights. People should expect an all out action film and exactly that is Triple Threat. BTW, I liked Michael Bisping's fighting well enough but I wasn't impressed by Tiger Chen who moved rather soft and slow, especially compared to Tony Jaa and Iko Uwais.
  11. It starts interesting but gets quite silly in the end. But the action looks quite promising as is expected given the choreographer.
  12. I'm also not THAT excited by the fights. They are good and they are plenty but they lack impact, perhaps even because there's so much action. Accident Men has less action but every fight leaves quite an impression. It also helps that Accident Man is a much smarter film screenplay-wise. Triple Threat is almost as dumb as most Cannon productions even though there are some funny lines. Triple Threat is still quite a rollercoaster ride of an b-actioner, the gunplay is particularly well done, something that was a bit of a problem in earlier Jesse V. Johnson movies. The thing that bothered me most was how underused Jeeja Yanin again was. One underwhelming fight, that was all.
  13. SPL is a fantastic movie but not exactly a non-stop stunt and fight action extravaganza. There are three or four action scenes in the whole movie. But Benny Chan's own Invisible Target was an action-packed movie tour de force.
  14. But we don't even know she's lesbian. For all we know she's just into cars and short hair. It seems to me the filmmakers wanted to tackle some modern themes and problems but on the other hand didn't want to challenge or antagonize conservative viewers.