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  1. gravedigger666

    Village Of Tigers (1974)

    It`s bit boring fim most of time, story is remarkably weak.However last 15 mins are great, made it worth seeing.One of best shaw wu xia end fights I think.
  2. gravedigger666

    Dragon Dynasty 4 pack?

    At least EFS has none, that`s only I picked.Am happy with IVL`s.I think celestial asks money from trailers etc so they decided to cut production costs...
  3. gravedigger666

    Dragon Dynasty 4 pack?

    Pity there was never Commando part 2:sad:
  4. gravedigger666

    Dragon Dynasty 4 pack?

    To be honest even Big Arnold or Sly is not better actor that Dolphin, they just got more budget to make movies.Idiotic to compare any hollywood or euro movie to shaw kung-fu...
  5. gravedigger666

    Adam Cheng

    Shaw Brothers prolly wrong area for AC...
  6. gravedigger666

    Dragon Dynasty 4 pack?

    Get Dolphins red scorpion and bridge of dragons also....if you liked rambo2 u like those too
  7. gravedigger666

    Dragon Dynasty 4 pack?

    For Black Jack alone it is worth picking.
  8. Dance of drunken mantis...forget snake ihes and drunken master, this one is proper.Simon Yuen and HJL are in top form. Well, maybe not too comedic but I fell from chair when Rednose visited chinese scrooge and in other scene he watched with envy when HJL drinked wine.
  9. I think it was not that bad.1st part where lady ghost gets to taste his own medicine and turns into same item as his victims was interesting.From that it`s bit downhill but in the end things improve a bit.Overall not bad timewaster and I was even able to watch it wihtout using FFW at one session.Not highly recommended but if you see it at bargain bin/2nd hand shop I would say it`s worth picking up.
  10. gravedigger666

    Dragon Dynasty 4 pack?

    You hit right on nail.But for Shaw Brothers defence I have to say scripts are often more imaginative than your usual independent studio student learns new form of kung-fu to avenge death of his master
  11. gravedigger666

    The Best Shaw Film You've Seen Recently Is...

    I liked his work in this lot more than in many where he is clowning around.He handles serious role extremely well:angel:, not all credit to him of course, rest of cast, sets, storyline etc are superb also.
  12. gravedigger666

    Dragon Dynasty 4 pack?

    They are not classics and should not be compared to Shaws.But in hollywood standards they are OK, when I want break from KF/Swordplay, Dolphins movies are safe picks.I never remember was yawning when watching his movie.I avoided master of the universe tho:tongue: $5 for 3 dolphs and $20 for 4 Shaws both are excellent value for money:nerd:
  13. gravedigger666

    Dragon Dynasty 4 pack?

    I`ve seen only BJ and if you have not seen it+at least 1 either for fiver I would say it`s good bargain...in MOW cover dolph looks quite a lot like tom berenger in sniper:nerd:
  14. gravedigger666

    Dragon Dynasty 4 pack?

    What movies are in that Dolphin pack?I just picked 1€/shot direct contact and command performance...while I am not sure are movies bad, price was not:bigsmile:
  15. gravedigger666

    Dragon Dynasty 4 pack?

    That`s bullshit!I have picked 2 of those costed more than 30$ and thought getting other 2 for dubs.Why they release this bargain pack this soon?