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  1. I think the venoms was never the same after Sun Chien and Lo Mang left. Some may have thought they didn't contribute enough with the other opera trained three, but I felt a huge void was left when SC and LM didn't appear in movies with them much or LM case no more after Rebel Intruders. Chang Cheh started incorporating other performers in the group, it still didn't bring back the shine they once had. I was particularly against Chin siu ho, I personally felt he did not fit in and had too much of a modern look to go with the period pieces the venoms film were always in...but he was somehow always pushed in the forefront of their later movies, which irked me and I just couldn't get into the movies. Sword Stained with Royal Blood could have been a favorite of mine, but Wen hseuh er's character was so beyone annoying, it ruined everything. Also I would have like for the fights to be more challenging as Kuo Chui's character just beat everyone within seconds without breaking a sweat; giving that we knew this fighters could have put up a much longer and better fight. But in all to me the venoms was at their best with Lo Meng and Sun Chien.
  2. Everything Wall says I take with a grain of salt...heck it was rumored that he and bruce didn't get along and it's not like he was a great onscreen fighter, so why would bruce have him in a production that would have been crazy fierce. No disrespect, but seriously
  3. ching li

    Best year of Kung Fu?

    I really loved the basher style kung fu in the early 70s (1970-1975); the rawness of it really showcased the actor's talent and no fakeness.
  4. ching li

    Who's a Elton Chong fan

    I am sure that the lead actor in the movie 12 martial arts (1978) is Benny Tsui. Though he is credited under another name: Ha Hu Seong; also I am sure that is him is Sogwon (1980) credited under these names: Ha U-Seong, Seo Byeong-han. His korean name is Seo Byeong Heon. So it is possible he has many movie we haven't seen or aware of
  5. I will say for me the beautiful costumes and the mansions the villians lived in. It set the stage/mood for something serious that was about to go down
  6. ching li

    Who's a Elton Chong fan

    I agree Chinatown Kid. I always preferred Benny Tsui as in my opinion, he onscreen fights came off more crisp and very agile. I suspect that Benny Tsui practice martial arts in real life. All that big 80s hair was icing on the cake, lol (classic 80s martial arts film)
  7. Happy Birthday, Fu Sheng!!!!!!!!!! We still miss you greatly!!!!!!!!!
  8. ching li

    Pops & crew demo

    Thanks for the info, popsjnr
  9. ching li

    Pops & crew demo

    Surprisingly Wong Yue wasn't there, apart of the demonstration. He too was one of Lau's first students. I do wonder why he didn't participate?
  10. Upon hearing about Austin Wai Tin Chi's sudden passing, it's kinda weird; but I had this feeling of sadness missing fu sheng all over again as if we had just lost him. I would watch his movies and look at his photos but still could not shake the sadness. I felt this meant something and it seems it did. We lost another kung fu great. May they both rest in peace. They will always be sorely missed.
  11. ching li

    RIP Austin Wai Tin-Chi

    I just saw on HKMD that Austin Wai Tin Chi (brother of hui ying hung) passed away today. So very sad; talented performer and he will be greatly missed!!!
  12. ching li

    Chang Cheh video interview

    Personally I never thought any of Chang Cheh's film had homosexual undertones at all. The men were all masculine and never gave off any signs of homosexuality. I always found Chang Cheh to be a traditional type whereas as the men did the saving of the day to protect the women; so with that said, he preferred having male heroes taking the bruises. Actually I found it to be rather romantic; I loved the interview, it was great hearing this legend's voice. Thanks for the video!!!
  13. ching li

    Who were the B listers of shaw bros?

    Guys, ultimately Shaw Bros wasn't different from Hollywood. It is about who can draw movie goers in and those where the actors that were cast in starring roles, lots of them (whether or not they were miscast or not). But some were lucky to have the good looks and talent
  14. ching li

    Who were the B listers of shaw bros?

    Ku Feng, much like Lily Li it seemed they should be Shaw's A-List, but I always felt they were overshadowed by the others and kinda slipped under the radar despite being in a healthy amount of shaw bros movies Chen Kuan Tai on the other hand, I feel was definitely on the A-List. This man got more starring roles, than even David Chiang (Ti Lung became Chor Yuen's leading man so after the partnership with Chiang ended, he too got more leading roles than Chiang). After all it was Chen Kuan Tai who added some star power in Lau Kar Leung's first directed movie, The Spiritual Boxer in a cameo role along with Ti Lung.